Staffer of the Week: David Chardack

Once a week, The Hoya recognizes a staffer that has done a particularly awesome job — now you can get to know about them, too. As part of our Leavey 421 series, we’ll be posting quick interviews with each Staffer of the Week. This week went to someone who did a very “sick” job with their work: David Chardack!
Name David Chardack
School College
Year 2016
Major Undecided (possibly American Studies)
Hometown Salt Lake City, Utah
Positions on the Hoya Copy chief
Why did you earn staffer of the week?
I earned staffer of the week for being really really sick but still getting all of my work done. And for writing a viewpoint on short notice concerning why it stinks to be really really sick.
What’s your favorite part about working for The Hoya?
I like working for The Hoya because being locked up in the office almost every night means ordering delivery almost every night: Mai Thai, Jetties, Dominos (which is vastly under-appreciated), you name it. Because of The Hoya, I eat like a king.
If you could take any celebrity on a date, who would it be and where would you go?
I would obviously go on a date with Miley Cyrus (#yolo). We’d probably go to Leo’s just because I have so many meal swipes left, but I’d be open to suggestions.
Soulja Boy likes to “crank that.” Your dream date Miley prefers twerking. Blog editor Lindsay Lee loves the bachata (I’m making that up.) What’s your go-to dance form?
Pas de chat. I’m a master.
You’ve just been asked to fly to the moon – with two Hoya staffers. Who would you take on your lunar landing and why?
The two Hoya staffers I would bring to the moon would definitely be:
1. Guide editor Sheena Karkal because she is a font of ridiculous and hilarious phrases, and
2. Opinion editor Katy Berk because she understands my complicated and dysfunctional relationship with food.
Glad you’re feeling better, David! Keep up the great work.

Acronyms We Wish Existed

AcronymsHere at GU, we love acronyms. It’s not uncommon to head off to the ICC from the MSB to meet your friend (who’s in the NHS), grab a cup of coffee at MUG and start talking about your OA from NSO who’s a GUAFSCU Member and loves GUGS. Okay, so that might be a bit of a strange occurrence, but it is nonetheless an accurate representation of Georgetown’s undying infatuation with abbreviations formed by word components. Here at The Fourth Edition, we’ve had our brushes with acronyms in the past, but now, we’ve put on our thinking caps once again to come up with a special list of Georgetown acronyms… that don’t exactly exist. Yet. Here are some acronyms we wish existed:

EW – (eating Wisey’s) Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to the savory flavors of Wisemiller’s Grocery & Deli. Imagine this conversation:

Hoya 1: “Hey bro, where are you?”

Hoya 2: “Oh, you know, just grabbing a Chicken Madness. EW!”

Hoya 1: “Aw, man! I’m so jealous. I’ve been craving a Hot Chick all week. I wish I was EW-ing right now!”


AIL – (Alone in Leo’s) That awkward moment when you don’t have anyone to lunch with so you’re stuck in the loner section downstairs by the windows. It accompanies one of my editor’s favorite pre-existing acronyms, SEAL (Senior Eating At Leo’s) A sample text conversation example of AIL-ing:

Hoya 1: “Hey what’s up?”

Hoya 2: “I’m failing everywhere right now. I’m a SEAL AIL.”

Hoya 1: “Haha. That stinks, but it happens to the best of us.”


LOL – (Living on Lau) Courtesy of Blog Editor, Lindsay Lee, LOL describes that tragic time that comes before that big Bio test, the day preceding your ITrade midterm and, of course, during Finals Week. Side effects of LOL-ing include laughing at cubicle puns and procrastinating on Lau 2. Used in context:

Hoya 1: “How are you?”

Hoya 2: “Ugh. Classic LOL.”

Hoya 1: “LOL!”

Hoya 2: “You’re here too?!”

Hoya 1: “No. Just laughing at your sadness.”


YSO – (Yates show off) Also provided by Lindsay Lee – Yeah, we see you, Mr. Bodybuilder*. We all know you can bench 210 and squat 250, so there’s no need to prove it as all the ladies walk by.

Hoya 1: “That guy keeps doing curls in front of the mirror every time girls walk by.”

Hoya 2: “What a YSO.”

