Mastering the Movie Night

Movie Night

Every now and then, even the most self-possessed Georgetown students will come to find themselves at the point where they just. Can’t. Even. Whether you’ve been #raging every night or you’ve spent so much time on Lau 5 that you’re starting to develop a fluorescent glow (’cause you know, here on the Hilltop we’re all about the Work-Hard-Play-Hard), what you really need is a healthy dose of downtime. Here at 4E, movie nights are one of our favorite ways to chill out after a long week on the daily grind – and we’re bringing you a list of the best ones, and how to do them right:

The Binge Night

Everything you do on Binge Night must be to absolute excess. Bury yourself in a mountain of pillows, then pick a classic series like Harry Potter or something absurd thrilling like Saw (things really pick up around number IV) and watch it through from start to finish. If you don’t consume at least 4,000 calories – I’m talking a large Domino’s pizza, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s per person, all the Wisey’s cookies (even oatmeal raisin) and a never-ending supply of cool ranch Doritos – you’re doing something wrong. Binge Nights typically end around 4 in the morning, when the last kid standing feebly finds the remote under one of his snoring friends, hits mute and promptly passes out on an empty box of donuts.

Also recommended: the Bourne series, The Fast & The Furious, Mission: Impossible, Transformers, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, the Scary Movies, James Bond

The Disney Night

Coming home to some milk & cookies and a Disney movie is just as satisfying after midterms week as it was back in the 90s after an arduous half-day at kindergarten. Take a trip down memory lane with a timeless pick from the Disney vault like The Lion King, or stay young and hip with the more recent hits like Up, Tangled, and Frozen (FYI: resisting Frozen does not make you cool/hipster). If you’re not into cartoons, there are plenty of awesome Disney Channel Original Movies (#tbt to the kids jumping on the blue film roll) that will make you wish you were ten again, when all your favorite celebs had yet to check into rehab.

Also recommended: Finding Nemo, The Parent Trap, Pocahontas, The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, The Aristocats, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Holes, The Princess Diaries, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Jungle Book

The Girls’ Night

Girls’ night is romantic comedy central. Grab your closest galpals, bust out the facemasks and copies of Cosmo, and snuggle up to a three-hour gossip sesh/pity party set against the dulcet tones of Dirty Dancing or Sweet Home Alabama. As awesome as Girls’ Night is, tread with care: it will inevitably leave you at best bemoaning the lack of Brads/Leos/Channings in the general DC area, and at worst texting that only semi-attractive kid in your Calc class with the hopes that he might be the Aaron Samuels to your Katie Cady Heron.

Also recommended: The Breakfast Club, Bridesmaids, Step Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, She’s the Man, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, John Tucker Must Die, Pretty Woman, Friends With Benefits

The FTB Night

The male equivalent to the RomCom fest, #ForTheBoys Night involves spending some quality time with your number one bros – no chicks allowed. Testosterone levels will be through the roof once everyone starts doing the Matthew McConaughey Wolf of Wall Street chant in unison whilst snacking on beef jerky.

Also recommended: the Batman trilogy, The Godfather, American Pie, Scarface, Superbad, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, Animal House, Wedding Crashers, Remember the Titans, Gladiator

The Cultured Night

Cultured Night is the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to revel in the fact that you’re fancy and intellectual, because hey – you’re in college now! Gather round an obscure indie (or something slightly more mainstream) flick like The Grand Budapest Hotel, and dive into some fair-trade organic Trader Joe’s popcorn (the Kettle Corn is seeerrrriously good). You don’t really gets what’s going on, but you still feel really impressed with yourself because would you look at this artsy movie I’m watching!? If you’re feeling really brave, you might just even go foreign. Did someone say Sundance?

Also recommended: Chef, Rust and Bone, Her, The Master, El laberinto del fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth), Mean Streets, Le scaphandre et le papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)

The Wine Night

For those who are 21 and up, wine can be the perfect complement to a movie night at home.  Just as you drink different kinds of wine with different meals, so too must you carefully choose your grape in accordance with your featured genre.  That said, there is one specific wine-movie pair that stands out above the rest: Reds and Romance.  Let’s face it – it’s a cliché for a reason: crying hysterically over Titanic is so much more rewarding if you’re a little (or a lot) drunk.

