A Closer Look at Hoya Court’s Artwork

Have you ever noticed this piece of art in Hoya Court?

Maybe its the fluorescent lights, or the glow of the Pizza Hut sign, or the leftover crumbs on all of the tables that have distracted me for the past year and two months, but I’d never noticed the art in here before tonight. As I got up for a 2 a.m. walk around, a break from drawing in the margins of my textbook, I noticed this piece of art.

I’m all for artists having freedom of expression and doing their thing. Art is cool. I just think it was an interesting choice that in the food court, they chose to put a piece that features cows on a conveyor belt. Look closely. Do you see them?

It is a legitimate conveyor belt, and the end result seems to be some sort of Mexican cuisine. What? Are you trying to show me how my chicken quesadillas start and end? That’s sad. I’d rather live in blissful ignorance of that. Is that so wrong? What is this social commentary on meat production in America doing in Hoya Court?! Does no one see this as a direct jab at KFC? Subway? Taco Bell?

Just thought I’d give my two cents.

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