What’s the Difference?


If you’ve been on Facebook at all during this school year, you’ve seen various anonymous Facebook pages cropping up and posting all over your newsfeed, tagging your friends, and getting into feuds. These pages were built for people professing love, teasing friends, confessing to naughty deeds, or used by Hoyas just trying to broadcast a joke about Leo’s or Lau. Some of you may be asking “what’s the difference?” Thankfully for you, The Fourth Edition is here to put a magnifying glass up to the nuances.

Georgetown Compliments – Georgetown Compliments was the first of these pages to appear on the Facebook scene and was used as a method of brightening the days of the people in our lives while retaining anonymity. People submit their entries by Facebook message and leave ultimate power to the person running this Facebook account.

Georgetown Insults – Georgetown Insults arose shortly after its counterpart mentioned above. Its main purpose is similar to Georgetown Compliments but with a different tone: instead of using an anonymous source to exalt your friends best characteristics, people use it to harmlessly poke fun at their friends or make fun of Georgetown institutions. Occasionally there is a legitimate ‘insult’ on the page, but those are scarce. Just like Georgetown Compliments, people submit their entries by Facebook message and leave ultimate power to the person running this Facebook account.

Georgetown Love Declarations – When people began using Georgetown Compliments to profess their love (or lust) for various residents of The Hilltop, someone decided that there needed to be a separate page for such things. The main purpose of Georgetown Love Declarations is to use it as an anonymous way to let that special someone know you’re interested (whether you actually know their name or not). In my opinion, it wouldn’t do much good since it’s…well…anonymous. My advice? Just go up and say hi.

Georgetown Confessions – Georgetown Confessions has picked up a lot of steam recently and is one of the more popular pages right now, despite the fact that it was created in late December. Unlike some of the other pages, Georgetown Confessions allows you to submit entries in complete anonymity through a Google form. People confess their sauciest, funniest, and most taboo secrets and they’re published with assigned numbers.

Here’s a confession…I wrote this one. JUDGE ME.

Georgetown Secrets – Same as Georgetown Confessions minus the Google form, minus the large following, created two months later.

Georgetown Crushes – Georgetown Crushes has you submit the names of five people you have crushes on and if there are any matches then they’ll set you up. Again…my advice? JUST TALK TO THE PERSON.

Hoya Hook Ups – We’ve reached a point where the posts on Love Declarations, Confessions, Crushes, and even Compliments, were getting a little too raunchy and it became clear that Georgetown students had some…ahem…needs to be addressed. Hoya Hookups is a sort of makeshift dating site but for those who want to “get hooked up with other Georgetown students.”

And to quote their Facebook “about” page (I have no further comments):

Are you DTF? Don’t want to resort to Brown House to find some company for the night?

Whether you’re looking for a quickie, a cuddle buddy, or to finally lose your virginity, Georgetown Hook Ups will hook you up. All you have to do is follow the instructions below, wait for us to hook you up, and then meet up with your soulmate for the night, or the next 30 minutes – we’re not judging.

And don’t worry, it’s completely anonymous if you want to be.

**Inspired by the NYU Hook Ups page

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO POST A HOOK UP REQUEST, MESSAGE this page with answers to the following questions:
1. your gender
2. your school
3. your year
4. your sexual orientation
5. your race/ethnicity
6. dorm on campus or live off campus
7. description of yourself
8. who you are looking for
9. anything else someone should know

some suggested questions include: how many times per week would you have sex
turn ons, turn offs

OR IF YOU SEE SOMEONE THAT SUITS YOUR HOOK UP INTERESTS, post a reply to that anonymous post and if they find you interesting, they will personally message you outside of this Facebook page

If you prefer to find a cuddle buddy in a simpler way, just message us a photo of yourself and we will post it.

One of the administrators will anonymously post your message to this page’s wall and you’ll be able to choose from anyone that replies to your anonymous post. You can get in contact with them by privately messaging them on Facebook – outside of this Facebook page.

Georgetown Remorses – This was just created. No, I don’t know what it is. Yes, I do think this person was just bored over Easter break.

Georgetown Quotes – This was also just created this morning. It doesn’t mimic any of the above pages, but you may have heard of a little thing called @OHGeorgetown that was established several years ago, and which also has 2,557 followers. See any similarities? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

Georgetown Gossip – This one was officially added five minutes ago. Those obsessed with Blake Lively and Leighton Meester will get a kick out of it. The rest of us are jaded and unamused.

I’m just getting prepared for ‘Georgetown GPA’, where people can anonymously post their grades or Georgetown Diet, where people can tell the entire student body what they had for lunch that day without the risk of exposing their identity. What’s next?

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