Lean Back? OK.

5491-8_recliner_1Recently, Georgetown University Law Center professor Rosa Brooks made social media waves by denouncing Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s on-the-go “lean-in” lifestyle in Foreign Policy. Brooks writes:

Ladies, if we want to rule the world — or even just gain an equitable share of leadership positions — we need to stop leaning in. It’s killing us. We need to fight for our right to lean back and put our feet up.

You know what, Rosa, we at 4E wholeheartedly agree.* In fact, we’re loving your lean back attitude so much that we’ve decided to take things one step further and list some of the awesome ways we like to lean back, just to give everyone some relaxation inspiration.

The Many Ways of Leaning Back:leanback1

1. Lean back to stretch.


2. Lean back on a lawn.


3. Lean back with the president.


4. Lean back while doing yoga.


5. Lean back on a t-shirt.


6. Lean back with Leonardo DiCaprio.


7. Lean back on a bike.


8. Lean back in a fashion magazine shoot.


9. Lean back in a recliner.


10. Lean back. Literally.

11. Or just do that.

Regardless of the way you lean, kick back, relax and take in some of professor Brooks’ advice, Hoyas. You more than deserve it.

*We still love you, Sheryl Sandberg.

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