Also recommended: The Notebook, Romeo & Juliet, The Last Song, Casablanca, The Fault in Our Stars, The English Patient, P.S. I Love You, The Time Traveler’s Wife

(Note: The principles of the Wine Night can be successfully applied to any of the nights mentioned above).

So those are some of 4E’s tested and approved movie nights. But feel free to gather your friends, grab some snacks and begin your own special movie night tradition!

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It’s an Honor to be Nominated, But We Only Care Who Wins

best picture smackdownI’m sure like all ardent Oscar fans, you’ve see all of the movies nominated for Best Picture. Okay maybe half of them. A few? Two? All right, you saw one with your family over winter break because they made you and that’s it. It’s okay, here at 4E we understand your busy schedule. Even though you haven’t watched all the movies, you still want to know who’s going to win right? So here is a brief pro/con list of all the movies’ chances of winning written by yet another uniformed Oscar watcher.

American Hustle

Is that the one with all of Amy Adams’ cleavage? Yes, yes it is.

Pros: America is a pretty cool country; hustling takes a lot of effort, Amy Adams looks good in low-cut dresses and don’t they go into the Hunger Games arena for awhile? No? Oh well, at least Katniss is in it.

Cons: Bradley Cooper has weirdly curly hair in this film and doesn’t even take his shirt off! Pass.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The one with Leo, aka Jack Dawson, aka perfection.

Pros: Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo DiCaprio’s smile, Leo’s hair, Leo’s voice, his eyes … Hang on, is anyone else in this movie?

Cons: Oh right, Matthew McConaughey is in this movie, but only for like 2 minutes, and that’s the best part!


Hope you like the sound of Sandra Bullock breathing.

Pros: Space is cool, you don’t weigh anything in space, you can do endless somersaults in space, and let’s not forget George Clooney is in space with you.

Cons: Space is a lot of dark emptiness, and it’s actually really terrifying if you think about it for too long.


Hang on a second, does he fall in love with a computer? What?

Pros: Siri is pretty sexy. Technology is good and who doesn’t like girls? It is called Her after all.

Cons: I’m still confused; are you sure he loves this computer? Really? Well it is the voice of Scarlett Johansson, but still.


Home, home on the range … Where the deer and the antelope play …

Pros: Nebraska is a solid state, lots of wide-open spaces and all that. Plus the movie is about the lottery, right?

Cons: Who are we kidding? There is nothing to do in Nebraska.

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks in the middle of the ocean. … Is this the Castaway sequel?!

Pros: It’s a true story, and there are bound to be some serious sea life sightings.

Cons: It’s a true story, and there is a 50 percent chance it’s a horror film.


Accent alert!

Pros: They are all British! And you know the British are good at portraying heartwarming stories.

Cons: Is Philomena someone’s name? I hope there’s filo dough.

Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey is actually in this one!

Pros: Cowboys are sexy. Jennifer Garner is sexy.

Cons: They gave poor Matthew a mustache… Sigh.

12 Years a Slave

There are a lot of true stories this year!

Pros: Lupita Nyong’o. This is another profoundly heartwarming tale, and they sneak Brad Pitt in there! Also Lupita Nyong’o.

Cons: It’s set in the Antebellum South, so everyone’s clothes are funny, and there are lots of tall hats. (Whether this is a pro or con is debatable).

That’s basically all you need to know about this year’s nominees. So get ready for the Oscars this weekend, and may the best movie win!

The Laultimate Film Collection

dvdsOh, Lauinger Library. You’re the home of broken dreams and reduced ambitions. You’re also literally home for some unfortunate students during finals season. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but recently Lau 2 has become home to something new: DVDs!

As of last semester, about a million DVDs have taken up residence in the shelves of Lau 2 for your viewing pleasure. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Slow news day?” Actually, we here at 4E take our journalistic endeavors very seriously, and we’ve painstakingly gone through the entire collection to determine the good, the bad and the WTF. So next time you’re studying/regretting your life decisions, take a break and check out some of what Lau has to offer.

1. Top Gun

Wikipedia describes this film as a “1986 American action drama film,” but it’s so much more than that. If you’ve ever felt the need … the need for speed, you have this movie to thank. If you’ve ever listened to the song “Take My Breath Away” on purpose, just go find Tom Cruise and high five him already.

2. The Spike Lee Joint Collection

This is Spike Lee. He’s a Knicks fan.

