Your Spring Concert Is…

Spring Concert 2015

Had a blast at Big Sean last year? Ready to see what GPB has in store for you this year? As they’ve just announced, here are the performers for 2015’s spring kickoff concert…


Pretty awesome, right? Like they did in 2013 when Calvin Harris came to campus, GPB is partnering up with Recess (a “music and ideas festival that works with colleges to put on a great show as well as career-oriented events during the day”) this year. Check out this video to get a peek at what kind of events will be occurring on the day of the concert.

But enough about that. Who are these performers and what can we expect on April 10?


A 21-year-old rapper from Ventura, California, Kyle lists his influences as Drake and Kid Cudi. Check out one of his hits, “Keep It Real”, below, or hit up his Soundcloud page.

Matt and Kim

Whether you’re a certified fan or have never heard of them, you’ve almost definitely heard “Daylight.” But who are Matt and Kim? A dynamic duo from Brooklyn, they’ve been creating their indie pop hits since 2004. Check out one of my favorite tracks of theirs, “Cameras”:

And this year’s headliner is…

The Chainsmokers

One word: #SELFIE.

(Also, they’ve remixed a ton of songs: listen for yourself via Soundcloud.)

So GET EXCITED, because GPB’s putting on a great show this year! Tickets go on sale tomorrow, including a limited number of VIP tickets that will include Fast Entry as well as a Meet and Greet with the Chainsmokers themselves. Basically, this year’s concert is going to be all-out amazing, and we can’t wait to get our tickets.


Friday Fixat10ns: Is It Summer Yet?

The best time of year calls for the best kind of music. Nothing says summer like the best mix of ’90s, ’00s and today that you have ever heard:

1. “Santeria” by Sublime The perfect, chill summer song. But actually, what is “santeria”?

2. “Where the Wind Goes” by Coco O. While the other Great Gatsby hits might be on the outs, this classic will always be in. Other than the perfection of Coco’s voice (and the fact that we have the same name), the melody of this song is one of the catchiest and most beautiful things I have ever heard.

3. “Daylight” by Matt and Kim There was an entire summer when I would only listen to this song when I drove my car. It perfectly captures the “whatever” mood of summer and makes me want to hitchhike to Maine.

4. “Dirt Road Anthem” by Jason Aldean I will admit, I am not a diehard country fan. But I have been told that this is the quintessential summer song. You tell me. I really liked the music video.

5. “Team” by Lorde There is no song from Lorde that I do not love. This song literally gives me chills when I listen to it. Aren’t we all on Team Summer?

6. “Hotel California” by The Eagles This song is like a saga — I get so invested whenever I listen to it. Also, there are so many perfect lines to quote! I’m currently picturing myself driving down a Californian highway in a convertible with the cool breeze in my hair.

7. “Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé Flawless. The best part is that it is both the perfect dance song and the perfect song lyrically.

8. “Toes” by Zac Brown Band Once again, I am a total country novice. But this song is really happy. Also, they speak Spanish in it … one of my favorite things.

9. “Summer Girls” by LFO This is such a fun song. I would never actually let anyone know that I’m obsessed (until now), but it is such a guilty pleasure. TBT to the younger days.

10. “Chasing the Sun” by The Wanted Of course we needed one really dance-y track. It is summer after all! Personally, I’ll chase the sun all the way to Turks and Caicos.

You might hate my picks, but you can’t hate summer. So keep an open mind and get excited for the best time of the year. Remember though, wherever you are, 4E is a necessity.


Friday Fixat10ns: Where Has The Time Gone?

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping track, but this is the last weekend in January! Where has the time gone? Before we know it it’ll be time for Valentine’s Day, Alternative Spring Break Trips and Easter eggs! Take a second to enjoy the last few days of January with our 4E playlist.

End of Time – Beyoncé Kicking things off with my girl Queen B. Despite the rumors, we indeed will love her until the end of time.

4 Minutes To Save The World – Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake “Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock”. But seriously…

Little of Your Time – Maroon 5 NO MAROON 5, I HAVE NO TIME TO GIVE. Just kidding, it’s Adam Levine so I have all of the time to give, but tell him to wait until after I turn in my Spanish paper.

Ready? O.K. – Matt and Kim NO MATT AND KIM, CONSULT MAROON 5, I’M NOT READY. How is it already the last weekend in January? Seriously?

Time Bomb – The Format Switching genres in this playlist a little bit and tossing in this 2008 favorite of mine. Nate Reuss may have moved from time bombs to ‘Some Nights’ but this song is just so applicable to my schedule.

Time Moves Slow – Grouplove Grouplove, I love you but you’re lying. Time moves way too fast and I can’t keep up. I do have some fond memories of listening to this song on my pensive drives to school though.

Backwards With Time – The Avett Brothers I’m going to be honest, I was kind of just looking for an excuse to put Avett in here and this song title lent itself pretty well to this theme.  Enjoy my boys Scott and Seth in their country-folk awesomeness.

Give Me Time – Dawes Taking the tempo of this playlist down a little with this crooning Dawes song. His voice can often make me take a deep breath between theology readings and, as he does, beg the world to give me time.

The Circle Game – Joni Mitchell “We’re captive on the carousel of time”. Yes, Joni. Yes.

Any Time At All – The Beatles Closing out the playlist with a classic. Though you may be stressed and pressed for time, you should know that The Fourth Edition will here to entertain you. Any time at all, all you’ve gotta do is call and we’ll be here.