Which Backpack Are You?

BackpacksHave you noticed the backpack patterns of the Hilltop? Walking around the Georgetown campus, I’ve found that there are four typical Georgetown backpacks. Which one are you?

1. The Trail Hiker Wannabe

237257_14_1These casual hiking backpacks are usually from the brands North Face or Patagonia and they complement Georgetown’s preppy culture almost perfectly. If you wear these, you’re preppy (face it) and you probably went to a northeastern prep school or you may even be planning an attempt to climb Mount Everest after you emerge from Leo’s with a stomach full of Wok. We’re not sure. Either way, you do you.


2. Hipsters? At Georgetown?


These Hershel bags are really making noise in the Georgetown community. If you wear these you obviously aren’t like those preppy New England boys and their Patagonia bags – you’re different. So you walked into Urban Outfitters and you got yourself something that was hip, cool and “unique.” Yes folks, these backpacks are for the growing population of hipsters on the Georgetown campus. Stay outside the mainstream, kids.

3. #DIVA

Louis-Vuitton-Neverfull-GM-1Can it withstand the weight of a notebook? Nope. But who cares? Who needs backpacks when you can use these expensive bags instead? Yeah I’m talking to you, Georgetown ladies (and gents). This school is competitive in two major ways: incredible intelligence and devilishly good fashion choices. Louis Vuitton gives you a good boost for the latter; for the former, you’ll have to pull it off on your own… or with a pair of Tom Ford glasses.



4. Everyone Else




I don’t mean to be blunt, but this is just how it is: if you have a JanSport or an Eastpak, you’re in the majority. You belong to a population on campus with a wide range of characteristics. It’s an eclectic group with many styles. You can be whatever you want to be.



So continue being as fly as you can be, Hoyas. We see you and your overstuffed backpacks. Keep on rockin’.


Images: get-promo-codes.com, louisvuitton.com, JanSport.com, dreamstime.com & ebags.com

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