What WOULD I Say?

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If you haven’t seen one of your friends post a link about this on Facebook yet, you should check it out for yourself!

This new online app, developed at HackPrinceton takes some of your old Facebook posts, comments and photo captions and compiles them into a status that is supposed to mirror your previous posts and answer the question “What would I say?”

There are some flaws, however: occasionally it will just generate verbatim sections of statuses or comments you wrote.

You can also look up what celebrities would say and laugh at the various answers you receive.

To try it out, log in in the top right corner and decide for yourself if you would like to let them publish on your wall, then click “generate status” as many times as you would like and see what comes up!

What did the app say that I would say?

“Spontaneously illegal rides in elevators whilst in lace”

Lindsay Lee

Lindsay Lee

Lindsay Lee (COL '16) was an economics major with a Spanish minor. She served as the senior editor of 4E for Spring 2013 and Fall 2014 and was also the online editor for The Hoya.
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