The Final Stretch: How to Make it to the End of the Year Alive

final stretch fi

Time is a phenomenon I don’t understand. How is it already April? Easter just happened? Jesus already rose from the dead again? I suppose some would say we’re in the final stretch of the school year – again, how?

It’s a great time of year though – the weather becomes nice; for a small fee, GUGs will cure your hangover; you don’t need to wear a jacket anymore, which is great if you lost yours; and a productive day involves waking up and making it to the lawn. Below are some tips so you can get the most out of the next five weeks.

1. Get caught up on work now (like, this week) You’ll love yourself later. If you can be caught up on everything and not hundreds of pages behind in reading come the last week of April, you will be a happy camper. Guaranteed  More time for activities. More time to be outside. More time to do nothing and just enjoy being a college student. This is why your teachers give you syllabi.

2. “Georgetown Finals Schedule Spring 2013” Figure out exactly when your finals are and when your papers are due. It makes more a lot less hellish of a week if you know exactly when everything is due.

3. Invest in some tie dye and a cooler Just trying to help improve your overall quality of life.

4. Actually attend class As much as you’d like to be sleeping in or enjoying the weather, class time is more valuable now then ever. Maximize on those participation points and soak in the extra information. If you struggle to pay attention in lecture, record them while you’re there and re-listen to them on your own time.

5. Go somewhere cool one of the next few weekends Hiking? Fishing? Canoeing? Camping? Chick-fil-a? Everyone needs to burn off some stress

6. Take a chill pill It’s spring semester. Go outside and be a young person. Stop spending so much time in the library – it will always be there but your youth will not. You can’t be productive if your shoulders are up to your ears and your jaw is clenched. You’ll make it. We believe in you.

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