Which Georgetown School Are You?

og_healy_hallFeeling isolated? No one understands you? Struggling with your sense of self and purpose? Not the smartest kid anymore? Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with your overinflated sense of self being confronted with the real world for the first time. You’re just in the wrong school! Take this easy quiz to find out with 110% accuracy which school you should transfer into, thereby fixing all your problems.

[playbuzz-game game=”https://www.playbuzz.com/thefourthedition10/which-georgetown-school-do-you-actually-belong-in”]

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Annie Fraser

Annie Fraser

Annie "Where's the eggs" Fraser is a sophomore in the NHS majoring in International Health and minoring in challenging people to push up competitions. She can be found in booth 12 of the HFam or not wearing shoes in Yates. Her proudest accomplishments include using all of her 18 meal swipes on yogurt and Nurtigrain bars, not knowing where anything is in Lau and using the word "swole" in casual conversation.
Annie Fraser

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