Casual Thursdays: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Casual Thursdays 3.1

Dear friends and classmates, neighbors and Leo’s diners,

Today we stand on the eve Spring Break; a week dedicated to the highest pursuits of undergraduate debauchery and a time idealized by generations of pale, overworked and eternally thirsty college students. Today we take a moment to honor and remember than man who is spring break incarnate, an Admiral without whom we would be awash in a sea of clear liquors and cheap beer, that is, The Honorable Captain Morgan.

The Morgan we hold in our hearts today was once a real man, prowling the Caribbean as a privateer in search of Spanish booty, or in other words, taking the ultimate Spring Break. In fact, he was one of the most successful pirates in history, ranking number 9 on the Forbes Top-Earning Pirates List (yes that’s a real thing), all the while never losing sight of the important things in Caribbean life, ie, a large glass of rum punch every couple hours.

Today we raise our glasses to you, Sir Henry Morgan, as a shining example of the pirate/spring break lifestyle (basically one in the same, right?) and as the father of mixing rum with any available liquids and calling it a cocktail.

Drink Up Me Hearties,


Rum Punch easy enough for a drunk sailor with scurvy to whip up

  • 10 oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • 6 oz pineapple juice
  • 6 oz orange juice
  • 6 oz cranberry juice
  • Splash of Fresca/Sprite
  1. Pour it all in a pitcher
  2. Add some ice
  3. Get pumped for Spring Break. Serves 6.

The Thirds Man

Pirates liked dice. Pirates liked drinking. Pirates probably liked dice and drinking together. So will you.

What you need

-Two dice, friends, a-a-a-a-a-alcoholic beverages (duh).

What you do

-Everyone stands in a circle and takes turn rolling a die until someone rolls a three. That person becomes the Thirds Man (or Woman).

-The game proceeds by going around the circle and having each player roll both dice. The meanings of the rolls are as follows (add both numbers showing to get the count):

  •  3: The Thirds man drinks. If the Third man rolls this then he may pass the title to a person of his choosing (who then keeps it until they roll a 3)
  • 7: Person to the right of roller drinks
  • 8: Roller picks a “mate,” this person drinks along with the roller
  • 9: Person to the left of the roller drinks
  • 10: Social…everyone drinks
  • Doubles: The roller gets to pass the dice to the person of their choosing. The recipient gets ONE chance to roll doubles. If they don’t, they must take a shot. If they succeed, they pass the dice on to whomever they choose and the process continues.

Whenever someone finishes their drink, the first person to yell “But why is the rum gone?!” (Jack Sparrow accent, please.) becomes the Captain and can make the entire group complete the drinking task of their choosing (take a shot, chug a beer, mix in a water)

Drink Responsibly—Captain’s Orders!


The Best and Worst of Your Good Friend, Burnett’s

Georgetown BurnettsOur sweet love, Burnett’s. You’re there for the best of times. You’re there for the worst of times. You’re there for, and usually the cause of, the best of times that turn into the worst of times. For some strange reason (read: because of your low price), Hoyas love you. As the apt Marlene Cox and Lindsay Lee once commented, “Georgetown seems to be sponsored by Patagonia but powered by Burnett’s.” You are the wind beneath our wings, the source of all our stumbles– no. Burnett’s, you are our everything

Oh, who are we kidding? Most of your drinks taste like a mix of turpentine and gasoline. And quite frankly, that’s a lot of bad drinks: including plain vodka, you currently have 30 flavors of vodka beverages on the market. The majority of these are sub-par! We aren’t sure if some of them are really even vodka. Sometimes we don’t know whether to drink them or to do acid-base testing with them. But that’s why we’re here. We at The Fourth Edition have compiled a “Rookie’s Guide to Burnett’s.” We’ll tell you which flavors to buy, which flavors to never lay eyes on, and how to make the best Burnett’s beverages. (Just remember, you are working with Burnett’s… don’t expect any miracles.)

