No Pants Metro Ride: SUCCESS.

no-pants-subway-2014-12Earlier this week, we let you know that the D.C. No Pants Metro Ride was slated to bring underwear to the underground. This Sunday, the event went off as planned, and while looking at its recap on DCist, we came to a startling conclusion: Not only did the No Pants participants have fantastic choices of undergarments, but they also displayed their superb taste in newspapers.

Don’t believe us? Check out the picture below taken by Victoria Pickering. The man in the photo, in addition to rocking some crazy socks and snazzy luggage, is carrying a copy of – you guessed it – The Hoya.

Pants? No. Georgetown University's Newspaper of Record Since 1920? Yes.
Pants? No. Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record Since 1920? Yes.

Style, grace and all of the latest news and events – you sir, are a maverick. I speak on behalf of The Hoya and 4E when I say this: Keep up the great work.

Photo: Victoria Pickering for DCist;

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