A New Year of Blogging Begins

Classes started yesterday. Welcome Week festivities are in full swing. And, even though its never NSOver, it’s also unfortunately no longer socially acceptable to walk around wearing name tags. Even though its only syllabus week, the spectre of real work looms right around the corner. You’re probably feeling like this right about now.

Still, for this blogger, it feels good to be back. I love seeing those random people that you always walk past and yet never talk to or find out their name. I love late night chats with random people in Lau. I love how excited we all get about finding freshmen to join our clubs. (Speaking of which, stop by The Hoya‘s table at the Student Activities Fair and join our happy blog team.)

Though all of those things won’t changes, there are some changes that accompany every new school year. Leo’s inevitable changes everything, thoroughly confusing all returning students for a couple weeks (and also replacing make-your-own pizza with a bamboo vegetable steamer.) Regents Hall officially opened, replacing what had been a black hole of construction with a new gleaming beacon of our commitment to learning and inquiry (except that it’s way prettier than Lau during the snowpocalypse.) We also have a nifty new e-mail system and no more required party registration.

And so, after an August hiatus, us here at 4E are back and better than ever for our first full school year in operation. Keep reading for more behind-the-scenes posts, photo galleries, videos and commentary for all of the goings on here at Georgetown.

Photo Credit: Leonel De Velez/The Hoya

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