Get Pumped for Protest: Yoga Style

yoga protestToday, June 3, yoga masters and gym rats from all over D.C. are gathering to protest what is now being called the “yoga tax.” According to Washington City Paper, the D.C. Council is close to passing a bill that will add a 5.75% sales tax to tanning salons, gyms, barber shops, car washes,  and other services like yoga studios. Basically the city will start taxing the things that make us so gosh darn attractive.

At noon today, yogis plan to create a human wall and do burps together in protest, surrounding the Wilson Building in downtown D.C. (The building houses the offices of the D.C. mayor and councilmembers.) Imagine this, times many angry demonstrators.

If you are planning on joining in on this protest, 4E is here to help. On the morning of any act of civil disobedience you need to get PUMPED! MLK said that once. Now the perfect way to get just as sassy and jacked up as you’ll need to be is to do some yoga. We’ve complied the best yoga positions to really get you charged for a day of burpees and exercising your god-given rights.

1. Mountain Pose Stand in place. Yeah! Stick it to the man!

2. Downward Dog This is the namesake of every Georgetown girl’s favorite yoga studio. Do it for your house! Don’t let them mess with your people!

3. Tree Pose Put your right foot on the inside of your left leg thigh. Then switch. You are now one with nature and about to kick some bureaucratic butt.

4. Take a Deeeep Breathe That was a breathe of JUSTICE!

5. Corpse Pose Lay down, on your back. Maybe grab a pillow. Play a little “Rockabye baby.” Get your binkie. And take a cat nap. ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?!?

Now that you’re the most pumped up you’ve ever been in your life, turn on “Here Comes the Boom” by Nelly, slap the top of your door on the way out and run to Capitol Hill screaming “U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

Disclaimer: I may have undercut the complexity of these poses. A lot.

Score Some Election Day Freebies

Did you vote in the general election? If your answer was no, shame on you — head out right now, you can register on site to vote in D.C. The Duke Ellington School is a polling place, and they’re open until 8 p.m. If your answer was, yes, high five! That “I Voted” sticker you got after you cast your ballot just got way more awesome (sorry, absentee ballot voters).

Besides the warm feeling of patriotism in your chest, that sticker can earn you a snack free of charge – lots of places are giving away free stuff or bonus items with purchase. And while some of them require an “I Voted” sticker, some of these places are just in the spirit of election day giving.

We’ve compiled a few places here, but be sure to leave any more places that you know of in the comments section!

Yoga Studios The D.C. yoga community is offering free yoga classes all day today. Stop by Lulu Lemon, Down Dog, or Georgetown Yoga to stretch out some of your nerves before the election results start pouring in. There are even more yoga studios participating, check out the full list here.

Starbucks While you won’t be seeing any free coffee this election day, you can score a red white and blue bracelet reading “INDIVISIBLE” when you stop by for coffee.

Shake Shack Grab yourself a free Presidential Caramel custard when you fill out a Pledge to Vote card at the Shake Shack in Dupont Circle.

Einstein Brothers Bagels The “I Voted” sticker will earn you a free bagel with cream cheese at Einstein Bros – unconfirmed whether or not it will work at our mini Einstein stands, but it’s worth a try!

Z-Burger It’s a bit of a trek, but Z-Burger is giving away free burgers to customers with a sticker from the voting booth (or you can say “ZVote” at the register). There’s a Z-Burger on Wisconsin Ave. in Glover Park (just past the Whole Foods). And trust us, they’re delicious.

Ben and Jerry’s A free cone with your sticker (this would be a pretty good time to grab the Americone Dream flavor).

Mellow Mushroom This Adams Morgan bar is hosting an election night party starting at 8 p.m. No sticker needed, but if you check in on Facebook with three other friends, you’ll snag a free pitcher of swing state beer – you can choose between Colorado, Ohio and Virginia.

Do You Know Your Hoya ABC’s?

After sharing my Freshman fails with you, it got me thinking: what are the fundamental things every Georgetown student should know? Or, at least, what are the things so basic that even I, a fresh little freshy, know about being a student here. So test yourself, do you know your Hoya ABC’s?

Acronyms: GUGS, GUSA, GUAFSCU, GUTS… by now you should know that around here ‘GUAVA JUICE’ (Georgetown uses acronyms very abundantly, just understand it’s commonly exercised)

Bagels: They are the best bang for your buck on campus in my opinion. From the toasted Asiago bagel from MUG/UG to the free bagels on Lau 2 after Midnight Mug closes, they’re the best way to quench your hunger on a budget.

Chicken Madness: $7.50. Wisey’s. Heaven. ‘Nuff said. 

Dahlgren quad fountain: Make sure you take a swim in it before you graduate! (Maybe even pour a little laundry detergent in the nozzle and take a nice bubble bath!).

