4E Flix: The League and MK & A

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Add/Drop is over, you’re stuck in your classes, and it’s now that time to catch up on the reading that you ignored for the past two weeks. On that note, here are some TV shows and movies on Netflix that will facilitate your inevitable procrastination. We’re just looking out for you here at the Fourth Edition.

The League


This is on my personal list of shows to start watching. It seemed like a big hit over winter break, but in case you also missed it, Netflix has four seasons ready to watch on Instant! The League is a sitcom on FX that follows the lives of six members of a fantasy football league through their inappropriate and hilarious shenanigans. As a die-hard New York sports fan I’d be kicked out of my family for saying this, but RGIII makes a special appearance in one of the episodes and, as a closeted fan of his, I’m eager to watch that episode. Plus Nick Kroll (Ruxin) is a fellow Hoya, so there’s love there.

MK & A


If you or your family gets Netflix DVDs delivered to your house (not on Netflix Instant), I have some of the best news in the world: Netflix now has all the old MK & A videos — Getting There, Billboard Dad, It Takes Two – the list goes on and I am just too excited about it. They’re all on there. So is “Full House.” The look of my queue just changed with the addition of fourteen Mary Kate and Ashley movies. They’re sandwiched in between A Beautiful Mind and Finding Nemo.


Photo: Netflix, Crushable

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