Hail to the Dad Bod


4E loves sports. Georgetown sports especially. Do you know what else we like? Promotions and free things.

Thank God Georgetown athletics is finally hearing our pleas and incorporating these two things into one. Who could forget the kale basketball game last year?

Well this year, men’s soccer is getting into the promotional game. The team has deemed one of their first games of the season the “Dad Bod” game, giving free entry to all dads along with calisthenics classes, corney dad joke contests and much, much more.

In light of this, 4E has some future promotional ideas for @georgetownhoyas:

1. Basic Bitch Day. Including a Starbucks pregame, a guac taste testing competition and free yoga passes. #namastebitches


2. Hail to Hale. Why should kale be the only thing we bow down to here at the Hilltop?! Why not celebrate with a hale fight and a best hale-man contest?

3. I Love My Internship Day. Georgetown students are sooo smart and accomplished, why not give us a way to brag about our accomplishments while also cheering on our favorite teams?


4. Power Hour Day. Everyone loves a good power hour, why not make a “power game”? The day would include all the beer you could imbibe and competitions that become progressively harder over the course of the game. The fan who gets kicked out first for being too loud wins a free ticket to all future games! This actually sounds like a pretty awesome day to me.

Please answer our prayers Georgetown Athletics!

Photos/Gifs: tumblr.com; http://modajovemmasculina.com/; giphy.com

10 Things to Know Before the World Cup Starts

World Cup

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the World Cup begins today! If you love soccer (or football, as the rest of the world calls it), then great! If you don’t, I suggest avoiding all sports bars and large TV screens in general for the next few weeks. However, if you want to watch the World Cup, but honestly don’t really know much about the event, the teams playing in it or where it’s even taking place, then have no fear, 4E is here to help! (As usual.)

Here are the 10 things 4E thinks you should know about the World Cup:

  1. When does it start? Where is it? The World Cup officially begins Thursday, June 12th at 4:00 pm EST, with the opening game being Brazil versus Croatia. Brazil is the host for this World Cup. Bonus fact: The World Cup’s mascot for this year is named Fuleco, and he is adorableDruck
  2. Who is playing? There are 32 countries competing including the hosts, Brazil. From South America: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay. From North/Central America and Caribbean: United States, Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico. From Asia: Japan, Australia, Iran and South Korea. From Africa: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana and Algeria. From Europe: Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and France.
  3. Who won the last World Cup? Spain.
  4. What’s with Bosnia-Herzegovina? This is the first time the Bosnia-Herzegovina team will be competing in a World Cup Tournament. tumblr_n3v58nnsCX1t5tb3qo1_500
  5. How do the games work? There are 32 countries playing in a total of 64 matches: 48 group stage games and 15 further stage games. There are 8 groups, A – H, each with 4 teams competing within them.
  6. Okay, but how does soccer football the game actually work? In general, a match consist of two teams trying to score by placing a ball past the goal line. If the match ends in a tie, extra time is added. If the tie remains after that, the teams go against each other in a penalty shoot-out of five kicks each. Finally, yellow or red cards signal penalties against players. Yellow cards serve as a caution, and red cards kick the player out of the game.

    This guy didn’t get a yellow or red card. But he did get embarrassed.
  7. What’s happening in Brazil? As informative and worldly Hoyas, we also need to keep up with current events. First, while constructing a section of the roof of a stadium, a crane fell and killed two workers in Sao Paolo. While part of that stadium was destroyed, many news outlets have reported that several other stadiums are also not finished. What doesn’t help is that this means more money will be spent on financing the World Cup. (Mo’ Money. Mo’ Problems.) Though most citizens are in favor of the World Cup, many people are upset about all the money being spent. Protests from civilians have begun and are expected to continue.
  8. Any big team rivalries? A classic rivalry is between Brazil and Argentina, who if they end up playing against each other would do so in the later final rounds. Think Red Sox versus Yankees-esque. Also, one player, Diego Costa, chose to play in his adopted nation’s team, Spain, over Brazil, where he was born. Awkward.
  9. So, who should I root for? At the end of the day, no one really knows who will win. But, big contenders include Brazil (who has both the home field advantage and one of the best players, Neymar), Germany, Spain, Argentina, and possibly others like England or Belgium.
  10. WHERE IS SHAKIRA? No fear, Shakira is back again for this World Cup with her new anthem for the games, La La La. tumblr_n6pt3uR2LV1qdafsho1_500Bonus: She’s also there cheering on her boyfriend, Gerard Pique, who plays for Spain.

So, if you didn’t know, now you know. Enjoy the World Cup, Hoyas!

Photos: http://autoinsidermalaysia.blogspot.com/2014/04/press-release-naza-kia-kick-off-with.html, Tumblr, telegraph.co.uk

4E News Recap

4E News RecapMissed what was happening on the Hilltop this week? 4E has got you covered with some of The Hoya’s most recent headlines:

Council Rules Greco Legitimate Speaker – After Georgetown University Student Association Election Commissioner Ethan Chess (COL ’14) filed a petition requesting the nullification of a recent GUSA speaker confirmation vote, the GUSA Constitutional Council ruled that the vote was invalid and that Sam Greco (SFS ’15) is the legitimate GUSA senate speaker.

Mid-Year Changes on M Street –  It is a transition time for the popular Georgetown street as Mexican food franchise Qdoba closes its doors and Irish pub Rí Rá opens for business.

Poll Finds Gray Ahead With Room, Time to Fall – According to a Washington Post poll, incumbent D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray holds a double-digit lead against his competitors for the April 1 Democratic mayoral primary… but will the lead last?

Speech Forum Promises Clarity – This week GUSA and university administration held a campus-wide free speech forum which provided lively conversation and debate about Georgetown’s free speech policy and practice.

DeGioia Attends Summit – On Thursday, University President John J. DeGioia attended a White House event where over 100 college presidents and non-profit and business leaders gathered to discuss and work toward expanding college opportunities for low-income students.

Scheuer’s Right to Be Radical – The Hoya’s Editorial Board argues that in wake of adjunct professor Michael Scheuer’s suggested assassination of President Obama, the University must remember that academic freedom and heated debate must triumph over ideological conformity.

Neumann Drafted Fourth Overall by Revolution – Men’s soccer captain and senior forward Steve Neumann was drafted fourth overall by the New England Revolution during Thursday’s MLS SuperDraft.

GU Drops Second Straight – The Hoyas lost back-to-back games for the first time this season after their 57-67 defeat against Seton Hall.

Hitting the Right Notes – This week’s special music issue of the guide features the songs, stylings and backstories of several Georgetown artists, including Mellen, Old Moonlight and Tate Tucker.