The Most Important Questions of the 2016 Election

Banner - Candidate QuizIt’s that time of year again! With all the primaries and campaigning going on around the country, election season is in full swing. For the political fanatics, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

Many questions are asked about each candidate in order to see who is most fit for office. Topics ranging from foreign policy to health care come up in the famed debates that Georgetown students faithfully watch (and argue about) in the HFSC. While some students tear each other apart on subjects, the rest of us just sit here like:

Fortunately, we at 4E know what the people want. On that note, we are going to combine all those “important” questions by playing a simple game: WOULD YOU RATHER?. This will give you an idea of the candidates with whom you identify most closely, and thus can help you decide whom you should vote for in November. Note: this quiz does include candidates who have failed miserably dropped out of the race.


Charlie Fritz

Charlie Fritz

Charlie is 4E's Senior Editor. Although he's willing to talk to anyone who listens about how he studied abroad, he is still proud to be from the great state of New Jersey. When he's not trapped in the bowels of the ICC, he can be found either in a cubicle on Lau 4 or searching for the best late-night food in DC.
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