When Owls Attack

I don’t run — I actually think running is hard and kind of boring. Why would I want to do that when I could be doing anything else? But as you runners pull up your Nike running shorts and put your iPods in those special velcro arm straps, take note: Running is dangerous, and I am being safer by opting out.

You’re probably looking at the Harry Potter picture, and then reading about my outlandish accusations about the danger of running, and thinking, what is this girl taking about? Fire her, editors!

Well, according to WTOP, some D.C. residents, who used to enjoy the beauty of Rock Creek Park for running and walking, have now been made the victims of owl attacks. That’s right, innocent runners have reported a series of owls swooping down at them, talons outstretched in full attack mode.

The Washington Post reports that many of the owl assailants may be owls that have been re-released into the wild after good samaritans brought them in as chicks. believing that baby owls have been abandoned. When the owls mature, they become too much for someone to handle in their house and are set back into the woods of Rock Creek. Without properly developed hunting skills, owls can sometimes confuse humans for a food source. Is that why they’re in full force attacking you runners? Who knows?

Most owl attacks have been reported in the pre-dawn or early morning hours. So, to avoid being attacked, run in the afternoon or early evening. And, keep in mind, no one (of yet) has been injured by these bizarre attacks. Still, be safe and keep your eyes peeled so you don’t end up with this swooping toward you. So, where will you be next time owls attack? Hopefully not near Rock Creek Park, that’s for sure.

Photo by: Bio-Aerial Locomotion, TikiTumble, Harry Potter Wiki

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