An Open Letter to the World/Georgetown: I Want Second Semester NSO

NSO Part twoDear absurdly cold Hilltop,

New Student Orientation can occasionally get a bad rap: Students sometimes complain about the icebreakers, receiving the same questions from everyone (name, hometown, major, dorm) and the weird amount of blow up contraptions and fake gambling. But as I ride an Amtrak train with regrettably spotty WiFi back to the school, my heart yearns for a bit of orientation.

Many of my friends from home are going back to college early to start rushing sororities or train for a sport, so in my imagination they’re basically frolicking around in flowery fields of eating, socialization and “bonding” (read: games of Never Have I Ever). I, on the other hand, am going directly back to class. Tomorrow I will wake up at 8 a.m. for my 8:50 class (I know that as the semester goes on my wake up time will get later and later, so I might as well start out early). I’m going to have to pay at least minimal attention in class, I may have to start reading and I’ll certainly have to start drinking coffee again. But all I want to do is have fun, play Ninja and stay up late in my common room discussing the intricacies of American dialects and [insert something cool].

Though I now know what a DFMO is, have fully memorized the fight song and somewhat can make my way through the ICC, I still need some direction or at least some time to veg. Or maybe just a group of people cheering for me when I walk back onto campus in this frigid weather.

I understand another NSO would take a lot of time and planning. But it’s just a suggestion, (you’re welcome, Georgetown) and second semester students would enjoy an NSO period, too. As my mother likes to say, “I’m an idea person.” This is one of my ingenious ideas, so take it or leave it, President DeGioia. I think the doom and gloom of post-Christmas/New Years/winter vortex needs a bit of dancing, ice breakers, diversity training and anonymous question sessions.

Please and thank you,


MARCH MADNESS: Wisey’s Sandwiches Round 2

See full bracket and results here


Results from the First Round of the Wisey’s Sandwich Region are in, and it appears our fellow Hoyas have an affinity for chicken, as the Hot Chick and the Chicken Madness advanced to Round Two.  The #1 Seed Chicken Madness outlasted the Gangsta Wrap as expected, while the Hot Chick (much to my excitement) pulled through with the upset over Burger Madness.  So now it’s down to two.  Which fantastic, heavenly, wild, chicken-based creation will come out of this death match to represent the Wisey’s Region in the final four? That’s up to you.

I should remind you that this is officially the second time in one semester that Chicken Madness and Hot Chick have gone head to head… Maybe this time the results will be different.

The Chicken Madness is certainly a One Seed for obvious reasons, combining the deliciousness of grilled chicken and mayo with the sizzle of bacon…2321551065-184x300

But Colonel Sanders (and the Leo’s chefs) would approve of the fried chicken fingers on the Hot Chick


Plus, the Hot Chick has cayenne for a little extra kick


Picking against the Chicken Madness seems like.. well.. madness


 Yet if any 3 seed has a shot at a cinderella story, I think it’s this Hot Chick (see what I did there?)


While the Chicken Madness took care of business as a one seed, I think (and hope) that the Hot Chick has the potential to make this the upset of the bracket.  It’s not up to me, though.  Which sandwich reigns supreme in the hearts of Hoyas alike? Vote here, and check back in for the results.

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