What Does the Fox Say?

What does the fox sayMankind’s fascination with furry animals has been well documented, especially in the social media age.  Tumblr, Twitter and BuzzFeed all publish countless articles featuring thousands of pictures of tiny creatures. Typically, they focus on domestic animals, like dogs, cats or tiny pigs. In Washington, D.C., though, a different kind of critter has people buzzing.

During the government shutdown, a fox roamed the White House garden, pleasing tourists and feasting on squirrels, taking on the identity of the Shutdown Fox.  Today, DCist reported the appearance of a new fox this past weekend: the Capitol Hill Fox.  Just like the Shutdown Fox, the Capitol Hill Fox has taken up residence on the Capitol lawn, relaxing, enjoying the weather and getting down with its predator self.  This has even led to speculation that Shutdown Fox has returned!

Looking for something to do after class on this beautiful January day? Head down to the Capitol, and experience the circle of life in a way that only D.C. can provide. Or enjoy this instead:

Photo: Evan Gildenblatt via Twitter
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Max Wheeler

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