So, You Agree? You Think You’re Really Funny?

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 9.39.02 AMhipsterYou read the title of the post, and now you’re reading this because you do, in fact, think you are really funny. It’s fine. I would have done the same.

We’re all into inclusivity here at the Fourth Edition. This is a blog by students, for students. We want your contributions. Your humor. Your spark. We want you.

So, here’s the idea. Throughout the month of January, we’ll take photo submissions from you to be entered into a photo caption contest. The editors here at the Fourth Edition will pick our favorite photo, and for the month of February, you all will be able to email in caption submissions to The funniest five captions will be published with your first name and year for all of the world to see.

As much as using a pre-existing meme or of a baby and a fist is fun, we want to find something Georgetown — someone’s face (as long as you get their permission first … we don’t have an attorney for that kind of stuff), something on campus: You tell us. We will definitely have some fun with it. So scroll through dem iPhones and find us a gem. Soon enough, you can let your imagination run wild and reap the fame of submitting to, and potentially winning, a Fourth Edition contest.

Photo: Georgetown Hipster


”Remember to read us.”

As simple an order as an editor can give.

“Remember why we write.”

For we do not do it for shiggles, nor self-gratification, nor for our resumes, nor valor. Our wish is simple.

“Remember to read us,” I say to you.

That is our hope, should any free soul come across our blog, in all the countless semesters yet to be.

May all our sassy voices whisper to you from the computer screen.

“Go tell the Hoyas, passerby, that here by 4E law, we write.”


This is the blog’s 300th post!!! We’d like to thank you, the lovely readers for the upwards of 80,000 views, and all of the writers on the staff for giving us their snark and wit. REMEMBER TO READ US!