Meet the Next Mayor of DC

meetthemayorYesterday Muriel Bowser was elected mayor of Washington, D.C., defeating independents David Catania (SFS ’90, LAW ’94) and Carol Schwartz. Let us introduce her to you.

Bowser is currently a D.C. Councilmember representing Ward 4.

councilShe grew up in D.C. and got her masters in public policy at American University.


Bowser won the Democratic primary over incumbent Vincent Gray in April of this year after announcing her candidacy in March 2013.

Washington D.C. city council member and Democratic mayoral candidate Bowser rallies supporters before voting in WashingtonIn 2011, she was arrested with other councilmembers and Mayor Vincent Gray while protesting after Congress agreed to impose controversial riders on D.C. spending. One stipulation was that D.C. could not spend its own money on abortions for low-income women. That’s pretty badass.


Muriel Bowser was endorsed for mayor by President Barack Obama as well as The Washington Post.


Bowser plans to close D.C. General Homeless shelter and improve upon the “rapid rehousing” strategy to deal with the increasing problem of homelessness in D.C. this winter.


Bowser used the slogan #All8Wards to promote her plan of representing D.C. as one, unified city. That means you! And you! And you!

DC Mayor Primary

Bowser also likes to dance. This is very important to the 4E staff. We’re not about to deal with any “Footloose” nonsense.
Muriel Bowser

Congrats, Muriel Bowser! And Godspeed.

Check out for continued coverage of Bowser’s win.


Info: Washington Post, The Hoya, In The Capital

Uber Delivers Kittens Today

kittensUber is delivering kittens today! Because it’s National Cat Day so naturally a taxi driver should arrive at your doorstep with a kitten and UberKITTENS swag. The kittens are coming to Austin, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco and D.C. (THAT’S US)!

kittens-gifIf you live in any of these cities you can order a kitten between noon and 4 p.m. today and have the little kitty for a 15 minute cuddle and petting session.  You can get your kittens and UberKITTENS swag on-demand for $30 by using promo code KITTENSDC.

Can it get any better? YES! All of the money will be donated to the Washington Humane Society.

Could it get any better? Yes.


All you have to do is ask the shelter representative who will be assisting with handling the kittens about adoption.

Today is a beautiful day ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the cuddles.


Campus Sartorialist: October


Autumnal fashion is great fashion. And Georgetown autumnal fashion is even greater. You guys seriously look flawless all of the time. I’m very jealous of your clothing, very often. So you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice.

The 4E staff was so inspired by your style that we decided to hit the pavement around the John Carroll statue, wait for you beautiful people to walk by and feature your impeccable class on our blog.

First up is Sindhu Darisi (MSB ’15) and her friend who is unfortunately not a Hoya. We had to get a picture of them together. Have you ever seen two people look so cool and coordinated? The sunglasses, the dark color-scheme, the Zara boots. ***Flawless.


Next we met another fabulous pair: Sarah Joseph (NHS ’18) and Rajiah Arbab (COL ’18). We loved Sarah’s boots and Rajiah’s mixed patterns!


On this lovely fall day we also ran into Connor Canning (COL ’16), who wouldn’t take credit for his killer jacket because his sister bought it for him. Gotta love a stylish sister but you were rocking it, Connor.


Recent graduate Tierra Evans (’14) and undergrad Shawnetta Stephens (’15) were just walking around enjoying homecoming weekend and looking super autumnal when we approached them to let them know how good they were looking. Their knit game was on point and we love Tierra’s earrings. Also the guest appearance by Jack on the left was cool. Hey Jack!


This photo of Will Stroup (COL ’17), Michael Hosbein (NHS ’17) and Carter Rise (COL ’17) is super candid (sorry Michael) but we think it’s part of their aesthetic; so casual cool. They’re looking very Georgetown in their polos, zip-up vests and Ray-Bans. Keep it up and keep sipping that Peace Tea.


Anthony Buonomo (COL ’16) and Peter Armstrong (SFS ’15) had just left the costume sale in the Davis Performing Arts Center but they still managed to look suave. We got a hipster Shakespeare vibe from Anthony and a badass Jack-O-Lantern look from Peter. Never stop posing fiercely and popping your puffy collar.




