Likes/Dislikes – The Harlem Shake


1. It’s short – 30 seconds I can do. Anything much longer and something shiny has captivated my attention.

2. It’s easy – So, I don’t think I’ll ever really get the Dougie, but the Harlem Shake – or whatever the hell they’re doing in that video – is something I can definitely do. #seeyouatBandolero

3. It’s weird –


1. It sounds a little bit like a stereo breaking after 30 seconds  too negative? Sry.

2. Ugh, got too big, too quickly. Where my hipsters at?  But seriously, is every girl and her play-date coming home from school to record a Harlem Shake video for YouTube today? No más! It was funny the first four times, but after the 22nd, I’m kind of over it.

3. Urban Dictionary “Harlem Shake” – (or click here)

Photo By: FunMole

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