The “Best” 

1. Citrus – According to the Most Interesting Man in the World, “Normally I’d never touch a bottle of Burnett’s, but when I do, I drink Burnett’s Citrus.” If you want the most versatile Burnett’s flavor and the most bang for your buck, go for the citrus. Add it to lemonade, add it to orange juice or add it to iced tea. But for the classiest citrus beverage in town, try the Citrus Cooler. Add 1.5 oz (a shot) of Burnett’s Citrus with equal parts lemonade, cranberry juice, and club soda. Want to take it to another level? Garnish with a lemon wedge. It’s so tasty you’ll almost think you’re drinking Smirnoff.

2. Lime – Burnett’s Lime is a close second to it’s cousin, the aforementioned Citrus. Lime is actually almost as flexible as Citrus. In fact, we’d put it at number one, but Citrus sounds classier than Lime and we had to make a judgment somehow. Our favorite use of Burnett’s Lime is a secret recipe that we 4E-ers call the Fruit Fuzion. Take 1.5 oz of Burnett’s Lime and add equal parts of Strawberry Melon Fuze and sparkling limeade. So yummy, it’s practically sub-lime. (Get it? Lime?!) Note: please do not confuse this with Burnett’s Limeade. Yes. Burnett’s does make both. And yes, we think it’s stupid, too.

3. Pear – We know. Game changer. You thought we would go for Raspberry. At first, we thought we would too. But there’s just something about Burnett’s pear– dare we say a freshness?– that makes it so irresistible. We just love our PearBerry coolers: Add 1.5 oz of Burnett’s Pear to equal parts cranberry-raspberry juice and club soda. It’s fruity. It’s fresh. It’s fun. It will probably make you black out, so be careful.

The Worst

1. Maple Syrup – Yes, Burnett’s makes a vodka that is flavored like Maple Syrup. No, you should never drink it. It is inexcusable. It is wrong. It is wretched. Don’t even look at it. If you need maple syrup that desperately, go to Vermont or Canada or something. Just whatever you do, don’t buy this liquor. EVER.

2. Grape – Don’t do it. If you haven’t already guessed, it doesn’t taste like grapes. It tastes like cough medicine gone bad. It tastes like the devil. It tastes like stale purple drank, just without the hallucinogenic effects. According to every Jesuit on Georgetown’s campus, “Burnett’s Grape is a sin and, if you drink it, God will spite you.” Don’t mess with God. Don’t drink Burnett’s Grape.

3. Hot Cinnamon – Ew. Just chew some Big Red gum instead. Your mouth will already be burning from the poor quality Burnett’s alcohol, so why would you want to intensify that burning with cinnamon? Remember that old Apple Jacks commercial where it would say “Cinnamon is dee winna, ‘mon”? Cinnamon is not dee winna, ‘mon. It is the loser. And you will be the loser, too. This may be a highly contended choice for “The Worst”, because some people just love this stuff, but I call the shots here (Get it? Shots?).

Stay responsible, Hoyas.

Photo edit: Lindsay Lee/The Hoya

Simply Science: Cocaine-Cola

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 12.24.09 AM

Soda. Some of you have given it up for lent, some of you have given it up for life. But to me, there’s nothing like an ice-cold Coca-Cola. Speaking of Coca-Cola, ever hear of the unequivocally idiotic myth of cocaine once existing in Coca-Cola? Well, lately I’ve discovered that its idiocy is not so unequivocal (smooth segue, I know).

In fact, before Coca-Cola was Coca-Cola it was Pemberton’s French Wine Coca. Yes, that’s right, it was a combination of alcohol and cocaine that promised to be a “most wonderful invigorator of sexual organs” (and you thought Four-Loko was extreme…).  It was marketed as a panacea—just in case, here’s the definition. The good folks down in Georgia, though, had the good sense to ban it. No, not because of its concentration of the now illegal class-A drug, but because of the alcohol. An early local prohibition marked the end of the Wine Coca era in Georgia. Try to find that kind of info in a textbook.