Finally we have Jordan Neman (’16), a Hoya, and all of his fashionable friends (Angie Kang, Steven Neman and Brigitte Neman) who unfortunately don’t even go here and won’t grace us with their style daily. They just look so good together, uk? Also Angie’s hair is purple, so that’s awesome.


Conclusion: You are all beautiful and you’re weirdly good at coordinating outfits with your friends. Can’t wait to feature more of you Hoyas looking lovely together next month.

Huge thanks to blogger Meg Lizza who helped me choose Hoya fashionistas and chase them down. Thanks for making it less aca-awkward.

Mr. Georgetown 2014: Which Contestant Will Receive Your Rose?

Mr. GeorgetownThe Fourth Edition is pleased to present to you, the 2014 Mr. Georgetown Pageant contestants. This year, The Mr. Georgetown Pageant’s theme is The Bachelor. These bachelors are just gems and they are just looking to find love. Who will win your rose?

Jordan D. Blackwell — Mr. BSA


Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
School: College
Major: Psychology and American Musical Culture

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
I love the breadth of events that BSA offers. I can go to a discussion in my sweatpants on Thursday and then dress to the nines for a party on Friday.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
I’d say my best feature is my patience.

What is your weirdest or funniest Georgetown memory?
My weirdest/funniest moment at Georgetown will probably be what transpires on Friday. It’s been crazy at practice these past few weeks. Part of me still can’t believe that we’ll be performing these dances in front of people.

Daniel Corry — Mr. GIVES


Hometown: Wantagh, N.Y.
School: College
Major: Biology of Global Health
Minor: Music

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
One thing that I really love about GIVES is that it helps its members to feel comfortable doing service work that can sometimes be out of the member’s comfort zone. With GIVES, our members have not only performed Random Acts of Kindness, like handing out candy in Lau during midterms. In recent semesters, we have also scheduled service outreach programs, often in conjunction with other service organizations at Georgetown, that have ranged from cleaning up the neighborhood to providing packed lunches to the homeless populations of D.C. Many of these kinds of service projects can be out of the comfort zone of many people, but through GIVES, I and many other members have grown more and more acquainted with this kind of service and cannot speak enough about how worthwhile this kind of service truly is. (Sorry that was really long, I just really like GIVES.)

What’s your most beautiful feature?
I’ve been told I have really nice thighs. #neverskiplegday

What’s your favorite song to sing?
You’ll have to wait for the talent portion of the pageant to find out ;)

Grant Franco — Mr. NSO


Hometown Greenwich, Conn.
School: McDonough School of Business
Major: Accounting, Post-bac Pre-med

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
So I have sooooo much love for NSO I don’t even know where to start. I should start by saying, my experiences as an Orientation Advisor and then as a Captain this past year have been some of the most transformative experiences of my life.

But, what do I love mosssttttt…ugh….Other than the obvi’s: pluralism in action (obvi)/making the best friends ever(obvi)/meeting 500bajillion new amazing people (obvi)/WELCOME SESSION (OBVI)/chilling with uncomfortable new students(the point of the whole thing, obvi)/ KOB dropping Bombs at closing ceremony (obvi)/ finding yourself as a person (true true). But those are easy targets…my truly favorite part of NSO is a lil’ unorthodox. It’s the no sleep lyfe.

NSO has taught me some things about sleep:
1. When I don’t sleep around people who are sleeping, I feel like a weirdo and I am uncomfortable and self-conscious about it.
2. When I don’t sleep and I’m surrounded by people who are also not sleeping, I am definitely still super weird but I’m okay with it because everyone else is being their weird-ass selves too and it’s amazing.
3. Try being tired at Welcome Session…ITS IMPOSSIBLE! HOW ‘BOUT DEM APPLES SLEEP!
4. Also when you sleep for 4 hours a night it makes the days 20 hours long, which makes NSO seem longer than it actually is, which is fine, cause its Never NSOver.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
Ugh, rock hard abs, chizzled jaw line, piercing deep blue/green eyes?

