Leo’s Health Inspection Isn’t Pretty


We all know Leo’s sucks. Like, really sucks. They’ve got the perfect unethical trifecta of monopoly: crappy food, overpriced meals and mandatory plans. They’ve got us right where they want us.

But we have the reports from Leo’s official health inspection a few months ago, and apparently Leo’s has a lot more than just a monopoly. Here are a few things we know they have after this inspection:

Mice droppings in the dessert storage trays
Have you ever felt like your chocolate chip cookie had a few extra chips in it? Or thought that there was a speck of dust on your brownie? Nope. It’s a special gift from a little furry friend.

No plan to deal with vomit
Have you ever gone to Leo’s with a bad hangover? Or seen a friend go when you know they’re too sick to go to class? Well, bad news. Leo’s doesn’t have a plan to deal with vomit (or any sort of disgusting bodily occurrence). So if someone were to throw up anywhere in the establishment, no one would know how to deal with it, making contamination of a lot of food very likely.

Employees who don’t wear gloves
There were multiple instances of employees touching “ready to eat foods” with their bare hands. This is not, “Oh don’t worry, the heat in the oven will kill the germs.” This is, “Okay I’m touching the broccoli and putting it directly onto your plate. Enjoy my germs!”

Crusted food residue on surfaces and equipment
We all knew this, we’re used to taking two or three dishes or bowls out of the dispenser before finding one that is clean enough to eat off of. It’s Leo’s way of giving us a little extra snack with every meal! Very common, still super disgusting.

Unsafe food temperatures
I won’t get into the specifics, mostly because I don’t know them, but basically food needs to be kept at a certain temperature for it to be safe to consume. And Leo’s is like, “Screw that!” So, yeah. Bacteria grow and stuff.

To the administration: This is a formal request for improvement. Leo’s was designated as a Risk Category of 3. It had four critical violations and one non-critical violation (with 6 violations, an establishment is shut down). This is kind of ridiculous.


4E Interviews the GUSA Execs


After a really cool, really heated GUSA election, 4E had the chance to sit down with (okay, exchange emails with) the new President and Vice President, Joe Luther and Connor Rohan.

Here are their thoughts:

How have your lives changed since becoming GUSA executives?

Our Google calendars have transformed from a mundane and routine agenda to a disparate mosaic of colors, shapes and acronyms playfully covering all hours of the day.

What is the theme song of your presidency?

Soak Up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow

What’s your first priority as president/VP?

Listening to “Soak Up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow.

Which supreme ruler’s legacy would you like yours to most closely resemble?

Four-time WWE WrestleMania champion Brock Lesnar who rules the ring with an iron fist and his patented diving double axe handle move.

How do you hope to run GUSA differently?

Either as a non-hierachical commune where no one has a last name or a dyspotic totalitarian regime where everyone has a lot of last names.

What are your spirit animals?

Bifidobacterium – much like this type of bacteria which symbiotically inhabits the stomach, you may not understand why we are here or think we are dangerous, but we promise we are here to do good things like break down potential toxins in your digestive tract.

Describe the Luther-Rohan Monument.

It will stretch from Prospect to Reservoir and be about 104 acres.

Where do you see Georgetown after your tenure?

Most likely moved roughly 2 inches westward in accordance with continental drift and also having a sound and well-thought-out campus plan.

4E sends good luck to Joe and Connor as they take on the monster that is GUSA. We can’t wait to see what you guys do in the coming year.

Photos: ytimg.com