3 discs, 5 films, 1 classic director. With American classics ranging from Jungle Fever to Mo’ Better Blues to Do the Right Thing, Lee has quite the resume. He also has an ongoing friendly rivalry with Jay Z, so you know the man is legit.

3. Sesame Street: Old School

One word: nostalgia. If you’re ever overwhelmed from the relentless soul-crushing experience that is school, just pop this in and go back to the days when Big Bird met Little Bird and Cookie Monster went crazy over cookies, not vegetables.

You do you, CM!

4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The face of the Transformers franchise.

Despite Michael Bay’s best efforts, this movie made major money at the box office. Borrow it if you want to shoot down all hope for a second date or if you lost a bet and have no choice. Or if you’re a actually fan of the Transformers franchise, no judging. See Cookie Monster above, and you do you.

5. Trapped in the Closet

There are a lot of words one can use to describe R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet. Modern masterpiece? YouTube sensation? “What is happening, and why can’t I stop watching it”? This “rap opera” spans 33 episodes, and you can get two versions from Lau. There’s the one with Chapters 1-12, or the self-described “Big Package” featuring Chapters 1-22.

These are just a few of the many, many DVDs available. Take advantage of this (relatively) new resource! Or if movies/rap operas aren’t your thing, you can take a page from R. Kelly’s book … and check out a book.

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A Brief Guide to “Romantic” Movies

couple-at-the-moviesIt’s mid-February. There’s snow on the ground and the smell of random Leo’s desserts are in the air. You know what that means ­— it’s Valentine’s Day!

Of course, we here at 4E have been churning out the Valentine’s-related articles recently, but you know who else is stepping up their V-Day game? Hollywood. Yes, the film industry celebrates Feb. 14, too, and lovebirds all over the country will be flocking to theaters to watch a movie with their significant others. We’ve taken the time to preview a couple of romantic movies currently in theaters. Warning: For some reason, they are insane.

Labor Day

Intense staring = love.

“A story of love, passion and betrayal as seen through the eyes of a teenage boy and the man he later becomes.” You literally cannot go wrong with that tagline. Judging by the trailer, there’s a lot of baking, some suspicious policeman and Josh Brolin’s eyebrows … Romance.

Winter’s Tale

Killing it with these taglines, Hollywood!

Starring Colin Farrell, this movie has it all: Irish gangsters, a mysterious horse and tuberculosis.

Endless Love


If you haven’t heard of this movie, drop everything and watch the trailer right now.

I know what you’re thinking: “Is this a thriller? No, it’s definitely a romance. And there’s some kind of tension. It’s kind of dark, but they’re in love. What is happening?

Endless Love follows the story of a “sheltered but privileged teen” and a “working-class youth with a troubled past.” In other words, we don’t know what’s happening, but we think it will be box office gold.

If, for some weird reason, none of the above are appealing to you, never fear: Netflix exists, and it has plenty of great movies to watch with a date/your friends/yourself. Happy viewing, Hoyas!

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The Exorcist Celebrates 40 Years of Spooks

The ExorcistWhile many Hoyas are anxiously preparing for a happy Halloween – scrambling for last minute costumes, plowing through midterms and getting the lowdown for trick-or-treating on Embassy Row – the folks down at the Georgetown AMC are prepping for another exciting event: a happy anniversary. A happy 40th anniversary, to be specific, for none other than the Georgetown movie classic, The Exorcist.

That’s right. The Georgetown AMC will be holding a limited, one-week screening of the 1973 Academy Award-winning classic (which features scenes on and around Georgetown’s campus) from October 31st through November 7th. And to kick things off, the Halloween screening will feature a special Q&A session with none other than screenwriter William Peter Blatty (COL ’50).

Blatty, who earned an Academy Award for his now-famous screenplay adaptation of William Friedkin’s suspenseful tale, has recently made headlines for his controversial statements on Georgetown’s Catholic identity.

Warner Bros. Pictures describes The Exorcist as “the now-famous story of a young girl’s demonic possession, and her mother’s struggle to find a priest able and willing to perform an exorcism, resulting in a gripping fight between good and evil”.

To coincide with the Georgetown screening, the studio will also release a commemorative 40th anniversary Blu-ray disc that includes new special features and a preview of Friedkin’s new book, The Friedkin Connection: A Memoir.

Tickets for the AMC event can be found here. In the meantime, check out some of our seasonal movie picks and have a very Hoya Halloween!

