Good Vibrations

Here’s a post that’s sure to spark some, ahem, pleasure in some of our readers

Trojan is giving away thousands of free vibrators at the Park at 14th (920 14th St, NW) this Tuesday, the 13th.

So all you ladies with the inclination for exploration or elation from some vibration sensation to cause the culmination of your frustration, head to that location between noon and 4pm while supplies last!

These “Pleasure Carts” will be carrying the ‘Tri-Phoria’ and ‘Pulse’ models, and I’ll leave it up to you to research those further so you can choose carefully. After all, it’s not every day that you can get these for free! Well…in exchange for only the amount of courage it takes you to walk up to one of these carts in the middle of the Park at 14th.

But hey, take pride in the vibe, ladies of D.C. Trojan, the giver of the quiver, is here to bring the throb to the mob of empowered women in this lovely capital. After all, you can’t trust guys for anything, amirite?


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