*YSOs can also be ladies. Check out this common example with a female YSO:

Hoya 1: “I can’t believe that girl. She kept looking at me and running faster on the elliptical like we were racing!”

Hoya 2: “I know. She did that to me the other day. She’s such a YSO.”


ROB? – Rhino or Bandolero? A common conundrum that pops up on Thursday nights around 11:30 pm. Example:

Hoya 1: “Where should we go tonight? ROB?”

Hoya 2: “Let’s just stick with Tombs. Much classier.”


BAG! – Bradley’s at Georgetown! The expression screamed by thousands of girls when our favorite alum makes a surprise appearance. Por ejemplo:

Hoya 1: “Shut up. No way.”

Hoya 2: “What?”

Hoya 1: “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGG!” (Runs out of classroom screaming)


SANASuper athletic, non-athlete Used frequently by the bleditor (blog editor) to describe those who are genuinely athletic but who aren’t quite up to the demanding D1 standards of Georgetown. These people hate being classified as NARPs (non-athletic, regular person) so here’ a new term for them.

Hoya 1: “Who should we get for our intramural basketball team?”

Hoya 2: “definitely ask Joe, he’s such a SANA”

Hoya 1: “Okay, what about Jane? She’d probably be good too”

Hoya 2: “Nah man, she’s just a YSO” (see what we did there?)


How do you feel about our acronym choices? What would you add? Hit us up in the comments below and don’t forget to share all the AL (acronym love) on Facebook!

Photo: Etsy


When You Get Back…

when you get back

The studying has been done. The finals have been taken. The papers have been written. All that’s left to say is . . . Congratulations, Hoyas! You made it through this year! All that’s left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the summer (read as: intern, take classes and perform endless hours of unpaid labor to increase your human capital/build your resume until school begins again).

When and if — we’ll miss you, seniors — you return to campus this fall, some things will be the same. Rhino and Wisey’s will still be here, and we’re still going to call ourselves the Hoyas. But some things at GU are going to be radically different when you come back. Take a look:

You’re going to be in a different grade

This is for realz. You’re movin’ on up! Freshmen, you’re no longer freshmen. That means that you can’t make stupid mistakes anymore or ask where buildings are. You can’t walk around on Prospect Street in herds listening for noise and hoping to gain entry to a swanky soiree. People will judge you.


Sophomores, you’re now juniors. You now have to start actually thinking about the real world. So basically, you’ll look like this:


Juniors, you are now seniors! As in, the big kids. The head honchos. The ones who will be GRADUATING in the spring. It’ll be a bit like this:


But also like this:


You get to take new classes!

Remember that one class that you just absolutely despised last semester? It’s gone! So it’ll probably make you feel like this:happy-dancing

Unfortunately, you will still have to take some sort of classes though…


…but who cares?!


 You’ll have new fun stories to tell from this summer! 

Whether you traveled the world and had some crazy adventures…

Or did absolutely nothing and will have to make up something so you don’t sound like a loser.



And if you’re a junior, you AREN’T going to have to eat at Leo’s!


When you get back, you’re still going to read The Fourth Edition every day!


And the biggest change of all when you return:

 They’re making Lau look pretty like Healy!


Just kidding.


See you next year, Hoyas!

Photo: Alexander Brown/The Hoya, Wikipedia; Gifs:

The Delicious Culinary Creations of Leo O’Donovan’s

leos combos

I’m not kidding about the title. Believe it or not, there are numerous ways to spice up your food at Leo’s to create a fun, delicious and enjoyable meal. But like all great endeavors, it takes some effort and training. So let me be your guide, mentor, guru, Leo’s spirit animal, if you will, and let me show you the ins and outs of making a yummy combination at Leo’s. Have your pens and notepads ready, and in the meantime, pull up a seat at the finest dining establishment on the waterfront, sit back and relax. You’re about to be amazed:

A new approach to Leo’s chili Let’s face it. Leo’s usually has some form of chili at least once a week.

Option 1 For a delicious twist, add a fair amount of rice (upstairs, Home section). Then, add a heaping scoop of chili (upstairs, Soups) onto the bed of rice. Now let’s take things to the next level. Head over to the taco station (upstairs) to crumble up some nachos on top of your creation. Finally, head to the downstairs sandwich and salad area and place a slice or two of cheese onto the nacho, chili, rice mixture. Pop the creation in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds and melt the cheese over your meal. Voila! You’ve just made chili for big kids.