The Company replaced the alcohol with sugar syrup in 1903 and bada-bing, bada-boom, you have today’s drink. “But wait, 4E, what about coca-cola-ad-1886the ecgonine alkaloid in the coca plant?” (a.k.a “Are we still drinking cocaine?”). Rest assured, we are no longer drinking cocaine. If we were, Pepsi would be out of business. In the magical land of the New Jersey industrial landscape, there exists a chemical processing facility that extracts all of these psychoactive elements of the coca plant.  So yeah, our favorite soft drink has coca plant in it, but no more gutter glitter.

“But why, 4E, why did they ever decide to remove the ecgonine alkaloid (sometimes referred to as Merchandise No. 5) from Coke so early?” Well, indeed, cocaine did remain legal until 1914 (11 years after the change). Apparently the hypersexual side-effects of the cocaine produced a marked increase in interracial rape, which was something the racist (and, it goes without saying, anti-rape) turn-of-the-century society would not tolerate.

We find that one of today’s most beloved beverages is actually primarily a result of a localized prohibition and overpowering social pressures. Coca-cola has more history than we sometimes realize. Next time you’re poppin’ open a bottle of the caramel-colored sugary refreshment, think about it.

*Disclaimer: Just because Coke no longer contains Lady Snow does not mean it cannot be addictive.


*Simply Science is a reoccurring post that aims to make recent scientific discoveries accessible and applicable to the Georgetown student.



There are some pretty interesting Twitter accounts out there (cough @PizzaAtLeos cough), and in the light of Otto Porter’s recent success, another has arisen.

Say hello to @OttoPorterFacts.

This Twitter is devoted to praising all things Otto (and there are many things to praise in these exciting times for GU basketball) and is sure to be the next big Georgetown Twitter fad.

Here are some of our favorites, just to give you a sneak peek. Be sure to check it out, especially with Rutgers on Saturday and Syracuse on the 9th! (YOU’D BETTER BE BACK FROM HOME/VACATION FOR THAT GAME).

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.41.24 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.41.09 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.40.53 PM

And my personal favorite:

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.15.15 PM

Photo: The Daily Orange

Staffers of the Week: Annie Chen, Emma Hinchliffe

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 11.55.31 AM

Once a week, The Hoya recognizes a staffer that has done a particularly awesome job – now you can get to know about them too. As part of our Leavey 421 series, we’ll be posting quick interviews with each Staffer of the Week!

This week, two staffers went above and beyond the call of duty to obtain the glorious Staffer of the Week title (and the even more coveted Fourth Edition interview). Read what they had to say here:

Names Annie Chen//Emma Hinchliffe
Positions on The Hoya Staff Writer and News Assistant//Campus News Editor
Schools SFS//College
Years 2015//2015
Majors International Political Economy//Government
Hometowns Taichung, Taiwan (where majority of Life of Pi was filmed, hooray!)//Glen Ridge, NJ


What did you do to earn Staffer of the Week?
Annie: I’m not entirely sure … I missed the staff meeting – I know, right?! The one meeting I don’t go to … But I suspect that maybe because I went to all the GUSA election information sessions, debates, town halls and spent like 1,000,000 hours talking and stalking the candidates for the past two weeks. Also I’ve stuck with the GUSA beat for almost a year and a half (It could be a record).
Emma: I put together our coverage of the GUSA campaigns, elections and craziness for the past couple weeks.
What’s your favorite part about working for The Hoya?
Annie: Assassin season, for real. (Writer’s Note: during the spring semester, The Hoya Office engages in a bitter war of Assassins. Hoya staffers receive hit lists and must eliminate their “targets” with squirt guns, all while watching their backs and not getting hit themselves. Personally, I am still angry at my editor, Lindsay Lee, for killing me on Lau 2 last week.) (Editor’s note: GET OVER IT, KP.) My first target last year was Connor (as in, Connor Gregoire, former Editor-in-Chief) and I will never forget his expression when I splashed him. I had never talked to him or met him before then, so his face was full of disbelief and confusion. He tried so hard to act like it was no big deal and congratulated me and shook my hand and said “Nice to meet you.”  It just shows how awesome people who work for The Hoya are. But on a more serious note, my favorite part is writing campus news, being able to meet different students that I wouldn’t have otherwise met and learning about stuff students are doing to shape Georgetown in so many exciting ways.
Emma: When Braden (Executive Editor) orders a dozen Wisey’s cookies for delivery (but not when they’re oatmeal raisin).


