WORD WEDNESDAY: “Bae” vs. “Side Bae”

12071784_10206766218011218_43930723_nBae is used as a warm word of endearment when referring to a boyfriend, girlfriend or even a Chipotle burrito. Now, an emerging phenomena known as the side bae is sweeping the campus. But how does one define a side bae, and what distinguishes a side bae from a bae? 

Are you your crush’s bae or side bae? 4E is here to settle these pressing questions:

According to the relationship experts, “If you’re in a relationship and worried that your significant other might have a side bae, odds are that it’s you.”


If you’re single or in some sort of confusing modern relationship “thing,” take the quiz below to find out where you stand.

Photos/Gifs: memegenerator.net, mstarz.com
Kat Vassell

Kat Vassell

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