Let’s Play the Name Game: GU Medical Marketplace


Earlier today 4E received a special notice via our 2nd favorite social media, Twitter, from the fabulous people at Georgetown Dining.

Here is the 411:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 1.13.28 PMBasically Georgetown is opening a new food option in the medical center, which for those of you who do medicine things will be so clutch. Even better, they are recruiting the voice of the people, aka Georgetown’s online blogs, to help name the newest edition to the food family.

In response I would just like to say, Georgetown Dining: challenge accepted.


As a connoisseur of weird phrases and names, I obviously took a stab at this.

The Medicine Cabinet

Doctors R Us

The Prep Room

Think you can do better? Tweet your ideas at @Gtowndining with the #hashtag #GUMCNameGame. If your name is good enough, you could win $150 in store prizes.

Are you interested yet?
Are you interested yet?

Who knows, you could one day be able to brag that you named the place that feeds all the amazing Georgetown doctors. #famous

Photos/Gifs: tumblr.com, concept-w.com


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