If you had to pie someone in the face in the office, who would it be and why?
Annie: Braden, because I love how he always pronounces my name as “AHHH-nnie.” for no reason. But I always feel secretly bubbly and happy when I hear it (will Braden think I’m weird if he reads this?), so I think I’ll pie him with a sweet sugary strawberry flavored pie to express my secret crush for the way he calls my name.
Emma: Danny Funt (Editor-in-Chief), obviously. I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000.


What is your weird hidden quirky talent?
Annie: I can eat/have eaten the Chicken Caesar Salad from Grab ‘N Go for a straight five days for both lunch and dinner.
Emma: I’m really good at sleeping. It’s a special skill.


If you could name a beverage after yourself, what would it be called and what would it taste like?
Annie: Wait, I don’t get it. If it’s named after myself wouldn’t it just be called Annie? Why do I need to make it a name again? I guess it’ll be pretty tasteless in the beginning, because I’m really a boring and awkward person when I’m with people I don’t know well. But maybe bittersweet and sour if you care to take a few more sips because I can get really mean/sassy once I get to know people. (Note: I’m actually afraid to try this drink.)
Emma: Emmalasting Gobstopper and it tastes like rainbows and sunshine.


4E Flix: Love the Way You Lie

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.04.57 PM

At this point, spring break is unbearably close. Despite break being just two days away, this “home stretch” seems like an eternity with all of the midterms and papers crammed in between now and Friday afternoon. I’m officially ready for a break (if the Rihanna reference in the title wasn’t enough of an indication), and I have a feeling most of you feel the same way. So, whether you’re having trouble focusing on your philosophy paper for more than five minutes, or you’re just going to need something to do while spending spring break in the frozen tundras of New England, here are some great options on Netflix Instant Watch for your procrastination/enjoyment.

Lie To Me


While this crime drama didn’t last very long, and certainly requires you to pay a little bit of attention (still easier than philosophy), it was a unique and entertaining twist on a very old concept.  Dr. Cal Lightman is an expert psychologist specialized in reading facial expressions and body language, and he sets out with his team to aid local/federal police forces in solving crimes ranging from CSI level murders to SAT cheating scandals. While it certainly has the feel of other police dramas, the way that Lightman solves his crimes is extremely unique, and it keeps every episode fresh and different. If you’re interested in watching a doctor read a suspect like you should be reading Descartes, this is the show for you.


For Love of the Game


Well, as I made very clear in last week’s Casual Thursday post, I’m extremely excited for spring because it means the start of baseball. There is no better way to get ready for the season than to watch a classic baseball movie. For Love of the Game is the story of Billy Chapel, a Tigers pitcher on the verge of retirement, looking for one last moment of glory before he rides off into the sunset. Despite potentially pitching in his last game ever, all Chapel can focus on is the love of his life, the one that he left behind in order to continue playing.  The movie flashes between the game and memories of his one time relationship, and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a total sucker for this sappy baseball love story. I won’t give anything away, but I highly recommend watching this one all the way through, seeing as I think I still get goosebumps every time I watch the ending.

Hopefully these recommendations help you grind your way through the last few days before the break, and that you all enjoy the sun (or snow/sleet/rain…) during your week off.

Photo: IMDb

4E Flix is a weekly post designed to help the Netflixer with nothing new to watch. The Fourth Edition is not affiliated with Netflix in any way.

DCTC: Dulles International Airport


Earlier today, we showed you how to get to Union Station and Reagan National Airport in preparation for spring break at the end of this week!

By popular demand, here is a guide to getting to Dulles International Airport as well!

Route 1 Take/book a SuperShuttle! SuperShuttle is a shared van-ride system that can take you from the front gates right to Dulles. You need to make an online reservation to get one!

Cost: The fare is around $29 to Georgetown main campus for the first passenger in your group and $8 for each additional passenger (up to 5 passengers), excluding tip (check their website for price updates).

