Georgetown’s Coffee Survival Guide

coffee-beansDisclaimer: This guide is for the average, amateur coffee drinker who needs a quick fix of caffeine. I am in no way a certified coffee rater, this is just my opinion on where the best places to get cheap coffee are.

*Rated in order of best to worst quality
**Prices are subject to change

1. Starbucks

Location: Leavey Center
Assessment: This is one of the most expensive places on campus, but it has the best quality and the widest variety of drinks.
Price: Medium = $2.26 + tax

2. Bulldog Tavern

Location: Healey Family Student Center
Assessment: The coffee here is really good. You don’t need to sit down and order coffee; you can just walk up to the bar and ask for coffee to-go. And, instead of using cream/milk that’s been sitting out for hours in a thermos, you get fresh, cold cream/milk.
Price: Small = $1.95, Large = $2.85

3. Saxbys

Location: Off campus (two blocks away, 35th Street)
Assessment: It’s a bit of a distance to travel, but the coffee here is relatively the same price as the Corp stores. Also, it is by far one of the best places to get coffee here at Georgetown, in terms of quality.
Price: Small = $1.95, Medium = $2.25, Large = $2.50


4. More Uncommon Grounds

Location: ICC 3rd Floor 
Assessment: More Uncommon Grounds’ coffee is of better quality than Uncommon Grounds and more central to campus. The lines can be incredibly long during peak hours (aka when people just get out of class), but the line goes by quickly and the wait is worthwhile.
Price: Small = $1.95, Medium = $2.15, Large = $2.25

5. Einstein’s

Location: Regents Hall 3rd Floor
Assessment: Not only is this a great alternative to the Grab-n-Go at Leo’s, it also is a great place to get coffee. Frankie, who works there, definitely knows how to brighten up your day. The coffee is pretty good, too.
Price: Medium = $2.15

6. Midnight Mug

Location: Lau Library 2nd Floor
Assessment: Pretty good, if you need that late night coffee fix. Average coffee during off hours.
Price: Small = $1.95, Medium = $2.15, Large = $2.25

7. Uncommon Grounds

Location: Leavey Center
Assessment: Okay quality, but the atmosphere and ambience is superb. Cool music, dim lighting and comfy chairs.
Price: Small = $1.95, Medium = $2.15, Large = $2.25

8. MSB

Location: First Floor by the Printers
Assessment: This automatic coffee machine actually has a lot of options for coffee, and isn’t too bad. There is one caveat though, you need to bring your own cup/mug.
Price: 12oz coffee = $1.50
Choices: Colombian (Medium)/ Vienna (Dark Roast)


9. The Hilltoss

Location: Healey Family Student Center
Assessment: Quality isn’t too bad, but it is probably best to just stick to the salad/smoothies.
Price: Small = $1.80, Medium = $2.00, Large = $2.95

10. Leo’s

Location: Leo’s
Assessment: Not good, but gets the job done.
Price: Included with the meal swipe

Enjoy! Happy Drinking!


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