Student Group Spotlight: Project Sunshine Georgetown


In each installment of this series, we will be highlighting one lesser-known group on campus. For this week’s Student Group Spotlight, we interviewed Nick Santaniello (NHS ’16) of Project Sunshine Georgetown.

For those who don’t know, what is Project Sunshine? 
Project Sunshine Georgetown is a community service group on campus that engages in social, recreational, and educational activities with children and caregivers in MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and hospitals across the US through the national Project Sunshine Chapter in New York City.
How often do you guys volunteer at the hospital?
We have 5 volunteers visit once a week to the Child Life Units of Georgetown Hospital.
What is one of your favorite experiences from working through Project Sunshine?
My favorite experience from working with Project Sunshine was earlier this year when we were with a young boy who only wanted to be held and watch Cars – one of my favorite movies! As a trained “Snuggler” volunteer in the hospital, I was allowed to hold him while two other volunteers and I just sat with him for an hour and watched the movie. It was one of the most relaxed but impactful visits for me because it showed me how simple some of the needs are for some of the children in the hospital. All that boy wanted that day was to watch his favorite movie and some company, and I am really happy we were able to give him that.
How can someone get involved now, partway through the semester?
We will be having a fundraiser from Feb. 23 to Feb. 27! We’ve teamed up with the Athletic Department and for every baked good purchased, a person will be able to vote for which Varsity team that they would like to make a video dancing and singing to the song “Shower” by Becky G. The team with the most votes, in addition to making the video, will get to showcase that video to children in the hospital on a visit with Project Sunshine one week later in the semester. We’ll have more info about joining our club at our table that whole week!
Thanks Nick for answering our questions! For more information, check out the Project Sunshine Facebook page.

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