Reimagining Georgetown, One Idea at a Time

Georgetown is all about traditions. It’s about hearing Bill Clinton speak in Gaston Hall, then coming back the next day to see your roommate’s a cappella group perform. It’s about John Carroll’s lap, GUSA campaigns, and your first Chicken Madness. On a campus with so many longstanding traditions, though, there’s always room for a great new idea.

The Reimagine Georgetown Grant gives you the opportunity to bring your own great idea to life. You can win up to $10,000 to fund a project that improves the undergraduate student experience. Sponsored by the Corp, GUASFCU and The Hoya, Reimagine looks to improve the undergraduate experience at Georgetown by supporting creative student initiatives.

In the past, Reimagine has given grants to projects like the Georgetown Farmer’s Market, Breaking the Bubble, Student Workshops at Georgetown and more. We can’t wait to see what other ideas are out there!

Interested in applying? The deadline is October 28th, and you can find the application here. Starting tonight, Reimagine Georgetown will be hosting open houses where you can come ask questions and talk to us about your ideas. Just look for our table in either Uncommon Grounds or Midnight Mug.

Important dates:

Wednesday, October 10 – Open House, Uncommon Grounds 9-11 pm

Wednesday, October 17 – Open House, Midnight Mug 9-11 pm

Wednesday, October 24 – Open House, Midnight Mug 9-11 pm

Friday, October 28 – Applications due by 11:59 pm

Have questions? Want them answered now? Email [email protected]

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