Make Way for Wawa

We have some good news for those of you who feel a distinct lack of hoagies, Icees and Tastykates in your life. Wawa might be making its way to the D.C. area, according to Inthecapital. If you’re not familiar with Wawa, it’s a Pennsylvania-based convenience store/gas station chain. That doesn’t sound exciting, but when you factor in the deli (with touch-screen ordering!), the extensive selection of delicious snacks and the charge-free ATMs, you might be able to see why people are excited about the prospect of a local Wawa.

At the International Council of Shopping Centers’ Mid-Atlantic Conference, which spanned the last two days, a representative from Wawa hinted that the franchise is looking to expand into D.C. and northern Virginia sometime soon.

There’s no word yet on when this would happen, but we’re hoping soon. Can’t wait to celebrate Hoagiefest in the District!


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