2AM Club Takes Georgetown Day

6a00d8341c630a53ef0133f4aca179970b-600wiHere’s a curve ball, Hoyas – there will be a live concert on Georgetown Day this year. At 10:30pm in McDonough Parking Lot, the California band, the 2AM Club, will be putting on a show.

If you watched Pretty Little Liars, their single “Worry About You” was featured in the Homecoming episode.

They also toured with White Panda, Chiddy Bang and Mike Posner last year. In addition, one of their latest tracks, “Mary“, featured Dev.

So, fight your hangover and get yourself out to McDonough on Friday night. And just to clarify, the concert is at 10:30pm, not “2am”. (See what I did there?)

The Final Stretch: How to Make it to the End of the Year Alive

final stretch fi

Time is a phenomenon I don’t understand. How is it already April? Easter just happened? Jesus already rose from the dead again? I suppose some would say we’re in the final stretch of the school year – again, how?

It’s a great time of year though – the weather becomes nice; for a small fee, GUGs will cure your hangover; you don’t need to wear a jacket anymore, which is great if you lost yours; and a productive day involves waking up and making it to the lawn. Below are some tips so you can get the most out of the next five weeks.

1. Get caught up on work now (like, this week) You’ll love yourself later. If you can be caught up on everything and not hundreds of pages behind in reading come the last week of April, you will be a happy camper. Guaranteed  More time for activities. More time to be outside. More time to do nothing and just enjoy being a college student. This is why your teachers give you syllabi.

2. “Georgetown Finals Schedule Spring 2013” Figure out exactly when your finals are and when your papers are due. It makes more a lot less hellish of a week if you know exactly when everything is due.

3. Invest in some tie dye and a cooler Just trying to help improve your overall quality of life.

4. Actually attend class As much as you’d like to be sleeping in or enjoying the weather, class time is more valuable now then ever. Maximize on those participation points and soak in the extra information. If you struggle to pay attention in lecture, record them while you’re there and re-listen to them on your own time.

5. Go somewhere cool one of the next few weekends Hiking? Fishing? Canoeing? Camping? Chick-fil-a? Everyone needs to burn off some stress

6. Take a chill pill It’s spring semester. Go outside and be a young person. Stop spending so much time in the library – it will always be there but your youth will not. You can’t be productive if your shoulders are up to your ears and your jaw is clenched. You’ll make it. We believe in you.

Longest Post I’ll Ever Write – Summer Music Festivals

I’ll admit, I’m a fan of the short blog post. I don’t like reading long things – it makes History, English and Philosophy classes next to impossible. Today, I make an exception. The lineups are out and some of the tickets go on sale mañana – ’tis the season of the summer music festival!

Across the country, America is killing it with the headlining performers this time around. How is Tom Petty playing every music festival? How?

Firefly Music Festival — Dover, DE


Come with me this summer. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon. Imagine it now — we won’t shower, we’ll wear matching tie dye, we’ll eat a lot of hot dogs, hang out with 65 year old hippies and sleep in a field. Best thing to happen to Delaware since Joe Biden and low taxes, right? Red Hot Chilis, Tom Petty, Public Enemy, Avett Brothers, the Lumineers (fun fact – the lead singer was a Richmond Spider with my brother), Alabama Shakes, Foster the People, Dispatch. Road trip!

More information and tickets here.

Newport Folk Festival — Newport, RI


If you ever listen to anything I tell you, make it this: go to Newport this summer. If it was anything like when I went in 2011, it will be well worth your money. Unfortunately, only Friday tickets are still available, but I’m sure if you’re willing to break the bank a little bit, you can find 3-day passes on StubHub or other ticket websites.

More information and tickets here.

Jazz and Heritage Festival — New Orleans, LA


Disclaimer: it takes place Georgetown Day weekend and the weekend when finals start so I almost don’t want you to look at the lineup because it will break your heart into pieces. Stop reading now if you love all things good. The nine headliners for both weekends include Billy Joel, DMB, Earth Wind and Fire, John Mayer, Frank Ocean, Phoenix, Widespread Panic and Band of Horses. Oh, and Fleetwood Mac. Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t get the chills when Landslide played in that Budweiser commercial from the Superbowl.

More information here.

Bonnaroo — Nashville, TN


Mumford and Sons, Tom Petty (at it again!) and the Heartbreakers, Paul McCartney, R. Kelly, The National, Of Monsters and Men, Ed Helm’s Bluegrass Superjam Situation with Special Guests (special guests!), Tallest Man on Earth, Gov’t Mule, Foals, the XX — well, you all can read so I’ll let you take a look at the lineup. This will be nuts. Weird Al is going.

Bamboozle Surf and Skate Festival — Freehold, NJ


I went to Bamboozle my junior year of high school. It ended in a concussion during the Weezer performance — YOLO, mom wasn’t happy about that one. Related or not, Bamboozle cancelled the festival for 2013 but the great state of New Jersey still plans to hold the Surf and Skate Festival, which will feature Fall Out Boy and Macklemore if that peaks your interest. Doesn’t peak mine, but as my dad always said, that’s what makes markets.