Option 2 Fries + chili = chili fries.

Option 3 Get some spaghetti and put chili on top for an interesting and delicious meat sauce!

Chicken a la 4E This is my all-time favorite creation to make at Leo’s. (Disclaimer: This works best with chicken fingers on Chicken Finger Thursday, but if you want this bad boy on a weekday, head over to the sandwich and salad area downstairs and grab some grilled chicken instead.) First, take a visit over to the Diner (downstairs) on Thursday and grab a basket of those oh-so-glorious strips. Break the chicken fingers apart into bite-sized pieces and gander over to the sandwich and salad area nearby. Grab two slices of your favorite bread — rolls and whole wheat work well for this one — and add two slices of provolone cheese to one slice. After that, add lots of delicious (and nutritious) leafy spinach onto the provolone. Next, add your chicken finger chunks onto the bed of spinach, and top them off with sprouts. Drizzle a bit of parmesan-peppercorn (or any of your favorite) dressing on top, and add the final slice of bread. Take the entire sandwich to the panini press and let it toast for 1-2 minutes. When it comes out, your life will be changed. It’s my favorite thing to make at Leo’s and it will be yours, too.

Cheesy garlic bread This one is a game changer, not to mention a fresh addition to any pasta dish. Begin upstairs at the made-to-order pasta station and ask the station worker for a spoonful or two of garlic. (Disclaimer: Whoever is working may give you a strange look as you ask for raw garlic. It’s okay. Just keep calm, carry on and keep reading 4E for more delicious food tips.) Then, head downstairs to the sandwich and salad area and grab some of your favorite bread — this works really well with rolls. Spread a copious amount of butter (downstairs, sandwich and salad area, opposite side) onto the roll and then spread on the bits of garlic that you received from upstairs. Later, add on one or two pieces of your favorite cheese — I’m a provolone fan, if you couldn’t tell — to the garlic-butter bread. Finally, head over to the panini press and toast the bread for 1-2 minutes, until the cheese melts. Be sure to toast the bread with the butter sides facing inward for a softer, tastier center!

A better Leo’s pizza This can be done with both made-to-order pizzas (which are preferable) or the large slices that are available for taking. If you ever want to personalize your pizza, grab some of your favorite ingredients — i.e., spinach, feta cheese, extra tomatoes — from their respective areas. If getting a made-to-order pizza, take your special ingredients over on a plate to the workers at the pizza station (downstairs) and ask them to add it into your pizza pie. If you’re stretched for time, grab a pre-made slice and add the ingredients yourself. Microwave the slice for 20-30 seconds (but not too much more, to prevent the pizza from losing its crispness). It’s a fresh and easy way to jazz up a simple slice.

Wok Chicken Finger Thursday In all honesty, I can’t believe I’m sharing this gift with you because it is one of the most precious and closely guarded things I hold in my heart. But here it is, readers, you’re welcome. Grab some chicken fingers on Chicken Finger Thursday and rip them into chunks. Meander over to the Wok station and hand the workers your Chicken. Then … THEY WILL MAKE YOU GENERAL TSO’S CHICKEN. OR ORANGE CHICKEN. OR CHICKEN #5, AS MY FAVORITE WOK WORKER CALLS IT. (Sorry, not sorry for the aggressive capitalization.) It is glorious, and the fun doesn’t stop there. The wok workers will essentially saute anything your heart desires, as long as you bring it to them. Have a plate of pasta that you want to toss with chicken? They will do it. Want to have some beef with a medley of vegetables? They will pan sear it. They are hardworking, they are heavenly and they are the greatest-kept secret in Leo’s.

Now what are you waiting for, Hoyas? It’s a Thursday and endless opportunities await! Run over to “O’Donovan’s on the Waterfront” and enjoy one of these fun creations before the year is over! (Or before the vegan section is moved again.)

Bon appetit!

