15 things more exciting than this year’s GUSA election cycle

As you probably don’t know, GUSA election season is upon us, and this year, for whatever reason, the campaigns are leaving a serious something to be desired. Even The Hoya Editorial Board thinks so, writing that they will not be endorsing any candidates as this year’s campaigns are particularly underwhelming. To entertain you in the meantime, here is a list of 15 things more exciting than this campaign season:

  1. Sazón’s knockoff Chipotle week

2. The thrill of avoiding rats on your walk home at night

3. The mold growing in my Vil B kitchen

4. Lau 2 on Sunday nights

5. When your late-night Epi milkshake is ready

6. This year’s Super Bowl

7. Waiting to see if librarians notice the table of kids juuling in Lau

8. The Abolish GUSA campaign

9. Spotting Jack the Bulldog around campus

10. When Leo’s actually has forks

11. When the egg beat Kylie

12. John Mulaney posting about his Georgetown days on Instagram

13. When your flex dollars are replenished at the start of the new semester

14. The rush you get when an MSBro in a suit Birding to a Citi coffee chat almost runs you over

15. Paint drying

Still, civic engagement is important! Go vote for one of the candidates, whoever they are.

Source: giphy.com, instagram.com/johnmulaney

REVIEW: ‘The GUSA Sabotage’


In creating The GUSA Sabotage, Kwamz Garcia effectively accomplished (potentially without even trying) a hilariously epic parody of GUSA elections and the people involved in them.

From the ridiculous fight scene featuring GUSA campaign office security guards to the premise of the entire plot (if we could call it a plot at all, much of the dialogue was lost behind too-loud, ominous music), this 11-minute spectacle is a must-watch for anyone that spends an inordinate number of hours in Leavey Center. This film creates the idea that Georgetown now not only has GUSA campaign managers but also has campaign “fixers,” an idea way too believable to not laugh along with as the “Dalvster” wreaks havoc on the lives of the super-involved.

The GUSA Sabotage is complete with cameos by Murphy Kate Delaney, Andi DeBellis and our star himself, Dalvin Butler of SAC campaign video and Hoya Experience fame, which further add to the ridiculous imagining of the scattered plot. And, no joke, the film features skyline shots, seductive hair flips, and “WHO SENT YOU” Bond-esque scenes to boot.

While Kwamz Garcia almost steals the show as the Dalvster’s enforcer, five stars go out to the Dalvster himself for not only perfecting the villain laugh but also recognizing that controlling “all of” The Corp grocery stores would bring Georgetown to its knees. (See Hurricane Sandy for proof.)

While The GUSA Sabotage fails to reach the heights of the feature-length Georgetown Forever, The GUSA Sabotage team manages to showcase the almost believable potential for a House of Cards-ian development of GUSA politics and give everyone a long laugh about it in the process.