Georgetown Meets House of Cards

Frank Underwood 1

We all know that Georgetown students love House of Cards, it is basically our obsession. From binge watching episodes to having heated arguments about plot lines, there is no escaping the importance this show plays for our campus. Sometimes, we even think we are Frank Underwood. It has gotten almost out of hand.


Now, the connection has reached an even higher level. Professor Neal Katyal of Georgetown Law School now has a cameo on the amazing show we know and love.


Professor Katyal plays a Supreme Court advocate in the fourth episode of the show’s third season, on Netflix now! Basically, it is like Georgetown is the new focus of House of Cards.

According to Georgetown Law, Professor Katyal was originally approached to be a consultant for the job due to his knowledge of the Supreme Court and how it functions. However, after the developers of the show realized how convincing he was an actor, they decided to give him a role! He was so good that the crew actually assumed he was an actor.

Professor Katyal on the set!

Professor Katyal says that Georgetown students are very fortunate because they are able to experience the real life drama of Washington, D.C. by attending Georgetown University.

Who knows, maybe the House of Cards staff will hire Georgetown students next! We can dream, can’t we?

Thanks to Georgetown Law for this important information!


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