Georgetown, Get Your Jam On

The nation’s capital is a great place. So much to offer, so much room for activities. One of the things most often forgotten, in my personal opinion, is the music scene. When’s the last time you went to a concert? For me, it was this summer at home. Real talk, though, I wish it had been this past Tuesday. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we all just missed an Alanis Morissette show in Silver Spring. Tragic. Still getting over that one.

A lot of the big names (aka The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, yes) perform at the Verizon Center. The bowl cut blonde himself will be here on November 5th. Below, some smaller venues and shows that’d be worth your while to check out.

9:30 Club (815 V Street, NW. Directions here.)

Public Enemy. 11/28/12. First, who knew they were from Long Island, N.Y.? Second, yes. Just yes. Go to this show, for all of us that can’t. Don’t believe the hypeWhat what?

G. Love and Special Sauce. 11/16/12. His most recent album produced by the Avett Brothers, what’s not to love about G. Love?

Citizen Cope. 11/21/12. All the way from Brooklyn, N.Y., folks!

The Black Cat (1811 14th Street, NW. Directions here.)

Helio Sequence. 11/16/12. Oregon alternative rock duo. Lend them your ears for a few minutes.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich. 12/15/12. Young folk singer who hails from York. I enjoy this.

The Fillmore (8656 Collesville Road, Silver Spring, MD. Directions here.)

Delta Spirit. 11/24/12. If you can make the trek to Silver Spring (it’s not really a trek, just involves escaping your Hilltop bubble), I would highly recommend seeing these guys, they put on a great show when I saw them last summer in Newport. Check out this and this.

Hoodie Allen. 12/28/12. It’s my birthday, so I know you will probably be busy celebrating. If you happen to be satalite-celebrating, though, and are in the DMV, check out this guy. There was a bit of a love affair going on with this song last year in New South 4. Oh, white rappers.

The State Theater (220 North Washington Street, Falls Church, VA. Directions here)

Tribute bands, comedy nights, 80’s throwback themed nights. I want to go to there.

Bohemian Caverns (2001 11th Street, N.W. Directions here)

They do open mic nights every Wednesday. That’d be the day I’d pick to go. The website describes “the amount of creativity, love and inspiration that can be found [is] the reason for it’s overwhelming continued success.” Sign me up. For more jazz shows, check out Blues Alley (1073 Wisconsin Ave, NW. Directions here).

Try new things. Go to new places. Listen to talented people that do what they love. And vote. Everyone should vote.

 Photos By: The Washingtonian, DC: The Drink Nation, We Love DC

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  1. First and foremost, I love you – I wish you had a blog all your own and I read every post laughing. Secondly- THANK YOU! I love the D.C. music scene and these shows all look awesome, I’d love to see some more Hoya pride involved at concerts.

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