What’s your spirit animal?
Easy. Panda. (Editor’s note: Grant included 2 sweet panda gifs but in order to save space we left them out)

Justin Giorgio — Mr. GUGS


Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
School: College
Major: Government
Minor: Chinese and Economics

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
I think the variety of people we have in GUGS is the best part. People from all over the place, all different majors, all different career paths, but we all love grilling up some meat and having a good time while we do it

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My most beautiful feature is a tough call, I’d have to go with 1: My disproportionately sized mouth or 2: The donk.

If you were a vegetable which one would you be?
According to a quick survey (aka texting two people), I am apparently a broccoli because of my currently poofy hair and generally harmless demeanor.

Jamil Hamilton — Mr. College Democrats


Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
School: College
Major: Government

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
Being in College Dems have me the opportunity to meet some awesome people and I’ve loved going on campaign trips across the country.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
Wow where do I even begin? I would have to say that despite my perfections, my ability to stay humble has always inspired others, so I guess that’s my most beautiful feature.

What is your weirdest or funniest Georgetown memory?
When I was an underclassman, there was a guy who went to parties dressed as captain America. To this day, I’ve always wondered who that kid who was.

Charlie Hernández — Mr. GUMSA


Hometown: Guanajuato, México
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Politics and Security Studies

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
They promised me authentic Mexican tacos and cerveza con limón y sal if I win this contest.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My serratus anterior. It’s a muscle located between the upper abs and lats.

If you win tomorrow, how do you plan to carry out the role of Mr. Georgetown?
I might apply to be a male stripper. But I’ll definitely avoid following in the footsteps of my Miss America counterparts: no hazing allegations or pornography scandals.

Cooper Joy — Mr. Ultimate Frisbee


Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
School: College
Major: Psychology

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
What I love most about Ultimate is the general vibe of the group – we’re a fun-loving, insanely welcoming family. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to be a little crazy/weird. Plus the sport itself is so fun to play!

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My most beautiful feature is probably my eyes (they’re blue and wonderful). I like them a lot and have gotten some compliments on them over the years. Haven’t gotten compliments on much else though….wonder what that means.

What is your favorite Burnett’s flavor?
Grapefruit Burnett’s is the best. Mix it with Fresca. So good. So dangerous.

Richard Jung — Mr. Club Filipino


Hometowns: Seoul and Singapore
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Political Economy

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
There are so many things I love about CF: in fact I love everything about it. But if I had to choose one, it would be described as “tambay,” which means “to hang out” in Tagalog. That essentially describes what CF is about; it is a family-like environment where people can be comfortable, have fun, and consume copious amounts of good food. It is where I truly found my niche.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
People tell me my arms are the best features, but I think my best feature is my shameless willingness to be silly in public with my friends, or for my friends’ entertainment.

What time period do you belong in?
I think I belong to the industrial period, during Marx’s time. I am pretty geeky and discussing economic philosophy with the big names like Marx or Marshall might have been pretty cool. And if I was born at the beginning of industrial revolution, it would have been awesome to learn new technology as they were just coming out! Too nerdy?

Thomas Angelo Lloyd — Mr. GU Pride


Hometown Flushing, Queens, New York City
School School of Foreign Serivce
Major STIA: Security Studies

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
GUPride is one of the most diverse organizations Georgetown, in any way you can imagine. We are a social, advocacy, social justice, political and community group. We also have membership that includes every element of racial, gender, ability, sexual orientation identity that there can possible be.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My judgement

If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far what would the title be?
“I’m Sorry”

Ben Manzione — Mr. GUSA


Hometown: New Rochelle, N.Y.
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Politics

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
Working for the Student Advocacy Office, a major part of the GUSA Executive, has been the most rewarding experience I’ve had at Georgetown. As anybody who has gone through the Conduct process can relate, getting written up can be daunting for all students. Through my work with the office, I’ve been able to have an impact on student life here at Georgetown by working with individual students on their cases as well as on a broader level by working to implement policy changes such as instituting alcohol amnesty for GERMS calls. I love that my work affects Georgetown students of today and tomorrow.

