I am Leo’s (And So Can You!)

Greetings, faithful 4E readers. Well, it’s your favorite thing to talk about besides who was outside with the fuzz last night at Rhino (drama!) or what basketball player sits behind you in Ecology and the Environment: ding ding, Leo’s. I won’t bore you — we’ve all read about it. At the end of the day, we have one place to eat — we aren’t Yale. Also, they’re not building a dining hall any time soon, since the landscaping on the side of Regents is still in the works (but if you can hang tight for two years, they say there will be salad in the New South Student Center).

Below, some ideas to get the wheels turning for an improved Leo’s — the smell though, nothing can be done about that.

1. Black Bean Wrap. Simple. Hit the Taco station — salsa, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, onions and meat if you’re willing to take that plunge, head to either Salad Station and find the black beans. Assemble into wrap of your choice, put it on the panini press and wait for the magic to unfold. Literally, unfold. It’s a wrap. Get it?

2. Buffalo Chicken Pizza. But only if it’s the freakin’ weekend baby. Make-your-own-pizza station for the win. Hot sauce and grilled chicken from the diner, red onions and feta cheese from the salad bar, maybe some other vegetables (if your diet has recently favored Tuscany pizza or Chicken Madness over anything that resembles a vegetable). Bam, you have a meal that’s better than the meatloaf muffins with mashed potato frosting they tried to serve last year during backwards day. Click the underlined words — its a cat picture.

3. Southwest Salad. Credit on this one goes to Fiona Sweeney (NHS, ’15), Manhasset native, dear friend and loyal Fourth Edition reader — not to mention Leo’s lover. Take the fixings from the Taco Station and put it over some mixed greenz, and if its Thursday, throw in some chicken fingers. Take either ranch dressing (or ranch dressing + hot sauce, Hoya Salad anyone?) and there you go — creative salad that sounds a lot like the black bean wrap actually, but minus the wrap.

4. Peanut Butter and Banana on the grill, yo. Bread, peanut butter (crunchy), sliced bananarama, maybe some honey if you’re into that. The key? Panini press – maybe after a nice clean though, and you have yourself a sandwich that (1) was Elvis’ favorite (bam, you learned something) and (2) is delicious.

5. Bacon, Egg & Cheese. Again, courtesy of Fiona. Hey, the girl knows Leo’s. Get a fried egg from the dinner, put it on a bagel or between two pieces of toast (or maybe French toast if it’s the weekend…just a thought, can’t vouch for it but it just came to me), lay on a piece of cheddar cheese, and some bacon or some sausage. As my dad always says, if you like three different foods, why not eat them together?

6. Go somewhere else. If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, you know where Hoya Court is and you can always put a call into good old Wisemeeler’s.

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