The Hardest Would-You-Rather: Georgetown Edition

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Halt the studying, comrades. Here comes a series of choices more important than finals.

You think you love decisions? Think again! This poll is filled with so many hard decisions it will make you regret you ever had free will!

The questions that follow were very difficult for me to ask. So difficult that it took me a month to come up with them — a time in which I could write no other posts because I was plagued with such agony. Attempt at your own risk.



Keaton O'Neil

Keaton O'Neil

Keaton O'Neil is a graduate of the College from the exotic land of Massachusetts. Her special talents include taking up to 8 Chewy bars in a single Grab-n-Go swipe and sleeping until 2pm. Her life goal is to make a shoe store for lonely people called "Baeless" that sells single shoes, because why does everything have to come in pairs, ya know?
Keaton O'Neil

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