D.C. Millennials Bringing In the Money

Young MoneyWe all know that D.C. is an expensive place for anyone to live. Just check your last bar tab at Rhino. We also know some D.C. residents can be pretty wealthy. But did you know that D.C. is actually home of the wealthiest millennials?

According to InTheCapital, 1.9% of millennials – people born from 1980 until approximately 2000 – in D.C. are earning over $100,000. Yes, $100,000. That’s the highest amount in the country, compared to major cities such as New York, Boston and San Francisco.

D.C. also boats one of the nation’s highest concentrations of millennials. In that category, our nation’s capital took sixth place, behind predominately western cities. According to the rankings, D.C.’s millennial money comes from the younger generation’s drive to invest in new companies and do social good, which apparently has been paying nice returns. Regardless, I’m still broke. So if any of you millionaire millennials are reading this and want to treat a girl to dinner, give me a call.

Photo: therichest.com

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