Boxes Beware – Jack Junior is Coming

Bringing you a little puppy news to kick off your Easter break – we have new video of Jack Junior! It looks like boxes will find a formidable opponent in J.J., who’s going to town on a shoe in the latest video. And for good measure, a few of his littermates make cameos as well.

Meet Our Future Mascot

A new bulldog puppy is headed to the Hilltop to begin training to become our university’s most beloved mascot. The new Jack, known as Jack Jr., or J.J., will arrive on campus the afternoon of April 13 to begin his training to eat boxes on the floor of the Verizon Center, among other things.

J.J. is a gift to the university from from Georgetown parents Janice and Marcus Hochstetler, whose children Nathan (COL ’12) and Rachel (COL ’13) are Georgetown students, according to the University.

The university’s website has a bevy of information about little J.J. — including his journey, several adorable videos, a photo gallery and information about current Jack.

J.J. will be the sixth bulldog to serve as the university’s bulldog mascot, and will be replacing our current 9-year-old bulldog, who, if you’ll remember is suffering from a torn doggy-ACL. Current Jack will undergo surgery in April, but will return to his work during the fall sports seasons.

Keep following 4E for more updates on J.J.’s journey to the Hilltop from L.A. and for updates on his training!

Update: Now with adorable footage of 2-month-old Jack mugging for the camera.

Another Heartbreaking Early Tournament Loss

Holly Morris – Annual Mascot Madness 2012 with Dave Ross:

 Fox 5 hosted the 4th Annual Mascot Madness this morning, featuring our own Jack the Bulldog (no, not the injured one) and 14 other local mascots from the Capitals, the Nationals, American University, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School and more. The tournament pitted us against Louie, the mascot of the Bowie Baysox, a Minor League baseball team in Maryland (and Mayor of LouieVille, Maryland, no less).

While Jack won the tipoff and put up the first shot, Louie made the first basket, and advanced to the second round of the tournament. Jack seemed to be a good sport, and stuck around to cheer on the other mascots in the tournament.

We could have done without the reporter’s comment about NC State though — too soon.

American University’s Clawed the Eagle (2011 Mascot Madness Champion) played the Nationals’ Screech in the championship game, with Screech taking home the trophy.

An Update on Jack the Bulldog’s Health

After hearing last week that Jack the Bulldog had injured himself while jumping  on the couch, we worried about the health of our cutest mascot. Jack visited an orthopaedic surgeon earlier this week, and according to his caretaker Fr. Steck., has torn 50-70% of his ACL. Luckily, there’s no indication of arthritis or damage to Jack’s meniscus.

Jack will eventually need surgery to correct the injury, but because it’s only a partial tear it’s not immediately necessary. Because Steck will be traveling over the next few weeks, the surgery will take probably take place the second or third week of April. Depending on what type of surgery Jack undergoes, recovery will take anywhere from 2-3 months.

In the meantime, Jack won’t be around campus as much as usual. He’ll be taking short walks around the Jesuit Residence and the Southwest Quad. If you see him, go ahead and give him a scratch behind the ear (he also likes butt scratches, but nobody will judge you if you don’t want to go there).

Photo: Michelle Cassidy/The Hoya