Photo: Leonel De Velez/The Hoya

Teach Me How to Healy Lawn: The Do’s and Don’ts of Lawn Culture


It is one of the harsh truths of life that not all grass is created equal. Some grass just gets more ass than its fellow patches, and the field with the greatest yield is undoubtedly the Front Lawn. As the temperature heats up, so does the lawn scene here at Georgetown, so break out the pastels and heed our advice on how to make the most of your midday lounge:


  • Call it the lawn, not the Quad or Courtyard or Grassy Area or SoReS (confused? You obviously didn’t read this).
  • Bring a blanket, especially if grass makes your legs break out in quarter-size hives and your nose transform into a snotty fountain of spring allergies. Or if you just don’t want to get your pastels dirty. Either way.
  • Load up on the snax. You might even consider having snacks on snacks on snacks.
  • Know your lawn zones. The Healy region is typically favored by those more inclined to the simple life: laying back, listening to music, generally taunting anyone in the reading room. The Copley side is better suited for active endeavors, such as throwing Frisbees and walking on a rope tied between two trees (also known as slacklining, or tight-rope walking for hipsters)
  • Stop by Lau 2 to do the following things: rub in the fact that you are a lawn god amongst mere Lau trolls and pick up some hydration that involves lemonade.


  • Take your shirt off without serious thought and reflection. Maybe make a pros and cons list. Once you become That Guy with His Shirt Off on The Lawn, you are forever That Guy (or That Girl, but that’s a whole different issue).
  • Call it Healy Beach. No matter what they told you in GAAP weekend, no one calls it this. You’ll sound like an L-7 weenie
  • Think you’re going to get any work done.
  • Stray too close to the circle of cross-legged students. No one knows how they got there, no one knows what class would ever dare meet on the Lawn, no one knows if their butts are getting really wet because they forgot blankets (see above). One thing we do know is that Thou Shalt Not Disrupt The Sacred Circle of Learning.
  • Forget to wear sunscreen. A sunglass tan is harder to pull off than a Pennsylvania ID at Rhino.
  • Just stick to your own blanket. Now is the time to mix. Now is the time to mingle. Now is the time to get a date to whatever formal you have coming up.

In fairness to the rest of the Georgetown grass, there are some other notable patches scattered about campus. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path (or just want to stare lovingly at the back of Leo’s), give the Southwest Quad a try. We also hear the new Regents lawn also offers some great views and potential for real work to be done, and its true that the Leavey Esplanade nearly hatched a Georgetown Day coup last year. But at the end of the day, nothing beats the iconic style of the Front Lawn.

Sparknotes: Georgetown Day


As the Day of all Days approaches (exactly three weeks. Better start carbing up and hydrating), freshmen and transfers (and sophomores who never made it past kegs and eggs last year) begin to question what exactly one does on this legendary Friday.

You know there will be alcoholic beverages. You know it has something to do with the lawn. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you a slightly more comprehensive overview to ensure you get the most out of your Georgetown Day:

7am-11am: The Start  There is a wide spectrum of breakfast options on Georgetown Day. The most dedicated will rally the roommates and be making pancakes by 7am to get an early start. The classiest of us will find themselves at a champagne brunch, whether it be at Chadwicks or in your dorm with Tropicana, Andre, and your best friends. Still others will let their breakfast linger into the early afternoon in the grand tradition of a backyard Kegs n’ Eggs soiree. Our advice? Get your day started early, and if you want to eat at a restaurant, make reservations now (that’s not a joke).

11-5pm: The Lawn You may have heard rumors of beer gardens and barricades, inflatables, and food trucks, but the truth is, Georgetown Day changes every year under the leadership of both the university and a student planning committee. We’ll keep you updated with any official announcements, but here’s what you can count on:

  • Food trucks galore, although most have considerable lines. Leo’s actually becomes an appealing option around 2pm.
  • Inflatables, usually including Jack the bulldog, a large slide, and some sort of structure that facilitates friendly competition between stumbling students (ie dodgeball, laser tag, etc)
  • Performances by all variety of student groups on White-Gravenor patio. Go watch to support your friends and lament about your lack of vocal/dance skills.
  • Performances by any eccentric performers the planning committee decides to hire. Last year we had a magician.
  • Lots of sunbathers on Healy lawn. Break out the Chubbies and find your best cutoff t-shirt or pinny, because regardless as to whether the sun’s out, the guns certainly will be. Healy Lawn is a great place to take a break from the festivities of Copley and plan your next move, or just lay around and reveal in the happiness that is Georgetown Day.
  • Off campus, there will undoubtably be lots of grilling and lots of beer. Your friends that have houses and BBQ skillz will be invaluable today.