Route 2 MetroBus 5A is an express bus going from Rosslyn Metro Station to Dulles. You can take the GUTS bus from the McDonough parking lot to the Rosslyn Metro and take the 5A to the airport.

Cost:  The GUTS bus is free, the fare for this MetroBus is $3.

Route 3 A good ol’ taxicab. And to quote the helpful advice of Matt Caulfield from his article directing you to Reagan, “Hint: Sometimes even if you have a small or manageable bag, the drivers will insist on picking it up for you to put it in their trunk. BEWARE that some services add a bag-handling fee to your fare.”

Cost: It’s about a $60 cab ride (sadly) so grab one or two friends to make it more manageable! 

DCTC: Reagan Airport and Union Station

union station reagan national dctc

Going home for spring break? Not sure how exactly you can get home for spring break? Well, may your fears be quelled, for we at 4E are here to help. Welcome to the DC Travel Companion. Read up on how you can get to Reagan National or Union Station.

To Reagan National Airport [DCA] 

Fun fact — It’s technically located in Arlington, VA. Just a few of the airlines servicing DCA include AirTran, American Airlines, Delta, jetBlue, Southwest, US Air and United Airlines.

Route 1 Take the GUTS Bus (here’s the schedule) to Rosslyn, and take the Metro Blue Line straight to Reagan.

Cost: $2.30 (Peak), $1.85 (Off-Peak)  [Check here for metro peak/off-peak hours].

Route 2 Go with the old fashioned cab. This can be more convenient if you’re one of those people that packs a month’s worth of clothes for a week and you don’t want to deal with moving so much baggage around on the bus and metro. Hint: Sometimes even if you have a small or manageable bag, the drivers will insist on picking it up for you to put it in their trunk. BEWARE that some services add a bag-handling fee to your fare.

Cost: According to TaxiFareFinder, it would cost ~$20.70 (or $23.83 with 15% tip) from the front gates.

**Remember to check baggage limits with your airlines, and also to review TSA travel guidelines and prohibited items. Also be sure to remember that you can’t carry on ice picks. I’ve had at least 3 confiscated…


To Union Station

First of all, it’s a pretty cool building if you haven’t seen it. You might consider taking one of these routes even if you aren’t heading home this weekend. This hub for travelers boasts an extensive array of dining options (sounds like something Leo’s would say…) featuring anywhere from Italian to French to Ben & Jerry’s cuisine.

Route 1 Take the GUTS Bus to Dupont (here’s the schedule) and then take the Metro Red Line straight to Union Station.

Cost: $2.10 (Peak), $1.70 (Off-Peak) [Check here for peak/off-peak hours].

Route 2 Take the DC circulator to Union! It runs 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, with a stop located conveniently at the intersection of M and Wisconsin.

Cost: $1.00 (Note: must have exact change or SmarTrip card). Here’s a link for more information on the route.

Route 3 Yet again, you could go with the classic cab option!

Cost: ~$18.94 (or $21.78 with %15 tip) from the front gates.


So that’s it Hoyas! Ace those remaining midterms, crank out those few last papers and look forward to a smooth trip home. We got yo’ back.

DCTC is a weekly post that is designed to help Georgetown students break the bubble by highlighting a different form of public transportation.

WikiWhat? Ultimate Tazer Ball? Really?

WikiWhatIt seems like common sense to avoid stun-guns, right? I mean, Georgetown’s own Bradley Cooper demonstrated pretty well why getting shocked isn’t a whole lot of fun in this memorable scene from The Hangover.  However, some geniuses from up north (I’m looking at you, Canada) have decided that soccer would be way more fun if played with a giant ball, smaller teams, full contact and tazers.  Yes, you read that right, tazers.  Let this week’s edition of WikiWhat? not-so-proudly introduce the world of Ultimate Tazer Ball.

