Breaking News: You Can Now Have an Invisible Boyfriend!


As the semester starts to wind down, your chance of finding love on the Hilltop is beginning to diminish. Long gone are the days of locking eyes with your future Hoya hubby from across the bar at Rhino. Furthermore, with the impending doom of finals you only have a few weeks to make a move on your econ crush before your days are confined to a lonely Lau cubicle. Realistically speaking, your chances of finding that special someone are pretty slim.

While this all may sound pretty depressing, 4E is here to lessen your despair with a pretty huge announcement. As we’ve seen with the creation of various groundbreaking dating apps, like Tinder and Cuddlr, conventional relationships really don’t exist anymore. It’s 2015, so who says you even need a real significant other to be in a relationship…right? Invisible Boyfriend, a new app still in its beta stages, is attempting to break down even more dating barriers by offering you a relationship with “a boyfriend your friends can believe in!”

Don’t have time for a real relationship? No problem, because your invisible boyfriend always works to accommodate your busy schedule! Invisible Boyfriend makes the relationship all about you as it aims to give you “real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship – even if you’re not!” Forget the days of incessant relationship questions from friends and family members, because you’ll now have texts to prove that you won’t end up as a future cat lady! Disclaimer: 4E can’t actually guarantee that you won’t be a cat lady.  

Signing up for your own invisible boyfriend is easy. Just head over to and begin filling out your dream guy’s profile. You’ll have the ability to pick out everything from his name to his personality type. With Invisible Boyfriend, you have the control to make a guy that even Taylor Swift couldn’t write a song about!

The app also lets you create a background story for how you two met, which eliminates awkward story gaps that you may otherwise experience with a Tinder match. Make sure to include your real address as well, so that you’ll receive your handwritten postcard from your new significant other. Your relationship will soon seem so real, you won’t even remember it’s fake!


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