If you were to write a memoir about your life so far, what would it be?
“I’ll Have Another Long Island: The Story of How a Boyzione became a Manzione”

Christopher Pepe — Mr. Superfoodchristopherpepe

Hometown: Essex Fells, N.J.
School: College
Major: Economics, Music

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
Superfood has been my home at Georgetown for the past 4 years. It brings together an awesome group of people, both in terms of talent and personality. Whether we’re creating a new arrangement, or just messing around in practice, it’s always a blast with Superfood.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
The word beautiful has been used to describe my booty shaking abilities

What is your weirdest or funniest Georgetown memory?
Georgetown Day 2014. I got to drunkenly perform with Superfood for a large crowd in a full Scooby Doo costume. A combination of many of my favorite things.

Jimmy Ramirez — Mr. FOCI

jimmyramirezHometown: Antioch, Calif.
School: College
Major: Government, Film and Media Studies, Justice and Peace Studies, Male Pageantry

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
The service we do. We take 54 freshmen into the D.C. community to conduct service and reflect every night. Also, the fact that we are like a social justice bootcamp and discuss structural violence. ~*~*all of the things i love in life~*~*

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My ears. They can predict the weather and hold my glasses up. #practical

If you were to create and teach your own course at Georgetown what would it be?
“Hip Hop from the 2000s” In the course we’d determine how low the Ying Yang twins wanted us to get and what Ciara means when she says ‘Goodies’.

Travis Richardson — Mr. APO


Hometown: Peachtree City, Ga.
School: College
Major: Linguistics
Minor: Catholic Studies

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
I love the feeling of brotherhood, camaraderie, and community that APO fosters. What’s more, we’re the largest community service group on campus, and as such, we have an extensive history of actively engaging the greater DC area. From the homeless to AIDS victims, kids with developmental disabilities and the elderly, APO doesn’t shy away from building relationships with the most vulnerable in our society.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
Since I don’t have an overly strong body image, I’m going to have to say that my most beautiful feature would have to be my sensitivity. I try to be attentive to the needs and struggles of others, and I’m always available to be a shoulder to cry on or a friend to laugh with.

Write a Haiku.
“Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don’t make sense.

Salvador Rosas — Mr. DC Schools Project


Hometown: Salinas/Elk Grove, Calif.
School: College
Major: American Studies

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
I love that I get to meet with the workers on campus as well as families from all over DC and listen to their stories.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My lips.

If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far what would the title be?
The Meatball That Keeps on Rollin’: The Salvador Rosas Story.

Ben Saunders — Mr. Running Club


Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Economics

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
It’s tough to choose just one aspect of GRC, but if I had to I’d say it has to be the people. I was taken under the wing of GRC as a young fledgling frosh, and I’ve developed a lot personally from my relationships with other members, found a great group of guys with whom to keep pursuing my passion and met one of my best friends at Georgetown who also turns out to be an awesome roommate. Great group of kids.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My sensitive side.

Who is the bachelor to beat in this year’s pageant?
Grant Franco, that guy is just DANGEROUSLY charismatic and, on top of that, has quite the smolder.

Albert Scerbo — Mr. Hawaii Club


Hometown: Yardley, Pa.
School: College
Major: Government

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
A lot of people talk about finding homes in the clubs they join, but the Hawaii Club is especially homey.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My most beautiful feature is probably my collection of dad sweaters. I have a lot of really awkward looking dad sweaters which go great with my well-developed collection of dad puns and other dad jokes. Basically my goal in life is to be a cool dad. I’ve been trying to grow the requisite back hair, but it’s not happening as quickly as I’d like.

What is your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is probably Danny DeVito. People are constantly telling me that we look just like each other and also I love SpaceJam.

Dan Silkman — Mr. Relay for Life


Hometown: Greenwich, Conn.
School: College
Major: Government

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
I love the fun, the people and the mission.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My cowlick.

Who is the bachelor to beat in this year’s pageant?
Thomas Lloyd, Mr. GU Pride.

Zachary Singer — Mr. The Hoya


Hometown: Cambridge, Mass.
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Politics

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
It’s Georgetown’s Newspaper of Record — enough said. But honestly it’s a great group of people interested in so many different parts of Georgetown that put out great stories every week.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
I’ve been told I have a really nice butt. And I tend to agree.