Epicurean: it’s a great place to treat yourself when you’re sick of Leo’s (aka always) or to just watch the game with friends (unless your team loses and then your friends have license rub it in your face in public…this is the mistake I made when I watched the Pats-Seahawks game this past Sunday with my friend from Seattle. Needless to say we aren’t friends anymore.)

Fight Song: It’s been so long since last we met, lie down forever, lie down… this is the reason I’m broke. Online ordering from tons of restaurants for delivery right to your door step… or I guess dorm* step. 

Hoya Saxa: By now, you should know what Hoya Saxa means and should be able to succinctly explain it to your non-Georgetown friends from home. 

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Best Bets: Let Your Inner Bear Out


Enjoy the last rays of summer with The Golden Triangle BID’s “Picnic in the Park,” from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Make it to Murrow Park at 18th and H Streets for the chance to play lawn games and win some giveaways and eat free food.

I’m from New York so I’m partial to these Brooklyn natives, which means you should be too, naturally. Check out the Grizzly Bear (pictured) show Friday at the 9:30 club. Tickets ‘say’ they are sold out on the 9:30 website, but we all know how much fun Craigslist can be, so give it a go if you’re so inclined.


Head to Fort Dupont Park in Northeast for Live Well DC from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You’ll be greeted with a farmer’s market with free samples, free yoga classes, live music and giveaways. Did you say free stuff? Why yes, yes I did.

If you’re more of a lover of theater, hit up Washington Post’s Editor’s Pick, Hamlet at Folger Theatre for the last day of its production. Shows run at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. We all know how nice it is to sit in one place after a hard Friday night out. If you can entertain yourself while doing it, why not?


Attend the Parade of Nations on Pennsylvania Avenue from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. As part of Fiesta DC (Catchy title, we like) there will be live music, vendors and of course, Latino culture.



Hot Spots to Cool Off: Down Dog Yoga

It’s 104 degrees outside. Sweat starts to drip down your forehead like 2 seconds after you walk outside. And so, D.C. (and indeed the entire mid-Atlantic) are looking for some relief from the heat. And so all of the usual hot spots to cool off (your fro-yo shops and fancy milkshake restaurants) are probably all going to be packed. So why not cool off with some hot yoga?

Yeah, I know, it may seem counterintuitive to go to hot yoga on a day when you could do hot yoga outside (and you’d probably sweat more there). It’s not. Hot yoga is a great way to cool off on a hot day like today. Why?? Sweat. Sure, it might be unbearable to walk from the heat into… well, more heat. At first. But then, you change your perspective (as only yoga makes you do). Trust us, the best way to cool off on this hottest of summer days is to sweat it all out, get some energy flowing and do some ujjayi breathing.

Down Dog Yoga is the Georgetown yoga hotspot. It’s typical Georgetown, also. Hot girls in yoga pants with iPhones and bros looking to workout their core (along with some way-to-healthy D.C. businesspeople) converge on the small studio at Potomac and the Canal to practice yoga and sweat.

If you’ve never done yoga before, today’s your day. Every Friday, the Georgetown yoga studio has a free community class at 4 p.m. If not, classes are $12 for a drop-in (or you can start your free week of yoga for unlimited yoga for the next week). After your class, run over to the plethora of fro-yo shops or run down to the waterfront to douse yourself in that fountain. Note: Stay hydrated. You lose a lot of water in the heat and humidity. And even more in yoga.

And stay tuned for more hot spots this weekend: There is supposed to be record breaking heat until at least Sunday.

Down Dog Yoga
1046 Potomac St. NW
Washington, DC
10 minute walk from campus

New Zoning Laws Could Help Out Down Dog Yoga

If there is one thing D.C. might have more of than cupcake shops, it’s yoga studios. However, according to current D.C. zoning regulations, some of the open studios may be in violation of the law.

After a yoga studio in Chevy Chase applied for a change to its certificate of occupancy last fall, the commission claimed that in its current location, the studio was not in compliance with zoning laws. Under current regulations, yoga studios are technically not allowed to operate in a neighborhood commercial district. Based on this rule, Down Dog Yoga on Potomac Street in Georgetown is not in line with the law.

Last week, however, the D.C. Zoning Commission proposed changes to the laws that would enable “establishments that principally offer group instruction in the performing arts, the martial arts, physical exercise, or yoga” to remain open without zoning restrictions or special permits. The proposed amendment change submitted earlier last month would allow yoga studios to set up shop in three districts, identified as CR-1 (mixed use commercial residential), C-1 (commercial) and W-1 (waterfront). Bearing the commission’s decision whether to accept or reject the amendment, the fate of some yoga studios remains up in the air.

Photo: Flickr user WelcomeOmDC