I remembered reading about this sport about a year ago, and sure enough, while perusing the limitless expanses of Wikipedia, I stumbled across this entry.  Sadly there isn’t a ton of information in the article itself, but the description was enough to make me first question my faith in humanity, and then keep scrounging online for more information.  Sure enough, there is an official league website that provides slightly more information as to the “logic” behind the game.  I also found this YouTube video to be helpful in explaining the brief history and questionable purpose of this new extreme sport.  Before going further into my questioning of this bizarre game, let’s recap what we know so far:

It appears as though the game is set up to look like soccer, but beyond that, there aren’t many rules. Just get the ball in the net. At least that’s what it looks like in this fascinating and cringeworthy highlight reel.  These highlights bring just a few questions to my mind.

First, why is the ball so big? Is it because it’s funny? Could it be so it’s easier for players to score? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because the players can only focus so hard while being tazered, so a small ball was difficult to use. These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.

Second, to take a question from Seth Meyer’s repertoire, really? Is there really an Ultimate Tazer Ball League? Are there really people willing to subject themselves to this? Doesn’t this go against literally every possible survival instinct that we have as humans? I mean, while the game might look a tad bit fun, I also always go back to the fact that they are getting TAZERED. Really guys?

Well, that’s what made me double-take and ask myself what this world is coming to this week. Maybe some of you adrenaline junkies out there would think otherwise, but here’s to hoping we won’t be seeing a Georgetown ultimate tazer ball team/club any time soon.

The 5 People You’ll Meet Before Spring Break

the five people youll meet before spring break

Let’s face it, the semester is flying by and most of you probably cannot even believe spring break is right around the corner. While walking around campus or discussing plans with friends, you may have noticed that there are certain stigmas attached to soon-to-be spring breakers. Whether you are planning on traveling to exotic destinations with the fam, drinking mojitos in Cabo with your best friends or just laying low at home, there is no denying that there are certain characters for each Hoya. Without further ado, here are five people that you will most likely encounter this week at the Hilltop, whether you like it or not.

1. The Sulker This Joe or Jane Hoya is pretty upset that they are not going to Florida or Mexico this year. They complain that life in New Jersey/Pennsylvania/New York is so boring and are really not looking forward to the fact that they have to get their tonsils/wisdom teeth out. They also freely share their sadness with anyone who will listen, especially because some of their friends were lucky enough to snag a great deal in the Bahamas but, sadly, they are unable to attend. Better luck next year!

2. The Partier This oh-so-fun Hoya just cannot wait for the big SB. They have had a countdown set on their iPhone since December and consistently post on their BFF’s walls about how crazy/weird/fun things are going to get in Cancun!! They really hope to make friends with kids from other colleges and recently ordered brand new bathing suits and SPF 75 sunscreen and are leaving their fake IDs behind (thanks to that 18 year-old drinking age). Get ready for some craziness, Mexico!

3. The Family Guy/Gal Who needs crazy parties or loads of alcohol to have a fun spring break? This family orientated Gtowner is going to spend some time back home lounging on the couch with their mom’s home cooked food, snuggling with their dog. This Hoya will be sleeping in until noon every day and catching up with their high school friends while trying to finish the three papers their demon-professors assigned.

4. The “Dedicated” (2 week) Yates Member Now, you probably have met this special Hoya many time, perhaps after Thanksgiving Break (working off the turkey weight) or New Years (trying to keep their resolutions)…but ya gotta give them some credit for trying! Whether they go to Yates on the daily or if it’s their first time stepping inside the gym, this soon to be spring breaker is desperately trying to get into tip-top shape … fast. They constantly complain on the weekends about how much they want (but can’t have) Tuscany and stay on the treadmills and ellipticals past 30 minutes, even when there is a line to use the machine. They are most likely going to a beach destination and want to make sure they sheds off any leftover hibernation pounds. Don’t sweat it, dedicated (2 week) Yates member, I have faith in you.

5. You You’re excited for your spring break plans, whatever they may be, and can’t wait to get some sleep after the crazy midterm week you’ve had. You’re ready to get out of the 202 and take a break from Hilltop life! You’ve re-worked your travel plans to get back to campus early to go see the Syracuse game and are just ready to have some time off! You deserve it, too!