What’s your favorite song to sing?
“Only Time” by Enya.

Sumeet Singh — Mr. GU Jawani


Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.
College: McDonough School of Business
Major: Finance, Marketing

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
The family that comes with being on the team and the rush that you get from performing on stage with them.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My luscious locks

If you were to create your own course at Georgetown what would it be?
A case competition class in which students would have to rebrand a local business in the area in teams and pitch the results of their revamped marketing plan. Digital media is a huge passion of mine and I would love to teach students how to take something fun and use it to their business advantage.

Alex Skarzynski — Mr. Senior Class Committee


Hometown: Bethessa, Md.
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Politics, International Security

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
We get to bring the Senior Class together, mostly through keggers in Leo’s

What’s your most beautiful feature?
Easy, my jawline. You could cut diamonds with it.

If you got to be DeGoia for a day what would you do?
First I would find out what’s behind the Russian door, then I would spend the rest of the day pretending to be a ghost and haunting both the 5th floor of Healy and the Tunnels. I would wrap up the day by carving “DeGioia Rules” onto the walls of the Healy Clock tower and culminate in a powerful double fist pump whilst staring into the sunset.

Brian Sullivan — Mr. Outdoor Ed


Hometown: Hingham, Mass.
School: McDonough School of Business
Major: Operations and Information Management and Finance,

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
Outdoor Ed provides opportunities for the entire campus to break off and retreat to the great outdoors! There is no better way of doing this than with extended backpacking trips. You will carry your load, eat the trail spice, crap in the woods and make the best friends of your life!

What’s your most beautiful feature?
I assume you mean physical … There is a chunk missing from my right ear, don’t ask.

If you win tomorrow, how do you plan to carry out the role of Mr. Georgetown?
Honestly, I want to have fun and if I win, the fun won’t stop. It’s time we take a step back and realize college might fly by, but life doesn’t. Our time is not about the grades, the courses, and the parties. It’s about the people we meet, the things we learn about ourselves, and the relationships we take onward. I want to help us remember this … Oh and bring world peace, that always seems to be the right answer to this question.

So, who’s your favorite of the bachelors? Vote in our poll below:

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‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’ Is Back

marcelisbackIt’s true. Our favorite little one-eyed shell is back after almost 2 years. If you don’t know who Marcel the Shell is you must learn now.

Marcel looks like this:

tumblr_nbe7asiWnb1rt4qmeo1_400And says adorable things in his raspy little voice, like this:

“I like myself and I have a lot of other great qualities” and “Guess what I do for adventure? I hang-glide on a Dorito.”

This is his first video:

Marcel was created by Jenny Slate, former “SNL” cast member and star of the new movie, “Obvious Child.” Marcel deals with serious problems like wanting a nickname but knowing that he can’t give himself one, turning pages and sleeping eight to the muffin.

This is his second video: 

In his new video, Marcel gets locked out of the house and has to wait it out in the rain.

And this is his brand new video:

Marcel also has put out a book for all of us to enjoy all of his lovely sayings like “Life’s a party, rock your body.”

For all of us at 4E, I want to thank Marcel for coming back, and not impaling us on a hairbrush and reminding us that we should smile just because it’s worth it.

Your Friend John Mulaney Has a New Show

mulaneyJohn Mulaney, who graduated from the College in 2004, has a self-titled show that is premiering tonight at 9:30 p.m. on Fox. Sure you know that Bill Clinton and Bradley Cooper attended Georgetown, but you’re only a true Hoya if you know this guy, our own lanky little gem.

Prior to working on this show, Mulaney wrote for “Saturday Night Live” where he co-created the character Stefon with actor Bill Hader. Whoa. SPICY. Mulaney also does incredible stand-up. You must see his skit, New in Town. Here’s a short clip of it.

