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Hail to the Dad Bod

4E loves sports. Georgetown sports especially. Do you know what else we like? Promotions and free things. Thank God Georgetown athletics is …


Snapchat Updates: D.C. Takeover

Everyone knows that 4E loves Snapchat. Like really, really, REALLY loves Snapchat. It is basically required when you are hired to have …


Georgetown for Gender Equality

BREAKING NEWS: What do Twitter, Vodaphone and Georgetown all have in common?! … Yeah, buddy at first we were stumped to, but …


RIP Jack Sr.

As any Georgetown student, D.C. citizen and dog-lover already knows, our dear Jack Sr. passed on this past Tuesday. The pup was …


A-Rod Visits Georgetown 

Georgetown might be known for its incredible basketball program, but that didn’t stop one baseball great from swinging by this week for …