New Zoning Laws Could Help Out Down Dog Yoga

If there is one thing D.C. might have more of than cupcake shops, it’s yoga studios. However, according to current D.C. zoning regulations, some of the open studios may be in violation of the law.

After a yoga studio in Chevy Chase applied for a change to its certificate of occupancy last fall, the commission claimed that in its current location, the studio was not in compliance with zoning laws. Under current regulations, yoga studios are technically not allowed to operate in a neighborhood commercial district. Based on this rule, Down Dog Yoga on Potomac Street in Georgetown is not in line with the law.

Last week, however, the D.C. Zoning Commission proposed changes to the laws that would enable “establishments that principally offer group instruction in the performing arts, the martial arts, physical exercise, or yoga” to remain open without zoning restrictions or special permits. The proposed amendment change submitted earlier last month would allow yoga studios to set up shop in three districts, identified as CR-1 (mixed use commercial residential), C-1 (commercial) and W-1 (waterfront). Bearing the commission’s decision whether to accept or reject the amendment, the fate of some yoga studios remains up in the air.

Photo: Flickr user WelcomeOmDC

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  1. is that a real picture of Down Dog Yoga?! it gets that crowded?! that’s crazy. I’d never go there if that’s what I would have to deal with. Just go to Yates, jeez.

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