Whenever I watch this clip, I wonder if the perfume story happened somewhere on N Street or in Burleith:

So he’s hysterical and he makes us proud to be Hoyas. And now he has a show called “Mulaney.” The Twitter-verse is chattering, including two former Hoyas. Mike Birbiglia (COL ’00), a big-shot comic in his own right, weighed in:

Nick Kroll (COL ’01), a comedian and actor who wrote for the Chapelle Show, played “the douche” on “Parks and Rec,” Ruxin on “The League,” and created and stars in the “Kroll Show” (along with Mulaney), also chimed in:

We’re glad to see funny Hoyas sticking together and hustling the world for all it’s worth.

If “Mulaney” is anywhere close to being as funny as Stefon or the comedian’s stand up, we’ll all be living the #blessed life. Just make sure to let everyone know that this dude is a Hoya. John Mulaney is the Hoya we all wish we could be. Congrats, you little fat girl.

The New Bloggers Are Here!

new bloggers

Meet the new 4E bloggers because they’re awesome people, you’re about to be reading a lot of their uproarious posts and what else is there to do on a Sunday night?

Michaela Murphy (SFS ’16)michaela

The 5 Most Profound Rap Lyrics of the Ages:

1. “My wrist deserve a shout out I’m like what up wrist” – 2 Chainz, “Fork”
In giving his wrist that simple “what up,” the distinguished lyricist 2 Chainz defies our expectations. He doesn’t aim for classic subtle rap allusion that incorporates ambiguous street terms, but tells it straight, directly addressing his wrist in casual greeting.

2. “Good googly moogly that thang is juicy” – Project Pat, “Good Googly Moogly”
What exactly is juicy? And why googly moogly? What about “Good grief?” or “Good gracious?” By using “googly moogly”, perhaps Pat is implying more than we can ever know. The genius is that Project Pat will always keep us wondering.

3. “Iced out ring, iced out chain, Ellen DeGeneres, you’re so generous” – Lil B, “Ellen DeGeneres”
Playing off of DeGeneres with “generous?” Brilliant. Did Ellen give Lil B the iced out chain? Is that why she’s generous? We can only hope so.

4. “Hologram on my hand gave me a tanned wrist / Diamonds dancing on my fist look like a blank disc / Teriyaki suit with the lemon Fanta / Heavyweight, heartburn, My lanta” –Riff Raff, “Cuz My Gear”
Not much one can say here.

5. “This one’s a beast, but way too wonderful to be compared to an animal, she’s like what I’m sippin’ on … Shirley temple on ice” — Akon, “Day Dreaming”
A great qualifying phrase. Props to Akon for clarifying that he wasn’t trying to be degrading.

Sara Carioscia (COL ’17)


The average Georgetown student’s spirit animal is Jennifer Lawrence.

Like Georgetown students, Jennifer Lawrence is very capable of excelling in trying circumstances (maintaining composure alongside Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook could not have been easy). JLaw constantly defends her beliefs, which is a main tenet of Georgetown life. She once said it should be illegal for someone to be called “fat” on television. Similarly, Georgetown students constantly fight for understanding and cohesion on campus.

JLaw is seemingly perfect, but exceptionally self-deprecating (recall interviews in which she has revealed personal details or opinions of herself, such as the asymmetry of her breasts and her self-classification as an “obese actress.”) The typical Georgetown student acts similarly. I constantly hear kids say, “I’m not a great writer,” “Math isn’t my strong subject,” “This isn’t my best work,” etc. Meanwhile they won a statewide essay contest, scored 780 on the Math SAT and are about to graduate magna cum laude.

Catherine McNally (NHS ’17)


The Top 5 Party Picture Poses (and what they say about you):

1. The Skinny Arm
You may be in a sorority or you may not, but one thing is clear: you want to look good. Even when you’re posing in the middle of a Village B apartment filled wall-to-wall with people you don’t know, your main concern will always be embracing your inner Sasha Fierce.

2. The Sun out, Tongue out
You like to party and you want everyone to know just how rowdy you can get. The sun doesn’t even have to be out to warrant this pose because you really are that much of a party animal (but hey, I needed to make it sound catchy).

3. The Casual Peace Sign
This pose could really be interpreted in a variety of ways. For example, you could be a tween girl anxiously waiting outside of a Justin Bieber concert or you could just be throwing it up in ironic reverence of your Myspace days. In either case, you do you.