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Halloween Movies for Easily Scared Souls

Halloween Movies For Easily Scared SoulsIt’s that time of year again, Hoyas. I’m not talking about the fall, though you have already been warned about them. I’m not talking about the never-ending midterms, and I’m not talking about the equally frightening flu season. Instead, this special part of October marks the beginning of three consecutive, holiday-filled months, starting with Halloween. For some, Halloween signifies a time filled with tricks and terror, a time when your fear consumes you and a time when you relish every moment of it.

However, there are those of us who prefer the treats rather than the tricks during this fall holiday season. We are people who hold the blanket close to our faces during each Halloween horror film that our friends insisted on watching. We are the people who then proceed to not sleep the next few days thanks to the enduring images of a vengeful dead (and/or psycho) girl or a physically impossible monster that suddenly seems a little less impossible because a movie just made us believe it actually exists. If you can relate to any or all of these moments, take comfort in knowing that during this (occasionally difficult) holiday season there are still some movies out there for you. Here’s a couple of movie suggestions that will get you in the Halloween spirit without keeping you up in terror for all of November:

1. The Addams Family Da da da dum (snap, snap). Follow the lives and quirky dynamics of a family that embraces the ghoulish side of life. Let’s be honest, who does not love them a little bit of Cousin It?

2. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Never have I found a reason not to watch a Peanuts show. Also, this movie has one of my favorite scenes ever – the one where Linus writes his letter to the Great Pumpkin.


3. The Harry Potter Series For most, these movies encompassed most of our childhoods (maybe even now, too). Nonetheless, Halloween provides an especially accommodating atmosphere for wizards and their magical world. Fair warning, though, you may experience a relapse of these feelings.

4. Hocus Pocus A Disney channel classic, this movie follows the return of some 17th century witches, who you love to hate and hate to love, into the 20th century.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas Is this a Halloween movie if it has Christmas in it? Oh well. Throw in skeletons, ghosts and pretty much anything created by Tim-Burton, and your Halloween quota has been filled.

6. Casper I’ll let this speak for itself (What could be cuter?):Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost-Pictures7. Ghostbusters Watch the entertaining journeys of the recently fired Drs. Venkman, Stantz and Spengler as they rid Manhattan of all its ghosts and demons. Who ya’ gonna’ call?

With Halloween less than a week away, feel free to suggest any one of these classic films that not only embrace the holiday spirit but let you enjoy it too! Happy Halloween Hoyas!

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4E Flix: Government Overload

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.04.57 PM

And the countdown begins: Spring Break is almost here. Before we can head home or fly off to some tropical destination, we need to power through the rest of our midterms. But everyone needs a break every once in a while so we at 4E are here to provide you with some Netflix recommendations to get you through the next two weeks. Good luck everyone!

Parks and Recreation

Parks and RecreationAre you in desperate need of a 20-minute study break? Then put away the books to watch an episode of Parks and Recreation. Although there are already five seasons of this comedy series, you don’t need to start from the beginning to fall in love with the show. Parks and Recreation, which uses a mockumentary filming style like in The Office, is about the lives of local government officials in Pawnee, a small town in Indiana. Amy Poehler stars in the show as Leslie Knope, a perky and enthusiastic bureaucrat in the parks department. Since there is a wide range of characters from Ron Swanson, the staunch libertarian, to April Ludgate, the sarcastic college student, every viewer will be able to connect with one of the characters in this highly addicting series.

The American President

The American PresidentThis 1995 romantic comedy-drama has all of the elements of a great movie: love, suspense, and Michael Douglas. And, to top it off, it’s set in the best city in the world. Douglas plays President Andrew Shepherd who attempts to win over environmental lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade after the death of his wife. For those West Wing fans, many elements of this movie are depicted in the popular TV series. If only I could watch this movie for my US Political Systems class!




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4E Flix is a weekly post designed to help the Netflixer with nothing new to watch. The Fourth Edition is not affiliated with Netflix in any way.


4E Flix: Geniuses in the 90’s

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.08.23 PM

Here at the 4E, we try to identify the needs of our readers and meet them. And, let’s face it, it’s absolutely necessary that you have entertaining material to indulge in as you neglect your work and pretend to be studying for midterms. We at 4E also like to tell you what you want to hear: it’s okay, midterms are only worth 25% of your grade…don’t worry, it’s easy to write an essay on two books you didn’t read…there’ll be a curve on that test, and you’ll be at the top.