5pm: Take a power nap, you deserve it.

**Important note: You may very well have classes on Georgetown Day. Some professors will cancel, many more will not. Take heart, freshmen in Friday recitation, it is but an hour out of your afternoon! Many a Hoya have had wonderful days despite a pesky lecture or two.

The official schedule for Georgetown Day will be released in the coming weeks, so check back with us for a complete review. Remember, more than anything Georgetown Day is about friends, fun, and hydration. Drink lots of water kids, and don’t forget your sunblock; you’re in for the best Friday of your semester.

WikiWhat? D’oh!

WikiWhatBefore I get a huge, angry response from fans of “The Simpsons,” let me clarify that I have nothing against the show. Despite my Rhode Island roots that make me lean towards “Family Guy,” I still certainly respect the institution that is “The Simpsons.” However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think that I was justifiably shocked to find that Homer’s catchphrase “D’oh!” had it’s own Wikipedia page.  Not a heading on the Simpson’s page.  It’s very own page. Oh, and it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001. (Funny what you learn on Wikipedia, huh?) Do we really hear “D’oh” get used that much 

Maybe I’m overreacting.  Maybe you readers aren’t nearly as shocked as I am. Maybe I’m crazy.  But it got me thinking, and so I looked to see if other extremely famous catchphrases had their own pages as well. In short, they don’t. While some odd phrases do, prominent words or sentences in popular culture (“Bazinga”, “Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?”) have simply been awarded small blurbs or sections on their respective show’s Wikipedia entry. Perhaps this article will get you guys so worked up that you’ll start a Wikirevolution, working to get all catchphrases their due attention. Or maybe you’ll just shrug this article off, have a laugh at how Homer Simpson has trumped everybody else and go on with the rest of your day.  Either way, that’s what made me say “what?!?!?!” on Wikipedia this week.

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Nutella: Round 2

Nutella-Cheesecake-RowLadies and Gentlemen: This is it. I repeat, this is it.

In the wise words of LMFAO, “Let’s Go Round 2.” No, I do not mean Round 2 of a delicious alcoholic beverage. No I don’t mean Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament (FGCU still haunts my memories). No, I don’t mean Round 2, as in the Stylistics album released in October 1973.

I’m talking about the big time.

The whole shebang.

The never-before-seen sequel to Round One. What you’re about to witness is going to change your life even more than Marriage Equality (which you should all support).

This is Life, Love and the Pursuit of Nutella: Round 2.

In case you weren’t up to par with all the delicious things you can do with our favorite chocolatey-hazelnut spread, here are a few succulent and delicious ways that you can change your life with Nutella:

Toasted Nutella and Cream Cheese- Three simple ingredients: Nutella, cream cheese, bread. Toast the bread. Add the cream cheese and Nutella to each slice. Place in oven. Broil for a minute or two. Place creation in your mouth. Want to know what happens next? Ecstasy.

No Bake Nutella Cheesecake- I searched far and wide for a recipe that combined possibly the two greatest things in the world: Nutella and Cheesecake. Then, I narrowed down searches to only include the ingredients owned by and culinary skill level of a lazy college student. This was the result. It’s like the Mona Lisa of cheesecake. Call me a Renaissance man.

Nutella Brownies Did I ever mention Nutella Mona Lisa had a twin sister? Well, here she is. Her name is Sally, and all Sally needs are eggs, Nutella and flour. Want to know how R. Kelly reacted after he ate these brownies? Like this. (Editor’s note: THEY ALSO HAVE THESE AT BAKED AND WIRED AND THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL)

No Bake Nutella Peanut Butter Cookies- First of all, this recipe makes 24 cookies, which is almost the amount that I would eat when I’m all by myself. Second of all, it requires absolutely no baking. In fact it only requires the skill of this child and it produces results that will give you goosebumps. Kind of like the ones I get when I listen to Whitney Houston sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Waffles and Nutella- Step One: Go to Leo’s with a jar of Nutella. It’s only weird if you make it weird. Step Two: Add batter to the waffle machine as if you were making a normal waffle. Step Three: Add dollops of Nutella into the batter. Game changer. If you’re ready for the Big Leagues, add Nutella and ice cream on top of your Nutella Waffle. That’s right, bow down.