More information and tickets here.

*Note that Lollapalooza hasn’t released their lineup yet and Coachella is sold out (if you were a fan of the ’90s British invasion, this would have been your year — Stone Roses AND Blur performing). So, as you shiver in the 35-degree weather in Georgetown, imagine yourself standing in a crowd next to a sweaty man in an American flag visor listening to Chilis serenade you with a Otherside.

Likes/Dislikes – The Harlem Shake


1. It’s short – 30 seconds I can do. Anything much longer and something shiny has captivated my attention.

2. It’s easy – So, I don’t think I’ll ever really get the Dougie, but the Harlem Shake – or whatever the hell they’re doing in that video – is something I can definitely do. #seeyouatBandolero

3. It’s weird –


1. It sounds a little bit like a stereo breaking after 30 seconds  too negative? Sry.

2. Ugh, got too big, too quickly. Where my hipsters at?  But seriously, is every girl and her play-date coming home from school to record a Harlem Shake video for YouTube today? No más! It was funny the first four times, but after the 22nd, I’m kind of over it.

3. Urban Dictionary “Harlem Shake” – (or click here)

Photo By: FunMole

Free Stuff.

N__804058859Useless fact of today – it’s National Frozen Yogurt Day.

It’s amazing to me that someone out there cared enough to make (create? file for? establish?) a national day in honor of frozen yogurt. Today, though, be thankful that that girl/guy (girl…) did care though because Saxby’s is giving out free small frozen yogurts in honor of the pointless celebration. So, stop on by!

I’m also totally not lying. I just heard a woman order a small frozen yogurt and then pretend to be surprised that it was National Frozen Yogurt Day. You knew, random woman, you knew.

Also, if you were ever interested, this is the best lead I’ve found in how you declare a national holiday, like Christmas, Homecoming or Georgetown Day.

Enjoy your free stuff Hoyas!

Photo: Place Pics

Congratulations! You Won a Contest I Made Up.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Selfie Competition/”/]

You thought I forgot, didn’t you? I don’t forget. I don’t mess around with competitions. Below, the five winners, and after those, the honorable mentions.

1. The Concealed Identity Selfie.

Five words for you: D.C. Superior Court Community Service. Although their identity is hidden on this unique photoshop job he/she did, you get the idea. Whoever you are, you rock for finding the time to take a selfie when doing community service on a D.C. highway. Way to find the humor in a serious thing. I like you.

2. The Classic (or Angst-y Teen) Selfie.

The self-take is really an art to be mastered, as showcased in this submission. Can’t you almost hear the Simple Plan playing in his room? Maybe too shy to submit them himself, it must be nice to know that you have such a kind friend living in VCE who really appreciates your talent and submitted them to the blog so you could have a chance at fame. Also, this may be a good time for an internet safety lesson: Always be careful with who you send pictures to over the internet, kids — you never know where they’ll show up, am I right?

3. The “Reasons Why You Regret Taking a Snapchat” Selfie.

Busted. It’s really a flaw in the design of SnapChat that you can take a screenshot of the disappearing picture, but as Forrest Gump says, it happens. And it happened that night during finals when you were bored enough to take this. Great work — it literally doesn’t even look like you. And I agree, middle parts are so much fun, Addie!

4. The Landmark Selfie.

So good, so iconic, so active. You Georgetown student, you.

5. The “Good Use of Another Object/Person” Selfie.

Like I said, good use of another object in your selfie. It’s like you’re actually with Wiz Khalifa instead of taking pictures of his picture taped above your bed, you know? Also, the facial expression. Are you guys related? Cousins? Second cousins? Brothers? So curious.

So, congrats. If you see these winners around campus, give ’em a high five. Or don’t if they’re strangers. Or do. #yolo

Pasta Bread Bowl > Super Bowl XLVII




Yeah, I don’t really care either … but at least hockey’s back, right?

I’m no negative (*nopance*) Nancy over here, but I didn’t jump on the Baltimore bandwagon so I’m just not all that stoked about the Super Bowl. Maybe if things happened a bit differently, like if the Giants were in it (or the Jets, but that was never a thing) or if the Redskins had beat the Seahawks. (You’re fibbing if you say you don’t like watching RGIII play.) Better yet, if Destiny’s Child was performing at halftime. Wait — that’s happening.

Here are some bowl-related things that I find equally if not more exciting than the 2013 Super Bowl.

Bowl Cuts — Nothing is better than sitting right behind someone in one of your classes who has a wicked bowl cut — actually, there is literally nothing more distracting. How does it just stay so perfectly in that shape? How do you ever stop touching your hair if you have one? What does it look like after you take a shower?

Bowling for Soup — Not sure what it means to bowl for soup, but “1985” and “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” — gems. What if BFS performed at the Superbowl? WITH DESTINY’S CHILD. No. Got ahead of myself. But really, Bowling for Soup > Ray Lewis. (Brief interjection from Lindsay Lee: I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY.) (Brief interjection from KP Pielmeier: CAN  I GET AN AMEN?!)