Take solace in these Netflix recommendations to get you through this.


This awesome 90’s sci-fi series (for which there are abundant episodes available) features Jerry O’Connell, often recognized from the more contemporary series Crossing Jordan, as a young genius physics student who travels with a motley crew through different realities attempting to return to his own. Just watching it makes you feel smarter. Ain’t nothing like some low-quality special effects paired with a cast outfitted with a Full-House-esque wardrobe. Just watch and revel in how horrible and screwed-up the alternate realities they visit are–you might appreciate your own more, no matter how grim the outlook of your coming sleep schedule.

Good Will Hunting

We all know it’s not fair you didn’t get into MIT or Harvard. In this classic, Matt Damon is a janitor at MIT when he is discovered as a mathematical genius. He struggles with his traumatized past and is unsure about his present, while being pushed and egged-on by a prominent professor (wish my professors motivated me that much…). His transition from a blue-collar bar hopper to a widely renowned genius is something you could achieve if you watch enough Netflix. It’s a good time to watch this movie ANYTIME (even when you should be memorizing those linguistics terms). Sit back, relax, and marvel at the genius you wish you could use right about now.


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4E Flix is a weekly post designed to help the Netflixer with nothing new to watch. The Fourth Edition is not affiliated with Netflix in any way.

4E Flix: Sappiness and Craziness

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching many of you may be in the “lovey-dovey” mood and hoping for a little extra sappiness in your life. Others of you may be spotted wearing all black these days and contemplating tripping the couples you see candooling in Lau. Whatever pre-VDay mood you may be in, we’ve got you covered with some great Netflix choices that’ll help you celebrate or survive this holiday. Oh and let’s not forget … you have midterms coming up. You will never be happier to have a Netflix account.

No Strings Attached

Lets be real. What could possibly be sappier than a couple of friends who agree to have casual sex due to their fear of commitment and then — plot twist — fall in love? NOTHING. Although there have been many, many remakes to this classic love story (“Friends with Benefits,” I am talking about you), this one still proves to be my favorite. Yes, one could argue that Mila and Justin are way hotter but come on … Ashton and Natalie?! You can’t beat their cuteness. Watch it and love it, you romcom lovers. It’ll put you in the perfect mood for that dreaded/anticipated Feb. 14th


I have heard about this show from not one … not two … but THREE people just this week alone, so I figured it was worth trying out. Although you must be in a specific mood to watch this uber-intense BBC psychological drama, it might be the perfect fix for those of you who are looking to escape the candy hearts and chocolate covered everything. Dark, dangerous and addictive, you will most likely be hooked in no time. Besides, crime dramas have blood and guts, and blood and guts are red, and red is the signature color of Valentines Day, so it works! Right?


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4E Flix: The League and MK & A

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.08.23 PM

Add/Drop is over, you’re stuck in your classes, and it’s now that time to catch up on the reading that you ignored for the past two weeks. On that note, here are some TV shows and movies on Netflix that will facilitate your inevitable procrastination. We’re just looking out for you here at the Fourth Edition.

The League


This is on my personal list of shows to start watching. It seemed like a big hit over winter break, but in case you also missed it, Netflix has four seasons ready to watch on Instant! The League is a sitcom on FX that follows the lives of six members of a fantasy football league through their inappropriate and hilarious shenanigans. As a die-hard New York sports fan I’d be kicked out of my family for saying this, but RGIII makes a special appearance in one of the episodes and, as a closeted fan of his, I’m eager to watch that episode. Plus Nick Kroll (Ruxin) is a fellow Hoya, so there’s love there.

MK & A


If you or your family gets Netflix DVDs delivered to your house (not on Netflix Instant), I have some of the best news in the world: Netflix now has all the old MK & A videos — Getting There, Billboard Dad, It Takes Two – the list goes on and I am just too excited about it. They’re all on there. So is “Full House.” The look of my queue just changed with the addition of fourteen Mary Kate and Ashley movies. They’re sandwiched in between A Beautiful Mind and Finding Nemo.


Photo: Netflix, Crushable

4E Flix is a weekly post designed to help the average Netflixer with nothing new to watch. The Fourth Edition is not affiliated with Netflix in any way.