Nutella Banana Smoothie- 1 cup vanilla yogurt. 1/3 cup Nutella. (But seriously, add more if you want.) 1 banana. 1 cup ice. Blend and be amazed.

This Words just can’t even explain… I’m… I’m… crying tears of joy.

Until next time, you Nutella-loving Hoyas.

Photo: My Baking Addiction

Casual Thursdays: (March) MADNESS!

march madness casual thursdays

It’s that time.  You can’t avoid it.  March Madness is finally upon us, and while maybe non-basketball fans will have to eat dinner by themselves simply to avoid bracket-talk, I absolutely love this time of year.  Dicky V, Sir Charles Barkley, and the rest of the college basketball announcers will be up to their usual shenanigans, throwing around words that probably aren’t english (Vitale) or television appropriate (Barkley).  The intensity level is up, and the stars of the college basketball world are all out to try and lead their teams to eternal glory. What better event than the goliath of all college sports to drink for, right?

Lost in all of the glory and excitement of that last paragraph, of course, is our upcoming holiday weekend.  To celebrate the beginning of Spring, we at 4E bring you a Casual Thursday-worthy Easter-themed drink.  Before we get to the Madness that is college basketball, here is a delightful cocktail to enjoy while relaxing.

March Madness Drink-along

And now we get a little crazy.  Obviously, any sporting event can be reason to drink, and you can feel free to improvise and adjust the reasons to imbibe while enjoying the craziness.  Here are some suggestions:

Take a sip if…

  • The higher seed wins the game
  • There is a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial
  • A player’s “athleticism” or “basketball IQ” is mentioned

Take a big swig if…

  • The lower seed wins
  • A player slaps the floor on defense
  • You see a tweet about some “spectacular” play
  • Dick Vitale gets really excited (or any of the announcers, I guess)
  • An announcer discusses the importance of a coach to the game

Take a shot if…

  • The game goes into overtime (you will probably need it)
  • Someone gets a technical (if you aren’t a sports fan, you can ask around for when this happens)

Finish your drink/chug if…

  • Dicky V gets this excited. Or starts making up words. Or both.
  • Charles Barkley says something offensive. Or starts making up words (he probably will)
  • Someone hits a buzzer-beater
  • Something this entertaining happens

The Easter Bunny:

  • 1 1/2 ounces dark creme de cacao
  • 1/2 ounce vodka
  • 1 tsp. of chocolate syrup
  • 1 tsp. of cherry brandy

1. Pour the creme de cacao and vodka into a cocktail shaker (improvise) with ice

2. Shake well

3. Strain into a glass with ice

4. Float chocolate syrup and cherry brandy on top

Enjoy the madness everybody, but please try to do it responsibly. Go Hoyas!

4E Flix: Basketballs & Boxes

Now that Spring Break is officially over and your midterms are, hopefully, disappearing, it’s time to get back to the Netflix grind instead of the gym/study grind. While you are deciding which movie or TV show to use to aid your relaxation needs, why not try some of these suggestions from the 4E? We got you covered with another edition of the 4E Flix!

Basketball Wives

Combine tacky, reality TV shows with even tackier women who are romantically entangled with professional basketball players, and you get a ridiculously entertaining show. The reality series follows a group of Miami women who go through the ups and downs of being the wives (or ex-wives_ and girlfriends of the nation’s top ballers. With the NCAA tourney coming up, there is no better time to give this series a shot! (no pun intended)


Who doesn’t want to stare at Ryan Reynolds trapped in a box for 90 minutes? This movie is on Netflix’s instant que (aka: watch instantly, aka: greatest thing ever), and just oozes with suspense and entertainment from start to finish. Give it a try if you are in the mood for something addictive and heart racing…or just do it for Ryan.


Photo: Blogspot

4E Flix is a weekly post designed to help the Netflixer with nothing new to watch. The Fourth Edition is not affiliated with Netflix in any way.