Which Level of Lau is Your Study Home?

Do you dwell in the corridors of Lower Level and yearn for human interactions? Can’t concentrate on Lau 2 because of a flash mob? Everyone’s got to turn down for something. Find out if you’re studying/taking Buzzfeed quizzes on the right floor.

[playbuzz-game game=”http://www.playbuzz.com/alexiso10/which-lau-floor-are-you”]

Photo: wikipedia.org

Alexis Oni-Eseleh

Alexis Oni-Eseleh

Alexis Oni-Eseleh is a recent graduate who divided her time between being a Biology of Global Health major by day and devising a life trajectory that ends at Beyoncé by night while at Georgetown. She believes that children are our future, but she also believes someone should look into flying cars.
Alexis Oni-Eseleh

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