Friday Fixa10ns: “How was your break?!?”

Friday Fixat10ns: “How was your break?!” from thehoya on 8tracks Radio.

“How was your break?!” It was good? Good, but short? You spent time with your family? And watched football? And the Jets embarrassed you? Oh, you didn’t do any homework and are now swamped with work for finals that you brought upon yourself by playing with your dog and sitting on the couch for three days? I didn’t know you were going to say any of that!

On that snarky note, after a long week, here we are. Friday. Approaching the last week of classes, finals, and weenter break. Many of you will head out to the Corp Gala this weekend, make a guest appearance at Modern (hip, hip), and others will get intimate with good old Lauinger Library. ‘Tis the season of group projects, short reflection papers (“What did you get out of this class and how does it apply to the bigger picture?”…Bueller? Bueller?), long lines at Midnight Mug (thanks to this girl behind the counters) and holiday sweater themed parties.

Maybe not quite for your Saturday night (no one liked when I played Joan Osbourne yesterday), but below are some jams to carry you through the upcoming week. Listen to the other songs by the artists below – I can vouch for all of them except Savage (and Joan Osbourne).

One of Us – Joan Osbourne  I mean, what if? What is God was one of us? Great party song.

New Ceremony – Dry the River  Give it a a minute to build. One of my favorites, but their album in it’s entirety, Shadow Bed, is definitely for you if you’re looking for a new, loud, folk-rock 5-some.

Kids on the Run – Tallest Man on Earth  If you’re a sucker for a piano ballad and a rough, gravelly voice, you’ll very much enjoy the sounds of TTMOE. Fun Fact – the tallest man who ever lived was 8 feet, 11.1 inches tall, hailing from the U.S. of A.

You’ll Be in My Heart (Tarzan Soundtrack Version) – Phil Collins  It’s not Friday unless you’ve listened to Phil Collins.

Ode to My Family – Cranberries  This CD played in my car for five years straight.

Fix You Up – Tegan and Sara  My absolute favorite Canadian, lesbian, sister, duo band.

Seven Story Mountain – Railroad Earth  Great jam.

Swing – Savage   New favorite song. Apparently, it’s old? Who knew? Fitting to follow up Railroad Earth, no?

Make You Feel Better – Red Hot Chili Peppers  Buy Stadium Arcadium if you don’t have it. Then, read Anthony Kiedis’ biography, Scar Tissue, and call me to discuss.

Happy Christmas (War is Over) – John Lennon 26 days until Christmas (note: 29 days until my birthday). John, Yoko, and the Harlem’s Children Choir. A good, old protest song and my dad’s go-to Christmas song.


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