The Seven Wonders of Leo’s

Peterpan2-disneyscreencapsIn a cafeteria where the cups stick together and appetites go to die, the questions are endless. After pondering over the thousands of inexplicable happenings of Leo’s, 4E has decided on the seven most baffling wonders of Leo’s.

1. The Lingering Smell I understand that all cafeterias have a scent, but I don’t understand why the Leo’s scent has to follow me around for the rest of the day. Like, I’m just trying to eat, Leo’s, you don’t need to remind me of my oversized and undercooked lunch for the next six hours.

2. The Appetite-Killing Aura The thought of food usually makes me hungry, but the thought of Leo’s food has a strange way of eradicating all of my desire to eat. It’s not just the taste of the food that kills my appetite; it’s the mystery behind the food. The more I think about the grease and filler that accompanies each Leo’s meal, the less I want to eat in Leo’s ever again.

3. The Sticky Cups This one baffles us all. If any of you have any ideas as to why the cups stick together, please let me know.

4. The Chocolate Milk This milk is my one true love. Seriously, I’m addicted, and this addiction is the only thing that has kept me coming back to Leo’s all year. Well that, and the fact that I already paid for my meal plan.

5. The Eclectic Soundtrack With a soundtrack that uses Beethoven to transition from the “Cupid Shuffle” to Jay Z’s “Ghetto Anthem,” Leo’s mystery DJ definitely has me scratching my head. I’m not saying I hate it, but I just don’t really get it. Either way, I would love to meet the creative genius who threw these tracks together.


6. The Perpetual Lack of Silverware Alanis Morissette may not understand the definition of ironic, but I’m convinced she was thinking of Leo’s when she penned the lyrics to “Ironic.” Leo’s, you have 10,000 spoons, but where are you hiding all of the knives?

7. The Waffle Maker It’s the saving grace of Leo’s food. When the wok line is too long and the pizza looks especially artificial, a reliable waffle is always there to satisfy my hunger.

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Kyle Murphy

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