Why Frank Ocean’s Album is Taking So Long

Frank Ocean Album

By now, most casual music listeners are aware that Frank Ocean is long overdue releasing his sophomore studio effort. By now, most hip hop fans have shed a tear over the wait. By now, most Frank Ocean fans are struggling to find their purpose in the world.

Three and a half years since his 2012 critically acclaimed Channel Orange, the world is wondering: What are you doing, Mr. Ocean???

Frank Ocean6

Luckily for you, I’ve got some ideas.

1) He is working on more than one album

Consider that Frank is actually planning to do a double album release, and that’s what’s taking him so long. One album probably took him a year, but that double album might have taken him another year! I suppose that still leaves a year I haven’t taken into account. Consider a ~TRIPLE ALBUM~. Don’t let me down, Frank!

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2) He is working on music for other artists.

We all know Frank Ocean is a busy songwriter even when he isn’t being featured as an artist. Maybe he’s been in the studio with frequent collaborators JAY Z, Beyoncé, and Kanye West, all of whom have gone a couple years since their last full-length projects. I’m looking for some more No Church in the Wild, but hurry it up and work on your own music, Frank!

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3) He is gathering life experience.

Perhaps the album’s delay is not Frank Ocean’s way of subtly flipping his middle finger at all of his eager fans. Maybe he is just trying to gain some more life experience so that he can give us the most interesting and authentic songs on his next project. The only issue is, one would think 3.5 years out of the spotlight would be enough time to gather experiences…

Frank Ocean4

4) His album is already out.

Almost a year ago, Frank Ocean hinted on his Tumblr that his album would be coming out July 2015. Over the course of the whole month, fans scoured the web searching all the popular music sites for his release, and as of now no one has heard it. What if it actually did come out back in July and we haven’t found it yet? Let the worldwide search begin!

frank ocean1

5) He was never real.

This may seem a little far-fetched, but bear with me. What if Frank Ocean is actually just an illusion the industry gave us a few years back to see how people would respond to experimental R&B? Maybe the soaring falsetto on “Thinking Bout You” was just computer engineering, and those stunning live performances just clever holograms and CGI.

Frank Ocean5

Okay, maybe that last one was a stretch. But seriously, Frank. Hurry up. It hurts.

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