4. The Number 1
This one is pretty self-explanatory, you’re number one and you know it. Now what you did to earn this ranking, no one quite knows. But that doesn’t matter to you, so keep on throwing up that index finger.

5. The Power Point
You’re the Big Man on Campus and you want everyone to know it. This pose is sort of complementary to the “Skinny Arm” and is oftentimes the go-to pose for true bros.

Elizabeth Harvey (COL ’17)


5 Best Songs to Blast in the Shower

1. “She Will Be Loved” – Maroon 5
I’m not sure what I love most about this song – Adam Levine’s semi-feminine voice, the beautiful lyrics, or its ability to somehow convince you that you’re an amazing singer. You’re not.

2. “Irreplaceable” – Beyoncé
This is an anthem – and it’s only complete if you add some sassy finger-pointing and shampoo bottle-brandishing. “Single Ladies” or “Drunk In Love” are also viable options.

3. “The Middle” – Jimmy Eat World
Warning: Excessive rowdy jumping as induced by this song can lead to serious injury. Proceed with caution.

4. “Complicated” – Avril Lavigne
Let the mascara run down your cheeks, ‘cause this shower just reached a whole new level of angst.

5. “The Scientist” – Coldplay
Feel free to cry – no one can tell through the steam.

Honorable Mention: “Piano Man” – Billy Joel

cristinaserraCristina Serra (SFS ’17)

Top 5 Responses to “I’m from Guatemala.”

1. My gardener (nanny/maid/butler) is from there!

2. I love Mexico!

3. I don’t get how you can be born in Guantanamo Bay. Isn’t that illegal or something?

4. Wow, I’d love to live on an island. So breezy.

5. Is that divided in tribes? Or, like, chiefdoms?

Meg Lizza (COL ’17)


The hyena is the spirit animal of Georgetown

Blatantly underrated in the animal kingdom, yet a complicated and highly intelligent creature, the hyena is most definitely the spirit animal of Georgetown. Sorry Jack, but the hyena embodies the competitive and clever nature that most Hoyas have. Although they are very hard workers, hyenas usually scavenge off other animals in order to survive. Like hyenas, most Georgetown students could not have gotten to where they are now without leaning on their parents and other support systems. Thank you, mom and dad, I am forever grateful. Hyenas also have extremely evolved and diverse social groups. Unsurprisingly, Georgetown offers an array of social groups that are all complex and unique in their own way. Hyenas are very familial, in that they are prideful and loyal to their group. At Georgetown, we are all about that Hoya Saxa, “It’s been so long since last we met”, bleeding Hoya blue spirit. Next time you think hyenas are a competitive herd of scavengers, think again, because there is more to them than meets the eye … and you’re basically one of them.

Photo: 4E’s stellar stalker team

Rent the Runway Is Coming!

renttherunwayLadies of Georgetown, get ready for a game changer. There is no reason to starve yourself into that mistake of a prom dress just so you can go to Georgetown’s next formal event.

Rent the Runway is set to open a shop in Georgetown, in Cady’s Alley right off of M Street in November. If you don’t know, now you know that Rent the Runway is a website that rents out designer dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, and accessories for super reduced prices. Now they’re opening up stores so you can try on the pieces before committing to anything. As a girl who’s had an account for a few years and racked up a total of 195 “likes” or “hearts” but has never actually rented anything, I could really use the assurance of knowing that I’ll love my first rental.

The store will allow both appointments and walk-ins. An appointment, which costs $25, provides the help of a stylist. But … you’re a Hoya, so you should really be your own stylist, or just bring your fashionable friend.

Just to give you a flavor of the options available to you here are some dresses you could rent for these Hoya Holidays:

Corp Gala

I had serious FOMO this night. The ladies were looking fabo and the fellas were looking fine. The venue is always AMAZING too.

National Bologna Day, October 24

The soonest and most important of the upcoming Hoya holidays. Celebrate it by emulating your favorite sandwich meat.



Look you’re a garden! Or a fairy princess! You’re the most ethereal girl in brown house!

But if you must be a sexy kitten, then you’ve got options too. Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.23.44 PM


That NHS formal/club sports formal thing you’re bound to go to

You WILL end up going to one.