Bowling Birthday Parties — No one does this anymore. Why not? I did this in middle school and it was a raging success. The invitations were shaped like bowling pins and we ate crappy pizza and store-bought cake until we felt sick and then went to the arcade and I bought a harmonica with the tickets I won. When did this become uncool?

Fish Bowls — My roommate and I had a Chinese fighting fish in the fall. The little guy passed away in November (really traumatic day) but we had a nice run with Arthur. He brought a lust for life into Village A that was unlike anything you’ve ever seen — so young, wild and free.

Pasta Bread Bowl – As advertised, it’s “so good you’ll devour the bowl.” Maybe you can eat a Pasta Bread Bowl while you watch the Super Bowl this year. $5.99, just sayin’.

Photo: Invitation Consultation, So Good Blog, IGN, SportsCity

4E Flix: The League and MK & A

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.08.23 PM

Add/Drop is over, you’re stuck in your classes, and it’s now that time to catch up on the reading that you ignored for the past two weeks. On that note, here are some TV shows and movies on Netflix that will facilitate your inevitable procrastination. We’re just looking out for you here at the Fourth Edition.

The League


This is on my personal list of shows to start watching. It seemed like a big hit over winter break, but in case you also missed it, Netflix has four seasons ready to watch on Instant! The League is a sitcom on FX that follows the lives of six members of a fantasy football league through their inappropriate and hilarious shenanigans. As a die-hard New York sports fan I’d be kicked out of my family for saying this, but RGIII makes a special appearance in one of the episodes and, as a closeted fan of his, I’m eager to watch that episode. Plus Nick Kroll (Ruxin) is a fellow Hoya, so there’s love there.

MK & A


If you or your family gets Netflix DVDs delivered to your house (not on Netflix Instant), I have some of the best news in the world: Netflix now has all the old MK & A videos — Getting There, Billboard Dad, It Takes Two – the list goes on and I am just too excited about it. They’re all on there. So is “Full House.” The look of my queue just changed with the addition of fourteen Mary Kate and Ashley movies. They’re sandwiched in between A Beautiful Mind and Finding Nemo.


Photo: Netflix, Crushable

4E Flix is a weekly post designed to help the average Netflixer with nothing new to watch. The Fourth Edition is not affiliated with Netflix in any way.


Sick of Rhino? Go Do Something Different.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 8.54.16 PM

That’s right. Do you know how much goes on in this crazy city? Below are some happenings around D.C. that you just might not have known about — hey, neither did I until I took the time to look it up for you!

Kennedy Center

Louis C.K. – February 1st The crude and very hilarious comedian takes the stage at Kennedy Center. Check out Louie and his standup on Netflix to see him in action. More information here

National Ballet of Canada – January 18th to 27th A nice and classy change of pace! More information here 

9:30 Club

Rufus Wainwright – February 12th The guy puts on a really awesome and really weird show. When I saw him in New York, he came out in a black cape, performed, and then walked off. End of show. Lots of candles everywhere. It was cool. Find more information here

The Dropkick Murphys – March 10th You don’t even have to ship up to Boston to see them: Just get on the Metro. Find more information here

Black Cat

The Growlers – January 22nd Cool surf-rock band. They seem a bit crazy so I’d imagine the show would be a fun time. Find more information here

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – February 26th He’s a singer-songwriter that could be cool to check out.  More information here

The Fillmore

Grits and Biscuits – January 18th Literally, no idea what this is, but I dare you to go. So intrigued by the name. Check it out here

Blackberry Smoke – February 8th Country band that has performed with the Zac Brown Band recently, so if you’re into that country twang, maybe you’ll like the very mysterious Blackberry Smoke. More information here


Photo: The New Yorker, The New York Post, Exposay, LosAnjealous

So, You Agree? You Think You’re Really Funny?

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 9.39.02 AMhipsterYou read the title of the post, and now you’re reading this because you do, in fact, think you are really funny. It’s fine. I would have done the same.

We’re all into inclusivity here at the Fourth Edition. This is a blog by students, for students. We want your contributions. Your humor. Your spark. We want you.

So, here’s the idea. Throughout the month of January, we’ll take photo submissions from you to be entered into a photo caption contest. The editors here at the Fourth Edition will pick our favorite photo, and for the month of February, you all will be able to email in caption submissions to [email protected] The funniest five captions will be published with your first name and year for all of the world to see.

As much as using a pre-existing meme or of a baby and a fist is fun, we want to find something Georgetown — someone’s face (as long as you get their permission first … we don’t have an attorney for that kind of stuff), something on campus: You tell us. We will definitely have some fun with it. So scroll through dem iPhones and find us a gem. Soon enough, you can let your imagination run wild and reap the fame of submitting to, and potentially winning, a Fourth Edition contest.

Photo: Georgetown Hipster