Francesca’s Is Coming to M Street


Sick of your current Georgetown wardrobe? Feel like updating your style with the changing of seasons? Looking for the right statement necklace to compliment your dress for the formal you’ll inevitably attend?

Well then you might want to brace yourself and your wallet, because Francesca’s is opening up a new store on M Street. Just in case you can’t tell from the gif inserted below, 4E is pretty excited about this news!

That’s right Hoyas, the Houston-based women’s boutique is coming to Georgetown in early 2015, providing you with just another perfect excuse to drain your bank account (as if there weren’t enough already).

The store carries an array of affordably priced clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories perfect for any trendy student’s closet. Francesca’s aims to provide its customers with fashionable options at lower prices in comparison to other upper-end retailers already on M Street. Finally, the perfect place for the fashion forward college student: cute clothes and low prices. You know what that means?  More money to spend on coffee and food. YES.

The brand has been working on making a greater presence in the district, as it has opened shops in many of the major shopping malls. While you’ll have to wait until next year to conveniently shop at the brand’s M Street location, you can peruse the Francesca’s website for a little fashion inspiration and holiday shopping (for yourself, obviously).

Francesca’s also has some great gift options and a ton of online as well as in-store promotions and clearance items. The holiday season is truly upon us.

Happy shopping, Hoyas!

Thanks to Biz Journals for this amazing discovery.

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Rent the Runway Is Coming!

renttherunwayLadies of Georgetown, get ready for a game changer. There is no reason to starve yourself into that mistake of a prom dress just so you can go to Georgetown’s next formal event.

Rent the Runway is set to open a shop in Georgetown, in Cady’s Alley right off of M Street in November. If you don’t know, now you know that Rent the Runway is a website that rents out designer dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, and accessories for super reduced prices. Now they’re opening up stores so you can try on the pieces before committing to anything. As a girl who’s had an account for a few years and racked up a total of 195 “likes” or “hearts” but has never actually rented anything, I could really use the assurance of knowing that I’ll love my first rental.

The store will allow both appointments and walk-ins. An appointment, which costs $25, provides the help of a stylist. But … you’re a Hoya, so you should really be your own stylist, or just bring your fashionable friend.

Just to give you a flavor of the options available to you here are some dresses you could rent for these Hoya Holidays:

Corp Gala

I had serious FOMO this night. The ladies were looking fabo and the fellas were looking fine. The venue is always AMAZING too.

National Bologna Day, October 24

The soonest and most important of the upcoming Hoya holidays. Celebrate it by emulating your favorite sandwich meat.



Look you’re a garden! Or a fairy princess! You’re the most ethereal girl in brown house!

But if you must be a sexy kitten, then you’ve got options too. Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.23.44 PM


That NHS formal/club sports formal thing you’re bound to go to

You WILL end up going to one.


Dip ball

Impress diplomats and the like with your color-blocking abilities. “No I don’t know anything about…”

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.27.07 PM


Who’s the foxiest lady in the field? And where are all the horses?


The cheapest dresses offered online are $40. Create a free account and browse away. When the store opens, you may want to try to reserve a dress a few weeks before any major Georgetown holiday (Bologna Day for sure) because I assume a lot of lady Hoyas will be eyeing the same dress as you.

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Hippie Hoyas: Free People Will Open in Fino Italiano Spot

Free People

Whether you identify as hippie, hipster or simply hip, all Hoyas can look forward to the opening of the we-made-mainstream-uncool fashion franchise, Free People, at 3009 M St. NW. The storefront housed Italian restaurant Fino Italiano until Sept. 2012, when it closed in Georgetown and moved to the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood. Where you once enjoyed Bolognese sauce, you’ll soon be shopping for bohemian looks.

Free People, an offshoot of parent company Urban Outfitters, serves as the bohemian cousin to Urban. At the same time, both stores work to make sure things that were cool in third grade, such as fanny packs and colorful tights, become fashion statements for young adults.

Hippie Heaven
Hippie Heaven

Welcome to M Street, Free People. It looks like Georgetown is shaking its preppy reputation one oversized sweater at a time.

Special thanks to Georgetown Metropolitan for this article.

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What to Bring Back from Break

Although it seems like Spring Break 2k13 just happened yesterday, Easter break is officially upon us, which means it is time to restock on lots of college life necessities in order to help get us through the rest of the school year. We know that you are all probably stressing about last minute papers and exams before the 5 day break so just in case you didn’t have time to think about it, here are just a few things to keep in mind while heading home:

Summer Clothes Despite the off and on snowy, freezing weather we have been experiencing lately (make up your mind, Mother Nature), spring is usually a sign that warmer days are heading our way. With that in mind, wardrobe swaps may be needed. In order to make room in your cramped closets, consider packing your heavy sweaters, puffy jackets, and turtlenecks in exchange for some more tank tops, T-shirts, and shorts (Don’t forget your sunglasses, either!) We are praying to the temperature gods that the weather will be magically warm everyday after Easter but, just in case, leave a few warm(er) items behind.