Dip ball

Impress diplomats and the like with your color-blocking abilities. “No I don’t know anything about…”

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.27.07 PM


Who’s the foxiest lady in the field? And where are all the horses?


The cheapest dresses offered online are $40. Create a free account and browse away. When the store opens, you may want to try to reserve a dress a few weeks before any major Georgetown holiday (Bologna Day for sure) because I assume a lot of lady Hoyas will be eyeing the same dress as you.

H/T Washington PostWashington Business Journal


The Heal Can’t Stop and It Won’t Stop

can'tstopBREAKING NEWS: The Healey Family Student Center has officially opened its Outdoor Terrace. Oh you’ve already studied for Patho on it? You have no idea.


The Healey Family Student Center now has a deck called the Bulldog Terrace with a barbecue and a chef to cook for you. I knew I came to Georgetown for a reason.

Here is their menu:

Hoya Burger Caramelized onion, choice of pepper jack, cheddar or American cheese $8.50

Vegetarian Burger with lettuce and tomato on brioche roll $5.50

Local Sausage and Peppers Nick’s of Clinton local sausage with whole grain mustard $6.50

Kettle Chips $1.50

Hummus with Pita Chips $4.50

Green Olive Tapenade with Pita Chips $4.50

Tomato and Basil Bruschetta with Croutes $3.50

Cookies $2.00

Brownies $2.50

Bottled Water $1.00

Bottled Soda $1.50

Here are their hours (during construction):

Thursday through Saturday

4pm– 10pm

Here is the food I bought:

patio1 patio4

Here is what I did after seeing the food:


Here is my current snap story:


Here is the text my friend sent me after leaving:


The weird sniffs are worth it. The one catch is you have to pay with cash. But they’ll serve you inside the Heal if you don’t want to let go of your coveted booth! Oh HFSC you know us too well.

Peace. Love. Terraces.


The HFSC Is Here and It’s Beauteous

hfsc hyfr
Damn, guys, damn. Prospective student tours are about to change drastically. The Healey Family Student Center is officially the most beautiful building on campus. And yes, I’m aware of the gravity of that statement.

I didn’t make it to the opening event, even though there was free food. Shocking, I know. I also didn’t make it to the inaugural glow in the dark party on Saturday night, but I heard it was popping. More popping then Club Lau, which was definitely popping.

Almost every person who walks inside the HFSC lets out an audible gasp and an “OMG”. Walking through the doors is like walking into a “Star Wars” movie. Or any movie in space, or the future.

Past the doors, you’re ushered through a huge circular sculpture/sitting area and all of a sudden there’s FIRE! FIRE ALL AROUND! The HFSC’s fire is the most classy fire I have ever seen. It’s so sleek.

Then you’re faced with the mystic beauty that is the Potomac and Rosslyn.

To the right there’s seating and to the left there’s seating. And everything is so clean!

Then, there are those weird vending machines upstairs, near the beautifully lit dance studios with ample supplies of Ocean Mist Bath Bars, and black pantyhose — you know, the essentials.

There are THE most beautiful group study rooms with huge numbers on the doors, so meeting people is super easy.

There are music practice rooms and ivy-covered indoor walls galore, but let’s be honest, the most important room in the house is the bathroom.

The HFSC’s bathrooms smell like vacation bathrooms do. They’re white and airy and the perfect place to find peace when procrastinating in the most desperate way possible. The mirror was absolutely made with mirror selfies in mind. It’s ginormous and so glam. Try to take an unflattering pic in that bathroom. I dare you.

There’s also an outdoor deck, which is still being finished, but it looks beauteous so far. You could bring a date there and it wouldn’t even be that weird. Romantic.

The pub, which is to be called Bulldog Tavern, and Hilltoss aren’t done yet, but they will definitely be super chic too.

All in all, the HSFC is the place to be and if you haven’t gotten over there to explore yet, you must. God Bless the Healey Family and their devotion to creating centers for students.

All we need is a better nickname for the place. Sources says “the Heal” is being circulated around campus and we approve. Let us know if you have any other ideas.

Photo: Josh Gordon/The Hoya