The Syverud Betrayal


Here’s a quick list of things Hoyas should never do:

Step on the seal (most people avoid that entrance to Healy all together).

Speak ill of any of the West Wing characters (but there’s nothing bad to say anyway).

Fail to pick up a copy of The Hoya every Tuesday and Friday (they’re all over campus, so it’s kind of impossible).

Become the President of Syracuse University (PSH, like anyone would do THAT!)


Wait, what’s that you say? Someone did that last thing? A Hoya, Kent D. Syverud, (SFS ’77) was just named the 12th Chancellor and President of Syracuse University?

This could be considered the ultimate betrayal by some, but we at The Fourth Edition are hoping that Syverud is secretly a double agent, hoping to infiltrate deep into the Syracuse University infrastructure.

We all know that the Georgetown-Syracuse rivalry is one that will not be quelled simply by a shifting around of conferences, and we hope it will remain alive and well with a Hoya at the helm of the Orange forces.

Good luck at the new job, but we’ve got our eye on you.

Photo: The Washington Post

Hoya History: The Notre Dame Rivalry

Ask any Hoya what Georgetown’s biggest rivalries are, and they will almost always tell you that they’re Syracuse and Villanova. But, with this year’s schedule robbing us of a home game against Syracuse, and a Villanova team near the bottom of the Big East standings, our rivalry games have been substantially weaker this year than before.

Until tonight, when Georgetown takes on No. 18 Notre Dame at  Verizon Center.

I know, I know, the Georgetown-Notre Dame rivalry is nowhere near as vitriolic as our against the other two squads. But, with Syracuse bolting for the ACC soon, Notre Dame might be the most logical school to take its place. For one, we’re both Catholic schools supported by different orders — Notre Dame is affiliated with the Congregation of the Holy Cross. For another, Georgetown and Notre Dame are always close in academic rankings. And, ask anyone here from the Midwest what schools they turned down in favor of Georgetown, and most will say Notre Dame. But for all that history, the rivalry with Notre Dame isn’t all that intense, right?

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Juicing ‘Cuse: Past and Present


Hatred runs high for the Syracuse Orangemen among all Hoyas, past and present. This rivalry comes to a forefront each year in the Big East matchup of the two teams in men’s basketball. As we await the 7 p.m. tip-off of tonight’s highly anticipated game, alumni Katie Collins (COL ’83) speaks of the long-standing Syracuse-Georgetown rivalry during her time at Gtown:

I remember as a Georgetown freshman during the 1979-1980 season, the Hoyas had beaten some top 20 teams, including nationally-ranked Syracuse early on, yet Georgetown continued to be ranked low in the polls and much lower than Syracuse for many weeks, infuriating Hoya fans, especially students. The team still played at McDonough Gym then, Patrick Ewing would not join the team for two more seasons, but Georgetown was increasingly being recognized as an up and coming basketball contender and the newly-formed Big East made the competition between Georgetown and Syracuse all the more fierce.

The rivalry between Georgetown and Syracuse continued to escalate with Ewing’s dominance in national basketball, bringing the Hoyas to their first NCAA finals his freshman season in March 1982. The intensity became more personal when Syracuse fans threw bananas at Ewing when he was shooting from the foul line during a game in the Carrier Dome. This was captured on national television and only fueled the rivalry. Hoya student fans from those years remember attending Georgetown-Syracuse games in the Carrier Dome in which they were pummeled with oranges following a Syracuse loss.