Shoes Boots and Timberlands have been seen way too much this winter season and, with the arrival or spring, those flip-flops and sandals may finally be able to make an appearance.  If you happened to bring these spring/summer necessities home, don’t forget to bring them back! It is also safe to assume that those super warm, super furry Uggs tucked in the back corner of your closet can go back to the homeland.

Ink Cartridges/Toiletries/Other Appliances Going to a Target or Walmart around here can be tricky (and, lets face it, we are all too lazy to go through that trouble anyway). Be smart when you are at home and stock up on the things that are a pain in the butt to get here. Consider making a list of the different things you are running low on so you don’t forget and try to think about potential things you might need for the events coming up in April (fanny packs for Gtown Day or Calvin Harris, anyone??)

Food from Home Although Leos is super fantastic and delicious and all, there is nothing like a classic home cooked meal from mom. Or maybe there are certain foods you can only get in your hometown. Have your parents pack some of your favorite at-home snacks (whether they be home-made or from the store) so that you have lots of delicious things to munch on when you return. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Money/gifts Perhaps you will score a couple five dollar bills on your Easter egg hunts this year or your grandma is feeling super generous/happy about your return. If you happen to be so lucky to receive some special gifts while you are home, bring ’em back to good ole Gtown. Lord knows you will probably need them. After all, we got one month left, people! Let’s make it count.

Have fun at home! And bring an extra suitcase for all of these things.

Campus Sartorialist: March 2013

As the warm weather begins rolling in, it is sometimes difficult to make the adjustment from the freezing ice to the blossoming new season. This climate change sparks the question “what’s a Georgetown fashionista to wear?”

This month’s Sartorialist features numerous trendy GU students wearing some of the most current colors and styles. They seem to be transitioning into Springtime quite effortlessly. Take a look for yourself:

Ainhoa Hardy (COL ’16) loves heading into Spring with things she feels comfortable in. “I love things colors and patterns and things that are flowy” like her Forever 21 boyfriend chinos. She describes her Spring style as “effortless, comfortable, and cool.”

Ainhoa Hardy

 We especially were digging Ainhoa’s Mango scarf. Prints are huge for Spring/Summer 2013, and they’ll only be getting bigger as the year continues. Check out her trendy scarf print:

Ainhoa Scarf Pattern

 We also couldn’t help falling in love with Liana Mehring’s (SFS ’13) geometric-patterned H&M dress. Liana enjoys dressing in pieces that are “cultural and different with bold patterns” and we think she should keep it up, especially because orange is going to be HUGE as 2013 goes on!

Liana Mehring

 Speaking of orange, we adored Kirsty Sievwright’s (NHS ’13) Kate Spade ostrich leather flats…

DSC_0849 copy

 …but we were driven absolutely wild (in a good way, of course) by her Alexander McQueen bag. “The purse is really fashionable and really functional,” said Kirsty. “I use it for everything, even going out.”

Alexander McQueen Bag

 Speaking of bags, we were also swooning over Kylie Loeffler’s (COL ’15) leather All Saints Bag. “It’s bold, black and brilliant,” quipped Kylie. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Kylie Loeffler Bag

 Just look at those sequins and that texture!


 Speaking of texture, we thought Alex Jung (SFS ’13) spiced things up with her edgy spring look. “My big thing is leather jackets,” she remarked. “I like to dress cute with a modern grunge.” We think her Forever 21 denim top works perfectly with her Zara jacket, scarf, leggings and Target patent leather boots.

Alex Jung

But nothing said Spring quite like her beautiful, floral lace Urban Outfitters dress. Take a closer look!

DSC_0847 copy

 Alex wasn’t the only one who could pull off boots in Springtime, though.

Ellis Reilly

 Ellis Reilly’s (COL ’14) rugged look was the perfect transition from Winter to Spring. “I try to keep things simple… slim, warm and casual,” said Ellis, as he rocked Scotch & Soda jeans, a J. Crew sweater and bag and, of course, his Filson boots. Just take a closer look at those bad boys. Bam.

Ellis Reilly Shoes

 In addition to Ellis’ fantastic footwear, we were totally blown away by Libby Carter’s spring look. Mixing and matching a textured polka-dotted sweater (ala Marc Jacobs 2011) with a simple J. Crew Oxford, Ann Taylor pants and Repetto Mary-Janes, Libby was dressing to impress. She also nailed it with her Madewell shoulder bag and Ray-Ban aviators.

DSC_0827 copy

 But Spring is also about the little things! We were blown away by Libby’s accessories: a shimmering blue Hermes bangle and a classic Raymond Weil watch. 

Watch and Bangle Close Up

 Happy Springtime, Hoyas! No matter what your style is, “spring” into the new season of trends and designs. The fashion world awaits…