Six Reasons to Fear Georgetown Snap Story

georgetownsnapWelcome back to campus guys! While I hope you’re all enjoying the fleeting days far away from Lauinger, I must warn you of two possible life-threatening dangers on campus.

First of all, there is a nearly imperceptible trail of ice in front of Walsh. It’s dangerous. I almost broke my legs while performing an accidental split over the ice. But, I recovered.


The second biggest danger to me and to all of you is very clearly perceivable and it has come in the form of a cute little ghost.

If you have a Snapchat, you know that Georgetown Campus Snap Story is NOT affiliated with, licensed by or sponsored by Georgetown University, but anyone on campus can view Our Campus Story and add to it, making it extremely dangerous for accidental screen-shotters.

Here are the things that terrify me about the new Georgetown Campus addition to the Snapchat app.

Sexting. I don’t want to see it, but it’s bound 2 happen. Before you “accidentally” post your anonymous genitalia to the story Saturday night, remember that youths may use this app on campus while walking to mass on Sunday morning.

Feeling FOMO. I know there will be a few Friday nights that I’ll sadly sit in Saxby’s, do minimal work on a paper and wish I was out on the town. Before I only had to fight the temptation to follow my friends’ nights on Snapchat. Now the entire Georgetown population will be working together to show me what I’m missing.

Regrets. My snap stories are often embarrassing, but on the weekend my snap stories are flat-out regrettable. I don’t need to share my regrets with the entire student body. But I might. I just might do it.

My Ethics Professor. He’s young, he has long hair and he cares about the environment. He’s probably hip enough to have a Snapchat. Unfortunately, anyone on campus can see the Georgetown snap story so my ethics professor could possibly see me or any of my classmates in a new, unflattering light.

Power in the Wrong Hands. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and I’m afraid a few of our Georgetown comrades will monopolize the Our Campus upgrade.

Finally, I was terrified of what the snap story would show us about our student body. I was concerned for a while that we would collectively come to the conclusion that we’re all basically the same, coffee-drinking, Friends-watching college kid. After seeing what seemed like three goofy, dancing, sweater-clad guys in a row on our story I decided that if we were all the same, at least we were fun. Then, as the snaps continued to pour in, I saw lab time, RHO work, common room leaks, canal hockey, pep-talk givers, seniors enjoying senior night, Joe Biden, beautiful, stylish people and one Ritz cracker enthusiast. You guys are actually really cool and now my fear is that I am not nearly cool enough to find something to share with you all.

Let the hunt begin.


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