Bike Lanes: They’re Almost Here!

BikeLane1If you’ve ever walked down M Street, you might have noticed the life-or-death battle happening every day. Is it bikes against cars? Bikes against buses? Bikes against literally every other type of vehicle on the lawless roads of Washington, D.C.? The answer is D: all of the above.

Bikes against any inanimate objects?

As Freddie Mercury once sang, “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like.” Like the staff of 4E, you probably spend your free time sitting around and wondering, When is the city going to put in some bike lanes? Well, that day is here … almost! The D.C. Department of Transportation has laid out some plans to install bike lanes around the city, projected for sometime this year. That’s right, this year!

So far, the lanes marked “ready to go” are located on M Street, First Street NE and F, G and I Streets NE. Several lanes are still being designed in southeastern D.C. See the map below for more all of the District’s bike lane plans:2014bikelanes

So the next time you feel like taking a nice bike ride (probably when the weather is a little less rough), a bike lane might be ready to take you past the cars. Nothing is as satisfying as bypassing D.C. traffic. Just remember to be safe.

Don’t be this guy.

Special thanks to DCist for this article.

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